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Thursday, February 25, 2010

No more Hockey :( + Exciting weekend!

Hi everyone! I'm sad to announce that Sweden unfortunately lost against Slovakia. This weekend there's Party, Paintball and Bowling!

Sweden - no Hockey medal BUT gold in curling!...
But it's looking really good in Curling and Skiing! Right now the Swedish Curling ladies are in the Finals, beating China in the semi finals (Kai was so hitting me when we watched it). :P

The Curling ladies are also doing pretty well (THEY ACTUALLY WON GOLD AGAIN), but I just have to show you what they did last time they won:

Goodbye Lars - Der schwans und der arsch!

I think someone got really drunk yesterday. Or well... everyone did. :P lol it was so funny. Had a great time, thanks everyone!

Beware of my kill rate of 2/life!
Pictures will come later, but this was great. I killed 4 people first round, none second and third and last one I killed 2. That makes my kill rate go to 2/life. Succéss! This was pretty fun, but the motha f*cking visor got so foggy that I couldn't even see the ground anymore. THAT SUCKED!

Bowling tomorrow!
Tomorrow there's bowling, going to kick some serious ass there I think. Will provide pictures afterwards. Going to be kick-ass!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Badminton Humiliation Video + Hockey updates!

Today's badminton was extraordinary. We beat Fredrik and Kim-Kim and humiliated them with a video of them doing the agreed physical punishment. When we came home, Kai cooked some really nice noodle dish for us. Incredible. I also have an updated list of upcoming hockey games in this blog post.

Tasting Kai's "noodle"
Incredible I say. It was some spicy pork, spicy noodles and spicy vegetables. Very good Kai, this was one of the best fast and tasty dishes I've had!

More of this please, noodle-master!

Beating Fredrik and Kim-Kim in Badminton!
Today we were playing badminton again. This time though, we agreed to make the game more interesting by adding some sort of physical punishment for the team the looses. Fortunately my team won, meaning me and Kai. Although later on we lost and got the same fate (we, as in Fredrik and I this time), but that's another story.

See the video for Fredrik and Kim-Kim's punishment! They weren't that happy about it, but they agreed to let me blog about it at least :) Thanks!

Ice Hockey Schedule
I got the times for the remaining games, as well as possible opponents. See below for more details. All games that includes Sweden will be watched by me, at my and Kai's place. If anyone wants to join in, feel free! Last hockey evening was really nice!

  • 25/2, 06:00 CET - Quarter Final: Sweden - Slovakia/Norway
  • 26/2, 21:00 CET - Semi Final: Sweden - Russia/Canada
  • 28/2, 04:00 CET - Bronze Game?: Sweden - USA/Finland/Checz
  • 28/2, 21:15 CET - Final: Sweden - USA/Finland/Checz

Monday, February 22, 2010

Carnival footage! + Finland goes DOWN!

This blog post is about my trip to Rota with Daniel, to meet up with Quisqueya, Adam, Thrall & Thralla, Lucas & Sister, Monika & Eikol as well as Damir. I will also cover the trip back as well as the pancake night yesterday and last but not least the match between Sweden and Finland this morning.

Carnival - Saturday
The carnival in Rota, Cadiz was great. We stayed there during Saturday evening to Sunday mid day. I haven't had this much fun partying in... I don't know how long. Thanks everyone for making it happen, especially Quisqueya that organised it all!

Going home to pancake night!
On sunday morning we took a stroll around Rota to see how it looked like, and I tell you, it looked FINE! :)

After this, Daniel, Quis and I met up with the others to have lunch at this restaurant. After that it was time to go home and Daniel & I recorded a bit as we had our perfect road trip. Sorry for the first video, didn't realize how I was holding the camera. I know, FISH! :P

Finland - KABAAAM! 3 - 0 to Sweden!
What can I say, Finland was PWNED! Pekka I hope you are reading this, and weeping cause you didn't manage to "get it in" ;)

This is the first time I've seen Sweden play a really good defence so far in this tournament. Also offensively we had a really good edge at the Finns. I think we got like an avarage 17 shots on goal, while Finland only got around 5 in one period.

