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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ölf and Kerstin in Gibraltar, lots of pictures!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay of blog posts but I have been busy with Ölf and Kerstin who have been here, and still are, visiting me and Annika.

Panic at arrival!
When Ölf and Kerstin arrived, there was some unfortunate troubles. Their ride to Gibraltar from Malaga airport broke down half way there. Fortunately Anke and Andra knew and both suggested this nice fellow that agreed to pick them up. Thanks for this. Life saver!

First day of Settlers and Whiskey!
The very next day we spent the whole day together. We first gave them a tour around town, and actually met up with Anke on mainstreet, while shopping. She accompanied us to Ocean Village were we showed them around a bit before going home to make Tacos, in the very special way that only a few people can make (me among others).

Then we played some Settlers and watched some Arnold x-mas movie as well as some Nicolas Cage movie about x-mas and finally the VERY GOOD movie Lucky Number Slevin. I recommend it to anyone!

We had also bought some alcohol (Jameson Whiskey, Glenmorangie Original Whiskey and some Smirnoff) and some muffins, chocolate cookies and oh yeah Bailys (thanks Kerstin for reminding me).

A good day and good company!

Second day at four places in Ocean Village
The second day was short due to me working until 19:00. But we went to four different places in Ocean Village. First we ate at Pussers Landing as their Ceasar Salad is beyond good.

Then we went to the casino and lost some money :(. Damn Fat Tony. Lutz can you not teach me how to beat him?

After this we went to O'Reillys, but got no service at all due to high amount of drunk seniors screaming and shouting.

Last but not least we walked to Celebrities and had some dessert and their famous Mojitos. It was pretty nice and although Kerstin didn't manage to get her mojito in a doggy bottle we had a pretty damn nice evening! Thanks guys!


  1. Fat Tony IS A MACHINE. It's a MACHINE, got that? And what does a MACHINE generally mean? Rigged, my dear grasshopper! *dull*

  2. Hahhaha! Haven't you seen Terminator? They CAN be beaten!

  3. Not if they are Poker Machines in the famous Gala Casino in Gib... Ask Lars - he still has hopes to beat Tony but has lost a fortune there already...

  4. One day all his money will be MINE! :P


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