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Monday, October 31, 2011

Psychology in Design Choices for Games Part 1

After talking half the night away with my dear friend Mats Söderholm, Game Design teacher from Sweden, we concluded a lot of very good points concerning the psychology in game design and in particular design choices. This series of blog posts will cover a couple of traps that designers very easily fall into. Have you fallen in any of these traps? I sure have.

What is the "darling" syndrome?

"This game is awesome, because I made it!"; "I can't see any reason why someone would not like this game.". These might be something a game developer could say/think about his/her game.

What I think is good doesn't have to be what other people think is good. People think different. Still, how much can we listen to the customers? Do they really know what they want? Do we really know what is best for them? How do we find the balance between our knowledge and their dreams?

My point here is that it is easy to fall in a trap where your or your players judgement might influence your design choices. Sometimes developers try to convert a classic isometrically perceived game into a first person shooter, because the statistics say that most people like FPS when it comes to action games. At the same time some developers might follow their own dream too much and create something like Spore. You all know how that story went down, no need for me to repeat it for you.

Tomorrow I will talk about "the Main Stream path", to get deeper into this topic.

Let's finish this post off with a game that has worked hard (experiencing both good/bad stuff) with finding the balance I mentioned above, EVE Online (the "I was there" trailer):

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ways of lifting the customers spirit

Yesterday I decided to have an easy going day with my friends and girlfriend, starting the day with a draft of Magic and ending it with watching the shittiest Marvel movie in history: Captain America, the man who thinks infiltrating an enemy head quarters requires a metal shield painted with the flag of USA. Idiot...

Anyway, that's when I started to think about how movie makers and game developers use the things people care about to lift the spirit once in a while. To get a "let's do this together, for us!" kind of feeling. In movies this might be a man dressed in a country's flag (satisfying that countries population) or in games perhaps a Halloween or Christmas event. Speaking of which, the reason why I decided to take a lazy day was because I might have been too enthusiastic at the Halloween party the day before.

Johan the Priest, Me the Vampyric Wolverine, Phil the Death and Fredrik, being himself.

Developers: Take advantage of every opportunity you get

Every holiday or special occasion is an opportunity to do something fun for your players. It is also a very good opportunity to create buzz and great PR. The "We are celebrating EVERYTHING!" motto is something I embrace a lot. Aprils fools; Halloween; Christmas; The players birthday; The games' birthday... you name it!

There is so much to gain and so little pain.

Here is an old Simon an Lewis Minecraft video I've always loved to watch. Those crazy brits sure know how to create buzz about a game with their weird, but fantastic personalities.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Please spank me if I have been bad.

Before getting into what the heck the title in this blog post means, I need to express my feelings about Google removing the search engine words statistics feature. This is a quote from Google's announcement about it:
What is the impact of this change for webmasters? Today, a web site accessed through organic search results on (non-SSL) can see both that the user came from and their search query. (Technically speaking, the user’s browser passes this information via the HTTP referrer field.) However, for organic search results on SSL search, a web site will only know that the user came from
I might consider moving my blog to Wordpress after this, honestly. Anyway, today I will talk about games that punish you when you have been a bad bad boy/girl.

High Punishment: EVE-Online

The most fun AND the most boring MMO I have every played is EVE-Online. The reason why I have and always will love this game is that it punishes you for your mistake more closely to the real life. This is also sometimes a bad thing. It takes time to build something up, but it can be taken away in a blink of an eye. That could cause momentary motivation loss. This combined with the "playing solo" part can make this MMO so boring that I want to puke. It is a love/hate relationship!

Low Punishment: ANNO 2070

The ANNO games have always been very nice to you. Worst thing that happens is when you go unprepared to war, but otherwise you are pretty much safe and got all the time in the world. The latest ANNO game: ANNO 2070 is soon coming out and it does look very interesting. The multiplayer seems to have become a more central role in this game and you have bigger space for customization.

High Punishment vs. Low Punishment: Different game types for different moods. It equals a game of tension and excitement versus a laid back and relaxing game where you got all the time in the world.

Here is a short, but informative trailer on the new ANNO 2070 game:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The "Leaking" Strategy of Marketing

It does feel nice when things are starting to roll in my direction. My recent productivity boost has started to pay off. I even got missed by a falling rock and escaped death today. It is amazing what you can do to increase the chance of things come your way. But what are the game companies doing? Is "leakage" the new viral trend?

