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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My jeans have an escape route for my penis!

Today I will have to return my jeans, or have them exchanged. Also, I'm very curious about some things... two things in particular. Read on to find out what! (I'm such a teaser, aint I?)

I have to return my jeans today :(

I liked them so much, but they had no buttons in the zipper area. This means my penis can escape at any moment and I can't have that. So I noticed this yesterday when I could see my underpants lurking underneath and decided to go back to the store today and complain. What, they sell jeans without buttons at Springfield in La Linea?

A tip to everyone: Be sure to check your clothes before you buy them there.

Waiting nervously for two things...
To know if Fredrik got the job or not and if Natalia manages to get us that really nice apartment we viewed earlier. I really have to recommend Natalia for you all. Contact me for her contact details.

Anyway, I really hope that Fredrik gets the job and I know that there wont be long until he will get the notification. Really exciting! He would really do a good job and I really enjoy working with him (as I've done it before).

The apartment is so nice, neat and new! I wonder though how the furniture will look, but I'm sure it will be great! If we get the apartment, and can move in pretty soon, I will be really happy. I really look forward to moving there (I know I shouldn't get so over excited in case we don't get it, but I can't help it this time).


  1. That;s far too much info about your private parts!

  2. Hahahahaha, same here. Too much information, dear! :D

  3. Haha, that have to be the best post ever! OMG, I can't stop laughing!

  4. I want more information about your privates! I think you should walk proudly in those jeans with "the whole härlighet" for the world to see.

  5. Hahahaha! Glad that someone liked my post :)


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