Go go Sweden, next game is against either Slovakia or Norway, played on:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ice Hockey on British Eurosport?! + Carnival tonight!

Hockey night yesterday and carnival tonight. Very eventful evening which will be rounded up with some pancakes tomorrow. I look forward to everything that is going to happen this weekend, even the Ice Hockey Game on monday morning! Yay! I love these times!

Belarus is TOAST! 4-2 to Sweden!
Yesterday we had a guys night and watched Sweden - Belarus, which of course, Sweden won.

We did some mistakes and stuff, but the goals we made were beautiful and we had many really hot goal chances. We played a really good game. Finland, watch out!

We watched the game through the viewer on Their HD-channel seems now to be working!

Sweden - Finland, monday 6am CET
On monday morning, British Eurosport seem to be airing this game at 06:00 CET, or 05:00 GMT.

I will watch this game with pleasure and see Finland break down into pieces when Sweden fires their cannons (hmm that sounded pretty good. Someone should quote me on that one).

Anyone that wished to join me this early in the morning, feel free to come by!

Carnival tonight, what will I wear?
Yesterday I was suppose to go with Daniel, Quisqueya, Monica and her BF to buy costumes for tonight. Although I had to go a bit later with Michelle, Lei and Andrea. Turns out we got lost in La Linea and never got to the costume place lol.

Daniel have bought something for me but I have no idea what it is. I guess you will see some embarrasing pictures of it tomorrow!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hockey updates + Game Night!

I realised there was a huge error in the Hockey Schedule. I will correct this in this post. Also, Sweden beat Germany with 2-0 yesterday! Tonight we had a game night with Yukiko, Kai, Kim-Kim and Fredrik!

Kicking virtual ass!
Today was the big Game Night that we have been talking about so long. Yukiko brought some of her games, which of 66,66666% she or her team had made.

Then we played some Soul Calibur IV and literally kicked some Virtual Ass (Yukiko did such a beautiful finish of once). Then we played some Bionic Commando Re-Armed and had such a great time. The game is made by Grin, a company consisting of a lot of old friends of ours. 4 player game, platform based and a really good game night game! Kai kicked ass in the end, although he wasn't very good the last time we played.

Ice Hockey Olympics!
Sweden won their first game in the Ice Hockey Olympics, against GERMANY, 2-0! Haha eat that! Tomorrow there will be Belarus that will have to take it up the ***.

By the way, this is the REAL schedule, as the previous one was incorrect:
  • 19/2, 21:00 CET: Sweden - Belarus
  • 22/2, 06:00 CET: Sweden - Finland

Going to Cadiz Festival!
I'm going on Saturday with Daniel, Quisqueya and the others to Cadiz/Rota to the Carnival/Festival there. I'm suppose to dress out as something. Daniel and Quis will take me to La Linea tomorrow to help me find something.

On sunday I'm eating pancakes btw! Just for you information! I got my private chef! I'm sure you can't guess who! ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The masters of food + Today is the day!

This blog post is about food and sports, enjoy! Also, see how tasty Kim-Kims cake looks -->

Kim-Kim makes English Breakfast
Forgot to take photos of this, but imagineb the most professional and tasty looking English Breakfast, that was what she made. Omg! Im surrounded with people that makes my life 10x better!.. or at least tastier!

Playing badminton!
Played some badminton with Fredrik, Kai, Kim-Kim and Philip last sunday, and today it is time again. I have ordered a racket for myself and Stanislav also ordered some. We will be a nice little badminton team. Will be great this evening when I get to play again! Can't wait!

Kai makes chinese food
Yesterday Kai made some Chinese food, which we unfortunately forgot to take pictures of, but it was great! Good job Kai! You know how to cook! We had a really good time and Kim-Kim made a really tasty cake as well.