Is the EA Spouse just a viral marketing strategy?

This one is really hard to crack, at least for me, but the blogger that is called "The EA Spouse" might be an internal trick to create publicity. The thing is that much of what was originally "leaked" through this blog was negative. As they say: "All publicity is good publicity". But it might also be something else. An entrepreneurial spirited blogger, maybe even the real thing! Who knows? That's the thing with leakage, you can never really be sure.

To get to more every day "leakages", which seem to be the new name of "Announcement from company PR Department". Sometimes a song from a game gets "leaked", sometimes the beta, sometimes the demo gets out too early. In some cases you can even see movies filmed by amateurs claimed to be taken in secrecy. Also, have you ever thought about why some companies at live events to closed parties says "No cameras allowed or what we are about to discuss next"? Of course somebody will film it, put it on Youtube and create massive headlines everywhere. That's a good way of getting really cheap advertising. Just be smart.

I am aware that I have a little negative tone here, but in fact, I would like to finish off this blog post by saying that I actually admire this kind of marketing strategies.

Here is some typical leakage webcast on the Sony Playstation 4:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The first and the last successful "Grind-MMO"

The last few days I have tried out a few MMO:s that I should have, but never earlier have, played. The first one on my list was Age of Conan. The game lacks, at least initially, interesting ways to grind your way up in levels. Most things was just running from A to B without any real purpose. Then today when I tried Warhammer Online I realized that this game had a much better system for grinding. Although for me it is not much different than grinding in World of Warcraft.

Anyway, today I will discuss what I believe is the first big Grind-MMO and what I believe might be the last.

The first was Ultima Online!

Origin Systems masterpiece. This is the first MMO that I ever played and apart from EVE Online this is the MMO that has brought me most joy. It was a very open, free, but also punishing game, just the way I like it. It makes you actually focus and take care of your every moment.

In the future I think many companies need to look back on this game, that might have let people grind in a different way than people do today, but still has a lot of interesting design parts that can be re-used and optimized.

The last is Star Wars: The Old Republic?

This is a long shot, I know, but the time of grinding based MMO:s are dying. After World of Warcraft everything seems just the same to me, just with different graphics. We need something fresh. SWTOR offers good opportunity for role play and makes the game become more like a movie... but it is still based on the very same Grind and PVP game play we are all used to and a little bit tired of.

Let's finish off this blog post with a glimpse of the past. Who remember this old trailer? It is amazing how they tried to make sense of the "multiple servers" issue for the roleplaying perspective on the game.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Game Developers: Are you playing safe or taking leaps?

In life there is only two things. Doing what feels safe or taking that big leap into the unknown, hoping for grandeur, but risking fiasco. For me this would be the difference of starting up my own company versus starting a career at an already established company.

But what about today's games? Do they stand conflicted between these two choices?

Bioware: "I don't mind leaping once in a while"

Bioware is one of the big companies out there that are willing to sometimes take a leap. Looking at their track record they have failed, but also had huge success. While titles as Baldurs Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect or Dragon Age might have originally been literally a leap into a big pile of money, some titles has instead brought shame to the developers. Their biggest failure in my opinion was Dragon Age 2. This proves that taking a leap to early, might cause you to trip and fall. Sometimes it is just better to play safe.

Blizzard: "I like what I got, I play safe for now".

Blizzard is known for playing extremely safe. They refuse to release a title unless they are sure it will be a success. They spend a lot of money making sure that risks are minimized and profit are maximized. This doesn't mean that they haven't failed before, but it means that they learn by their mistakes and this is one of the key stones of why they are the best out there. Although playing safe is not always the best choice. In the long run you must, as a gaming company, be able to prove that you have the courage and brains to take a leap once in a while. This is what Blizzard yet has to prove.

Let us finish off this blog post with another brilliant cinematic trailer by Blizzard. Let me present to you the new "Black Soul Stone" trailer for Diablo III:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The upcoming Games Race

As many of you know, there are certain months where new games typically tend to hit the stores. One combo is November-December, specifically BEFORE x-mas. I bet you can figure out why. The other one is before the summer, generally May-June.

