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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ocean Plaza, my new home?

Tomorrow afternoon we will make the final decisions and sign contract for the new apartment. I'm very excited and hope that everything will go well.

By the way, look! I found my old Community Manager avatar from my time at Lockpick Entertainment, when I worked with Dreamlords: The Reawakening.

(My friend David Palm made it)

Third floor, bad view but good neighbors!
So the third floor it is. I would have wanted like 10th floor or something but this will due ;) Later we might have an eye out for an apartment higher up in the same building. I hope we like sign a 6 month contract only.

The view is over the street with some noise from the cars but the balcony itself is pretty neat.

We will have Daniel with his flat mates (dammit can't remember the others) right across the hall, which will be fun.

For you that want to know how the flats in Ocean Plaza looks, check my previous post about our viewings there. The apartment kind of looks the same, but it has furniture (sorry but I forgot to take pictures).

New jacket
I bought a new jacket as the fellow bird Nadia has been nagging about it the last 2-3 weeks! Now I wont freeze anymore!

Took a picture and tried to look like one of these pastic model thingys that exist in shops and scare the crap out of you (sorry about the gym shoes but my other ones are wet from the weather):

BTW! Speaking of Nadia, she actually blogged about me today! Check it out here!


  1. I have only been nagging about it coz you were freezing and getting completely soaked! Now you have turned me into an evil nagging monster :(

  2. Haha no but it's kinda sweet that you care so much :)


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