We played Soul Calibur IV like crazy and totally kicked ass. The funny thing is that Anke played it for her first time, and she is freaking awesome! I had to play my best as she managed to get really critical hits all the time! She is bad ass I tell ya!

I also loved to shut Fredrik up by beating him 3 - 0 when he had his precious Voldo. ;) I am victorious! We also unlocked the last character, The Apprentice. Going to buy the "final" character soon, Yoda.

Today, Sweden - Germany
Join in Germans or you that wants to see Germany crushed by the powerful Olympic Gold holders Sweden (me, Henrik and Melvin I guess). 01:30 at my place, see you there!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boyz Night + Ice Hockey Schedule! Join in!

Had a boyz night yesterday which was great! This weekend is a bit weird, but Im sure it will be great. Btw, Ice Hockey nights at my place next week! There will be beer and snacks! May the Olympic Games begin!

Boyz Night
I know you girls get a bit jealous when you cannot join our sausage night, but it is for your own good. :P

As they say in UK: We had a blast! It was me, Kai and Fredrik only but that was enough. We played some games, some poker and did some other stuff as well. Later Kim-Kim couldn't keep herself away from us lads and joined us for some all-in poker (at least from her side) :P

Unknown Weekend
I have no idea what I will do this weekend, except going to Philips place. I know that there is some stuff planned but everything is for now very blurry and unclear. Will keep you updated though ;) Especially if I move around in my apartment, then I will let you know lol! OH, just did it!

Ice Hockey Schedule for my place
From start of Wednesday 01:30, there will be Ice Hockey nights at my place, as the Olympic Games have started and Henrik and I are going to follow Sweden on their way to the gold. Also Tatsu will join in some of the times and Melvin has before expressed an interest for this. If you want to join up, let me know!

Remember, WE WON the Olympics 2006.

Below is the Schedule for Swedens Ice Hockey Team:
  • 17/2: 01.30: Sweden - Germany
  • 19/2: 21.00: Sweden - Belarus

  • 22/2: 06.00: Sweden - Finland

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A tribute to my friends. + Fucked up haircutting?

I got my hair cut today... and it was a very interesting experience indeed. Not very smart of them to serve me f*cking tea while getting my hair cut. Can you figure out why? Also, I had an interesting conversation and arm wrestling with Spanish CM Sara yesterday. Turns out she had no clue about what Handball is. Well, I still think Spain is a tribe and not a country anyways. :P

Handball IS a Sport!
Here is the proof, dear Sara, whom I beat twice in arm wrestling. Enjoy the boring sport of handball!

WTF?! Are you serving me TEA?!
First of all. This part of my post is dedicated to Henric Thornér, that wanted to know ALL about when I got my hair cut. I'll marry this guy one day, seriously.

Get a hair cut AND an adventure at the place in Elliots Hotel! It started of nice as usual. Pretty girl washing my hair and me feeling like a god (cause I must admit, that is the best part of getting your hair cut). Then I was sat down for the cutting to begin. "Are you Russian?" they asked me. The only way I could get them to understand I was Swedish was to say "Ikea". LOL! I think they dropped things like 3-4 times allower the place, it was really funny actually.

Then suddenly they offered me a cup of tea, which is a story in it self. Why the fuck do they serve TEA in a hair saloon? First I struggled to find a moment to drink it, cause the hair dresser was pushing my head around so I had to like chase the cup with my mouth. Then when I finally found a moment, as she went away to get something, I rushed for the cup and started to drink. Unfortunately, a lot of the loose hair that she had been cutting, fell down in the cup (unevitable) and I was not able to drink it anyway! YAY! Then I never managed to find the next open stop to eat the brownie they gave me, so I had to leave it behind.

BUT! Actually I got another washing of my hair, for whatever good that was for. Was I too dirty? Don't think so, I freaking shower and was my hair every morning, LIKE E PRO! I hope you girls are reading this, so you know how FRESH I am... and you too Kyle, Daniel, Michael, Henric, Timo and all the other boys I like.