Right now we have the pre-xmas games coming up. Battlefield 3, Assassins Creed: Relevations, Anno 2070, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Star Wars: The Old Republic are a few examples.

Games that I fear we will have to wait for until May-June is StarCraft 2: The Heart of the Swarm and Diablo III. Blizzard would have overwhelmed us with their, usually, brilliant marketing by now if they aimed for x-mas.

Who will win the big race?

Is there a race? Of course there is. All of the games listed above are competing about becoming this years x-mas present. This is when all the big companies gather their brilliant minds to create the best marketing plan for their title. Some go for the more experimental viral methods (like Bungie) while others aim for TV commercials and overwhelming banners.

Just before x-mas we have a great moment where we can learn a lot about marketing and PR. Keep an eye out and think for yourself "Could I have done it better?". If your answer is yes, well... either you are wrong or you really got something.

Let's finish off this blog post with an awesome new trailer of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Keep your hands where they belong...

I just came back, a bit drunk, from my big birthday celebration. Although I am a bit annoyed that someone was not so nice to a dear friend of mine, I am pretty satisfied with my birthday celebration. It was fun, most of my friends where there and I got a nice "Rena Rama Rolf" DVD to hang around my neck.

Thanks everyone for an amazing party. I hope I see you all again soon.

Marketing vs. IRL: The ice breaker

When you are out partying you often come across something one may call "ice breakers". It is the phrase that people use to initiate a conversation with you. Todays ice breaker was: "How are you? What are your plans now?". When you think about it. The ice breaker principle not only applies to parties, but to the way you communicate with your customers in a company.

When communicating to your customers, you need a good ice breaker. Think of it like you are in a club and want to pick up a girl. You don't want to use whatever everyone else is saying. You want to be original, but still  not be to "far fetched", so to speak.

"Are you out of premium credits? Maybe I can help!". If you are playing a game, would you not consider learning more after hearing this phrase?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadaffi arrested on my birthday

Well that's funny. Apparently they caught the bastard... on my freekin' birthday. Now, how good birthday present isn't that? ;)

I want to thank you all for the nice birthday wishes. It kept me in a good mood all day, while I was applying to jobs within the gaming industry. Now when Håkan got a job at Google, it seems like it is not impossible to get jobs after all.

It's good that my personal projects are starting to become something more than just ideas. Got two other people onto the project now.

Learning more about Social Media Management...

I have recently started following, since he actually seems to be a quite cunning Social Media Specialist. I would recommend anyone interested in this area to check out his blog. It sure taught me one or two things I hadn't thought about before.

Anyway, now I am off to eat some awesome Chicken Tikka Masala at Charlie's Tavern in Ocean Village. See you tomorrow!

(the picture is taken from, excellent artist)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Evaluating my blog

Just came home from Alex third birthday. Pelle's little boy is growing so fast! Although, he kind of looks the same size as when I first saw him, but kids grow fast and... yeah you get the point.


I have decided to evaluate my blog and see if I can get better at keeping myself short (you see how I already failed at that) and try to make my posts easier to read.

Vote on what you want to read!

I have made a survey on the top of this page where you can vote on what you would like me to focus more on. You can vote on more than one thing, so you will no longer struggle between choices.

Anyway, that's it for today. After watching an impressive game play video of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I am now off to try out Age of Conan for a bit. A good way to finish off a productive day of applying to jobs here and there in Europe.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Dawn of Micro Payment Systems for Games

While spending much of this day to re-build some of my, yes I know how nerdy it is, Magic: The Gathering decks. After building the first out of three decks I worked with during the day, I started thinking about Magic as a strategically brilliant product. Richard Garfield's idea was around 10 years before it's time if you compare it to how more and more computer games are sold today.

Micro Payment is the Key

Magic: The Gathering is a game where you commonly play with 40-60 cards built from booster packs of 15 randomized cards from a certain theme each.

The game it self is free to play. You may play it as much as you can, as long as you buy the "parts" yourself. Much like many of the current Free to Play games we have today, only that Magic: The Gathering actually required you to actually own some initial parts to be able to take advantage of your free unlimited game time.

This system has worked since the game was released in the 1990's and it is only now that the concept is REALLY starting to show itself in digital form.

