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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I hate the hammer man! + My favorite moments in gib!

This blog post will be about the man with the hammer, who almost made me kill him in self defense. Then I will summarize some of the best moments that I have had in Gib so far and link to my blog posts about them, in case you haven't read about them. :)

Hammer man, you must DIE!
Today I woke up like 08:00am. I was really sleeping a good sleep and I would almost consider it perfect. Suddenly this !#/(!"-ing sounds started to hit my head.

It was my neighbor probably building a second world war plane in his apartment. He kept hammering and hammering and hammering for over an hour. That son of a bitch only deserve pain and suffering for what he did. He interrupted my beauty sleep! GARH!

What evil creature starts to hammer things 08:00am in the morning?

My favorite moments in Gib!
I have had so many great moments here in Gib and I think I will have tons of more. I have really great friends down here, even though I really miss my friends back in Sweden. The good thing is that in a couple of weeks my arch-friend and god Ölf will come down with his minion Kerstin :P That will be great! :)

First up is the first trip for discovery in Gibraltar. It was very exciting and afterwards we found a pool on the roof. A good day :)

A trip uphill and a cooling discovery in the roof!

Later we took a trip to the beach. That was fun and a nice walk with Annika. I really enjoyed this day.

The first trip to the beach... by foot!

This was the first Poker Tournament at the office I were at. Really great and we all had a really good time. A good read!

Poker Tournament at! (pictures)

My birthday with some of the funniest and coolest people in Gib ;) Thanks for a great birthday, I owe you one or two!

My first Birthday!!!!

Roberts goodbye party was great, but it was also when I met Michael, my sworn brother in the battle against mosquitoes governed by Dr. Olympus.

Roberts goodbye party + Offer from prostitute

This is the night when Anke and I took a drunken walk on mainstreet in the middle of the night. We took care of some police officers and then we crashed a birthday and a wedding party. A memory for life.

You have to read this post!

This were two of the biggest parties at so far, and it's filled with LOTS of pictures. A good read for you guys!

Two partys in one post - Bowling & Halloween!

About a party and a bad movie that me and Michael decided upon to see. We left with mental scars of the Dexter guy dancing and singing some f-ked up stuff.

Friday party great! + "The Gamer" movie sucks!

Almost got caught in an elevator this day, but later I had a great evening with my friends that from this day on teases me about my short "mensa" experience so to say. And Maci IS from Canada!

Elevator adventure! + O'Reillys pics from yesterday!

Ooooh the dinner at Andras place that I will never forget. Also, the monkey trip with millions of pictures. A must-read!

Exciting weekend - Lots of pictures!

We saw a very messed up british movie (well, they all are, aren't they?). This was also a day I will remember for a while. Especially for one reason I wont tell. Just to mess with your heads.

The Invention of Lying + Dinner out

Three days with action. Nadia got a new friend named Fluff, that rules the world. We were bowling and then ended up at the casino with Lars, Schnibbl0r, Elias, Maci and Nadia.

Sunday and Monday + Some pics from Friday!

Dessis birthday, this was a nice day! I also managed to play some nice Matrix games!

Happy birthday Dessi! + Playing Matrix

My friend Fredrik came here for an interview. I still havent heard anything but I hope he will get the job.

Fredrik has arrived for his interview!

Well this was yesterdays post, but it was a great day and I enjoyed the pancake night with the battles of mosquitos.

Michael VS Dr. Olympus - May the battle begin!


  1. Now that's an entry I read really fast - didn't have to open any of the links since I was part of most of the stories told...

    Im glad you have had so many good moments here in such a short time. I am also sure many more will follow! :)

  2. Maybe I should hang out with you more then, as every fun thing I do seem to involve the partybird ;) haha


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