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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Road Trip I will never forget...

First of all, my last blog post was my 200th! Yipee! Second, I've bought Rock Band: Beatles! Third and most important of all: I went to an incredible road trip to Almeria, in the Murcia province in the south east of Spain. (HERE IS MORE PICTURES)

Almeria & San José

I have a lot to tell. I don't know where to start. Let's try the beginning...

Us, outside the Hostel in San José (Rosi is taking the picture)

It started off like a spontaneous thing. "Let's do something this long-weekend!". Then David came up with this brilliant idea of having a road trip! Because there was only five spots in the car, and because we wanted to just escape from the clutches of Gibraltar for a while, only Rosi, Nicky, Anke, David and I went on it.

First stop, a beach somewhere! After some driving and the discovery of a Buddhist Temple that unfortunately was closed, we went, still early in the morning, to a beach nearby. There we found some really cool stones (someone has her bag FULL of stones) and David took a swim in the ocean. He also had some really delicious food brought with him.

Second stop, another beach! This one was better and we also played some beach tennis. We got our skin burnt and we also had a swim in the ocean. It was not that cold actually! Nicky and I had some ice cream and I got to use my Spanish a bit (I must also add that Anke is really good with the phrase "La quenta for farvor" now, which she says about anything :P

Off to Almeria! When we finally arrived, we went into a shopping mall and had something to eat. We also found some really nice clothes there. I'm really happy with what I bought: A green cool t-shirt and a white shirt + spider t-shirt (they go together).

San José, where are you!? After almost running out of fuel, we found ourself puzzled about where to go. We came to a roundabout and because one direction had a funny name, I chose it (also backed up by the others for some reason) and it just happen to be the right direction! After a bit of driving, finally we got to San José!

Oh there's the Hostel... wait, no it isnt! We went to several places where we thought our hostel was before we actually managed to find the right one (the best one). There were two really bored dogs there and nearby there were 4-5 small kittens, which some of us fell in love with (Anke :P).

Is that really cheese on these pizzas?! What the f*ck. They screwed us! The place looked really cool but apparently they don't know what cheese is. We got some white stuff that looked like cheese, but didn't taste anything. That was bad. But at least we had a really good walk around town and really enjoyed the evening. We slept quite well, even though David was not so subtle when he was exiting the room in the morning. I think that door should meet mr. Oil.

Churros, Ice Cream and Crepes!

After having breakfast in San José, eating Churros dipped in chocolate and sugar, we were finally in the car on the way back home. We stopped by in Almeria to see the great Castle of La Alcazaba. It was really cool and interesting. Too bad most of the information was in Spanish, because I'm really into castles, history and stuff like that.

Ice Cream time!!! After some walking, we managed to find a really good Ice Cream place. Because it was so terribly hot (over 30 degrees) an Ice Cream was really really really nice to have. After this we had a walk back to the car and thanks to Rosi, we found it. David had also started to learn some Swedish and German, so he was practicing the whole way back.

Crepes in Granada! Yummy! We stopped in some town in Granada, were we found this really great Crepes place. I ordered a Carbonara Crepe, and to be honest it was the best Crepe I've ever had. It was really good, but not much food on the other hand, so I ordered desert (good business model, make people buy more when they get less!).

One final stop was made close to La Linea, but I can't remember the name of the town. We all had a walk along the beach and was just enjoying a really nice last stop of our really nice road trip.

Thanks guys, it was great! Let's do this more often!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I had three girls for lunch *burp*

Rosie has finally arrived and the last couple of days she has been exploring Gibraltar and tonight we will explore O'Reilly's and drink only juice. right...

Btw, will add images here later, probably tomorrow morning.

You idiot, you can't moonwalk!

Yesterday Rosie and I first went to the Casino to eat some dinner (after chilling in the pool area a couple of hours and then playing some badminton), and then after laughing about Rosie trying to talk with her mouth full of food, we went to Celebrities.

Oh god that was a long sentence... lol.

Anyway, there we found the most incompetent bartender ever. She couldn't make any drink properly and talked like she was stoned or something.

Then we noticed this drunk family making a fool of themselves. First the mom was pretend-boxing with her like 10 year old son or something, and then suddenly she hits him in the face! I mean, what the fuck!?

Then when he stopped crying his drunk sister tries to teach him how to moon walk, which was so FAIL! If she can't do it, how is he suppose to learn how to do it? Idiot, you just get him bullied in school and laughed at.

Lunch at Lek Bangkok

Today Nicky, Anke, Rosie and I went to Lek Bangkok to eat some really nice Thai Food. As usual, I ordered 22 and 41 (Chicken with Bamboo shots in Red Curry and Stir Fried Rice with Chicken) and the girls ordered some other crazy stuff. We also have pictures of this, but I need to bug Anke about them before I can post them here. Stay tuned!