Today the monthly payment system is dying out. Welcome to the future and thanks Richard Garfield and Wizards of the Coast for showing us game developers a brilliant way to sell our games.

Oh, yes. The decks I built during the day was: Life gain (BLUE; WHITE; GREEN), Pumped Creatures (WHITE; GREEN) as well as a very odd deck where much of it is based on messing the opponent up with spells and dirty bombs (RED, BLUE, BLACK).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sugar rush!

I have been on the Low Carb High Fat diet now for a while, with the exception of doing what the hell I want once or twice during the weekend. Yesterday I made a very... sweet milkshake. Vlada got so annoyed at bed time that she had to say "shut up I want to sleep!" to finally get my corn hole to close. It is amazing how many things you feel you want to philosophize about when you are high on sugar.

Tonight we are doing a Rock Band + milkshakes to experiement our performance with a lot of sugar in our system. Will our performance increase... or cause DISASTER?!

Watching the Schulman Show

Recently I have started watching this Swedish online show where this guy Alex Schulman (who might think he is a bit bigger than he actually is) is inviting a famous person and then laugh about some Youtube-videos or special topics that they find amusing/disgusting. I must say that I'm finally coming around. The show is not that bad.

Although... I must say that he does not do well in front of a camera. In the picture to the right of this text he kind of looks like he had a rough night with Hulk Hogan and lived to tell the tale.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Top 5 every day annoyances

After spending a lot of time in entrepreneur spirited meetings I had the misfortune of being annoyed every single minute of the transportation route to and from the places in town where we had the meetings. Therefore I am now forced to make a top 5 of annoying every day things that recently have... annoyed me.

The top 5

HONORARY STAR LEVEL. F*CKING FIRE ALARM GOING OFF EVERY 15 MINUTES! This has been the case since I moved to Gibraltar. Most buildings here seem to have a little troll dry humping the fire alarm button once in a while. This would never happen in Sweden. It's not that it's just annoying, but also dangerous. Imagine if a real fire would start some day...

1. People on the street walking in a "wall formation", looking backwards - noticing that I am trying to squeeze through - and just keeps walking as if nothing happened. WHAT THE FUCK!?

2. People in Morrisons decide to have "meetings" in the middle of the way, blockading all "traffic" what so ever and don't even get the point when there is suddenly a big que of impatient and annoyed people behind them. FUCK OFF YOU RETARDS!

3. People on the street that is about to cross past you and can't decide on which side they should pass you. This is so simple: The standard is to walk on the LEFT side of someone. Cyclists does the opposite.

4. The TV channels have synchronized advertisement. I mean... COME ON!

5. Stores being closed during the weekend. "Let's close ALL of the stores on the weekdays just when people are off work and let's make sure that they wont get a chance during the weekends either. We are not interested at all in making money in our company."

What I have learnt during my time in Gibraltar is that the average IQ is somewhat a hell of a lot lower than in Sweden. No offense if you don't consider yourself to be doing anything of the things above, but if you feel that this describes you pretty well, then I pity you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic... what to play?

As most of you guys know, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is being released on 20th of December (or so it has been said) and expectations are sky high. My expectations has sunken quiet a bit since the first announcement though. The more I learn, the more disappointed I get.

So... what will I play?

Jedi Knight versus Smuggler

My initial thought has always been smuggler, but after learnt a lot about it, it is only still interesting in a story/RPG point of view. The game play looks pretty lame and the fact that a smuggler CAN in fact beat a Sith Lord in a combat at all is just unrealistic to me. A force wielder should kick a Smugglers ass any day. But Game Balance sometimes demands things like this to happen... understandably but unfortunately.

Since my guild is playing the light side of the force, I will probably go for Jedi Knight. I mean, why play a Star Wars game and not be a "lightsaber class"? ;)

I was thinking about the consular, but it seems like they are pretty much a mage/priest in gameplay perspective, I am not really interested. I was hoping that they would be a more powerful version of the Jedi Knight, but with slower power regeneration and faster exhaustion, to balance things up. But my idea of a consular might be totally wrong...

Todays big lol: Sheldon Cooper does it again!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mass Effect 3 + Multiplayer = True

It seems like what we have hoped for is going to happen, actually. Is it my dream coming true? Co-op in a story driven Bioware game? Could it be one of the disappointing "deathmatch" kind of multiplayer that awaits us?