Gym day today!
Never seen this topic before have you? ;) Well tonight is the night! I'm going there, I'm doin' it! At least for a bit! Well... that's all I wanted to say really.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy birthday Andra! + Badminton aches!

Yesterday I was playing badminton for the first time in like 6 years or so. Today is a very special day for Andra, she is turning 24! Happy birthday Andra!

I kicked some serious ASS!
I was playing with Fredrik, Kim-Kim, Kai and Philip. When playing dual, we kicked some serious ass, and also when I played single against grandmaster... grandmistress (?) Kim-Kim I also managed to cause some serious winnings from my side.


Happy Birthday Andra!
Today is Andras very special day. I have prepared her a gift, but wont tell you guys what it is 'cause I haven't given it to her yet. Will update this blog post later with pictures and stuff for ya'll!

EDIT: Done!

Darth Yukiko!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two birthday partys and a dinner!

We have so far had a VERY eventful weekend, and while I'm writing this, Fredrik almost lit fire on the kitchen... never let him make cockporn... erhm, popcorn again. :P The pan is ruined and it smells like burnt chemicals. :P I love it!

Fredrik got face-pwned!
We had a surprise party for Fredrik last Friday, and you can say he was surprised. We were about 20 people and we had some great dinner and ate some really tasty cake. Afterwards we went to the casino, then to Savannas and then I myself finished off by going to chaos, which was pretty lame tbh.

See more pictures and read the full story at Kim-Kim's blog post about her boyfriends birthday party!

Dinner for six + Bozena got assed!
Yesterday I went shopping with Fredrik and Kim-Kim, then I cooked dinner for some of my favorite girls, and Kai. It was blue cheese filled chicken filéts with crispy bacon rolled on the outside. Then I had mushroms, onion and some more blue cheese covering the whole thing. To this I simply had some fries.


After the dinner Jun, Quisqueya and I went to Bozenas birthday party, but I didn't stay for very long. It was pretty nice, and the stripper thing just made me laugh so hard I thought I would puke :P. I had a great time! If you weren't there, you really missed something!

Today we spent a lot of time at the jacuzzi - Fredrik, Kim-Kim, Kai and I. Then we played Little Big Planet and Soul Calibur IV. Great day all in all. Weekends is the shit.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Poker Night + Cheering for Kai! + Happy B-day Fredrik!

Wednesdays poker night was magical. Two really rare thing happened and I will tell you all about it soon. Yesterday we were also cheering for Kai, that had his first matches. To find out how it went, keep reading!

Got a new phone number, ask me on facebook to get it.

Results: The Poker Night
The poker night was so mad. It was Jonas, Kyle, Daniel, Nadia, Henrik, Fredrik, Kim-Kim, Anke, Jun, Sergei and I. First of all, I went with profit for once! I think it's because Simeon wasn't there, cause we jinx each other. Let's say I had a few good hands. Check out the left picture and see if you can make out what I managed to FLOP!

Then, the second picture, shows three very special hands... which didn't win this hand. The winner was the face-down waterboat player Sergei, who won with ten four off suit.

Kai was like Bruce Lee!
This guy is unbelievable. He is the champ of badminton, totally annihilated his victims in this beastlike games of badminton! He won both games and from now on, he will always be the Bruce Lee of badminton to me! :) Good job Kai! I hope you win everything!

Fredrik, Kim-Kim, Anke and I went there to cheer for him. We also sang a cheer song (don't know the correct term in english) which was a bit... awkward, but he got embarrased so I guess our mission was successful. :)

Later we went to the casino and ate natchos until we almost puked and had some drinks and danced crazy dances infront of everyone. I think I will get lot's of women now. They looked at me like they wanted a piece ;)

Happy birthday Fredrik!
Today is Fredriks Birthday! He is now 16 years old and old enough to be with a woman! No, but I hope your day will be great and filled with presents and that you enjoy the cake and stuff!

I now want everyone to sing for Fredrik whenever you see him. (I already did so I don't have to) ;)

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