Co-Op is the future

I think that the brain dead Death Match multiplayer type is dying out. The world needs multiplayer with a purpose. A goal to reach, a story to follow. This is the future. Many games has already embrace this. Just look at Gears of War or Army of Two.

Let's face it. We have been waiting for quite a while now for multiplayer to be included in a story driven game like Mass Effect. Bioware better be very careful to not disappoint the fans they have hyped for some time now.

The ending better be good!

Mass Effect has been a game that I have been very critical against and for a start I refused to play it. Once watching it at a friends place, I was convinced to give it a try.

To my surprise it was one of the best Bioware Games ever made (except from my favorite: Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark). Mass Effect 2 was even better and I can't imagine the third and last one being any worse... but, who knows? Dragon Age 2 was the biggest disappointment in Biowares history, imo. So... well, we just have to wait and see!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A shift of generation

Can you really define when a new generation starts and an old one dies out? Is it not as hard as defining what is REALLY "normal"? Anyway, while reading the news on the net I figured that right now must be some kind of generation change.

Charlie Sheen's out, Ashton Kutcher's in!

One old pathetic pathetic party boy is going away, while another one is entering the stage. Of course I am talking about the whole "Two and a Half Men" circus. Not only has the main character reflected the life of the actor, but it was succeeded still doing so after a shift of cast.

Is not Ashton Kutcher starting to look more and more like a young Charlie Sheen? Let's go back to this blog post in 30 years and see how right I was.

Steve Jobs is out, "Google Guys" is in!

Even though Jobs still has a few surprises prepared for the next couple of years, it has been interesting to see how the fresher brains Sergey Brin and Larry Page has gradually stolen the spotlight of good ol' Jobs. You cannot compare them as competitors, but rather as geniuses of their time. Steve Jobs had his boom long ago and managed to keep the ball rolling to this day, but in my opinion, the greatest surprises has already been revealed. The rest is pretty much "good marketing", rather than amazing inventions. I mean, Ipad 2, Iphone 5... simply enhanced versions of the same thing, carefully planned to make more money.

The Google Guys on the other hand have still some way to go before they can properly conquer the world like Steve Jobs once did. They may have a lot, true, but I think their greatest achievment is still waiting to be revealed. Anyone can make a search engine, good or bad, or an online spreadsheet, or a good email service... even a social network! If you look at it, most things they have done is copies of other peoples ideas. Usually with smarter marketing, better solutions, but copies still.

I believe in Google, and their brightest day is still to be had. You go guys!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The average guy at a club

Hi everyone! Just came home from a night out in Gibraltar... a bit drunk, but not too much. Tonight I have analyzed the different kind of guys that goes to clubs and what their strategies are. Brace yourselves...

Five common types of guys

1. The hopeful hunter: This guy goes from one girl to another and forces himself upon her (putting his arm around her and being kind of honest about what his intentions are).

2. The charming stalker: This guy sticks around wherever the girls goes. Sooner or later, he is there. Trying to make a small chat or whatever. Trying his best to look cool, talk about something "interesting" or asking the right questions. Charm is his weapon, although he might not be a skilled user of it. One thing is certain though, he wont give up unless the girl hocks up with someone else or tells him directly "NO!"... and maybe not even then.

3. The dancer: This one is quite common. He dances you up and gradually gets closer and closer until it becomes obvious that the girl is on the same track or is not interested.

4. The generous one: This guy buys the girl drinks to keep her interested, happy and in the end drunk enough to MAYBE to along with his plan. This plan seem to work amazingly well with people in Gib. Not that I ever tried... I'm to cheap. :D

5. The pathetic one: This one tries to convince the girl to become interested in him, even though he already know he lost the race. He can even say "Why not?", "Please!?", "Come one!" or "Just this one!"

Who was I before and who am I now?

I have always been more of the guy that swoops in and tries to win over the chicks with my witty comments and irresistible charm. So far it has worked fine, so I'm quite happy about my strategy. Although it does get tricky when the girl is partly interested, but either is playing hard to get or is not really convinced yet. Then you don't know if you should stop trying or hang in there with the risk of looking too desperate or "easy to get" (which I'm not. I'm fuckin' HARD to get, capish?!). Thankfully I wont need to worry about this anymore. :)

Right now I'm not one of these types, I'm rather the "hang-around-being-social-until-I-get-too-tired-and-only-can-think-of-my-bed" guy. Girls are off my radar, since I'm into guys now... not. :D

Btw. The people on the pictures have nothing to do with the text next to them. I just picked them randomly.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bethesda versus Mojang

The childish game is still being played. Who the good guys here is obviously Mojang, but really... was this the best move of Bethesda? This feud will probably hurt the company way more than actually letting Mojang use the name Scrolls.

Another sign of inexperience from Bethesda's part. Until this came up I actually didn't think much bad of the company, other than that they made my favorite game into a FPS (Fallout). This is something I can forgive them for. I see the logic in their decision now.

The word "Scrolls" may never be used!

Yes, it is true. Bethesda claims that because they have the Elder Scrolls brand, no company can use the word "Scrolls" in their product. If this logic is to be sustained in all cases, then we will, for example, not see any games with the following in their titles:

- "Age of"
- "World of"
- "Life"
- "Portal"

And so on. You get the picture.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

To do the one or the other... or to do them all?

Finally things are starting to come together. I got some freelance stuff going on. I got a really cool idea about a company and I am expanding my range of countries in which to apply for work in.

My plan from now to December

The plan is simple. Learning how to be less nice to people who don't deserve it. Actions must have consequences. Freelance enough to stay alive. Finalize my idea and put it in to motion. Last but not least: Make a bigger effort in finding a new primary job.

Todays laugh:

I guess you all remember Chandler, from Friends, living in a box:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Statistics day!

I decided to review my blog statistics. Since I haven't really done much marketing for it (at least that I know of), it has worked pretty well for at least people who Google "Gibraltar" or "Full Tilt Poker" to find my blog... or the little bit more interesting search word people use to find my blog:

Statistics for search words used yesterday...

High Activity equals Quality Traffic?

Actually, the more you blog, the more traffic you get... but is spamming blog posts really attracting quality readers or not? I think not.

You have a higher chance of getting new readers from Google or similar when creating a lot of searchable content. The risk is though that you bore or exhaust your existing readers and will end up with having mostly new non-dedicated readers instead of loyal revisiting readers, which is much more valuable (especially in terms of Viral Marketing).

Here is my overall statistics, starting with the start of my blog (when I was going down for the interview with Guess which peak is about me getting the job and which one is about me being made redundant. ;)

Last weeks interesting posts:

Argh... why is that top post still so damn efficient? I mean, the post it self is NOT THAT INTERESTING! Probably mean I got a bunch of low quality readers. Damn it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Late night activities...

Is it only I... that have problems at night, I mean, when I am suppose to go to bed? Uncontrollable urges and desires to do something... else than sleeping?

High brain activity, low self control.


If you thought I was talking about something else than working on some new ideas or playing some interesting computer games, you thought wrong.

Anyway, I am still serious about my questions. How come I always become so reluctant to go to sleep, when I really don't NEED to go up early anyway? Why do people become more creative at night than during the day? Should a work day be from 6pm to 3am? That's at least when I am most effective... although I must admit that the next morning I spot one or two spelling mistakes when reviewing my text... sooo... I have no idea where I am going with this tbh.

Starting up my own company?

I am seriously thinking about it. I got an idea, I got a website under construction (going amazingly fast actually!) and some people possibly interested in putting in some money in the idea.

Should I start my own thing... or should I wait for another job working for someone else? 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good and bad stuff about Gibraltar

Now when it is getting closer to "should I stay or should I go", I started thinking about Gibraltar and why I would want to stay... or go.

Here is my top 5 of the good and bad things about Gibraltar:

Top 5 good things with Gibraltar
  1. Hardly any wasps
  2. The long summers
  3. The work opportunities
  4. The party life
  5. The people

Top 5 bad stuff about Gibraltar
  1. A social bubble. Same people, same parties, same everything
  2. Small benefits when starting a family
  3. A lot of the local companies/people have no idea what they are doing (like Find a Property)
  4. Expensive apartments
  5. Stupid tourists

Top 3 Posts This Week!

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