O'Reillys, time to party!

Tonight I'm going to go and party in Ocean Village with Quisqueya, Rosie, Rebecca and the others. It's going to be so much fun and I'm so much in a party mood! Ah well I better get going, will report back as soon as I can! See you there people!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go f*ck yourself... + Guess who is coming on Monday!

Okay, this weekend has both been good and bad. Well, let's put it this way, some great hockey nation was 8 freaking seconds from the finals, when another hockey nation "LUCKILY" managed to score. Now this great hockey nation is fighting for the bronze, instead of the gold which we should have.

Anyway. Friday was actually pretty good although the situation didn't look very good at first. Nicky saved the day ;) Thank you!

Friday dinner with friends

After everyone for different reasons bailing on me on Friday (very unfortunate) I found myself cooking for only me, Kai and Fredrik. Then as a miracle, when shopping for ingredients, Nicky pops up and says "I'll come!" and even brought some friends, one of them we just randomly found in Morrisons. We were back up to 6 people and cooking it was!

The evening turned out kick-ass and they didn't even spit out the food I made! I guess noodle-wok with Chinese spices was a good combination. We played drinking games (not all of us was drinking), Wii (sober and then drunk) and talked about random stuff and just enjoyed a really nice Friday evening.

Saturday Ice Hockey -> Drinking with the Stanislavs

Well as you read earlier in this blog post, we suffered a bad beat and unfortunately this great Hockey Nation, even though playing the best game in the tournament, didn't reach the finals. We put so much pressure on the Czech Republic, which beat us earlier in the tournament very easily, and was actually about to win, when they poke in a goal literary the last seconds. Shit happens I guess, but we really played a good game in general. Our goalie was fabulous, our forwards warriors and defenders brilliant. I wonder what went wrong?

Later I joined up with Stanislav and Annie and we had such a good time in Ocean Village. Drinking beer, eating bad stuff, and we even took a little trip to Irish Town, checking out the places there. We also managed to meet a bit tipsy comedian in the Casino (wont mention his name), and he gave me a good laugh. "I'm thirsty!" he yelled to the waiter, while waiting for the next hand to be dealt to him.

Then suddenly, when I started talking about Ice Hockey... THE FREAKING DEALER turned out to be from CZECH REPUBLIC! Of course he had to humiliate me, so I went outside and took my aggression out there instead of his face. :P

Sunday cleaning, preparing and... eating?

What will I eat today? I have no idea. I'm not hungry and I don't feel like eating anything. Well I guess I'll find something somewhere.

Anyway, today I will have to tidy up the apartment, as Rosi is coming tomorrow and visiting me for two weeks. I haven't seen her since I was eight or something!

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to say her name in English... gah, I guess I'll have to ask her tomorrow :P

No weird thoughts, she's my distant cousin.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sand everywhere! WTF did I do last night?

Hi everyone, time to blog again I guess. Yesterday was mad, and today will be exitement of the colder sort. I've done some serious shopping (and there is more to come) and I'm addicted to the Castlevania Theme Song.


I've become strangely addicted to the Castlevania Theme Song lately. There is this one version in particular I really like. Have a look and see if you get addicted as well. I could almost guarantee it if you are a fan of this kind of music:

Shopping -> Drinking -> Crawling

Yesterday was a very interesting day. It started off with Shopping in La Linea, which went to Drinking in the Beach and the last chapter of this novel ends with me Crawling on the Floor.

In the morning, some friends and I met up and WALKED all the way to Carrefour from my apartment actually, which was actually longer than we expected, but hey, the weather was great so wtf!

In Carrefour, I managed to find one shirt, two t-shirts and one pair of shorts (!!!!) which is pretty amazing cause I never find stuff I like for good prices. Then I bought some posters that I actually need frames for, so if anyone know where to buy Poster Frames (proper ones) let me know please. We kind of looked at a lot of stuff there, tried some hats too, which was pretty funny. We had fights with our "leader sticks" so to speak and acted kind of immature in general, which was AWESOME!

"Let's go to the beach!" someone said and there we went! We accidently stumbled across a Caramel Vodka bottle and some beers, which obviously led to a Beach Drinking Game! In the end I could either walk or piss straight, but it was fun. More than one person was a little bit buried in sand and one person actually also manage to "fall" into the water, which was pretty funny!

Going home, leaving the stuff and then go and eat. Sure, that was the plan. Once I got home I suddenly didnt feel so well. I went from a two legged humanoid creature to a crippled Barbary Ape in a matter of minutes. I still feel a bit sick and this was now almost 24 hours ago.

When I woke up this morning there was sand on my pillows, in my bed, in the bathroom, in my room, in the living room, in the hall way... pretty much everywhere except in Kais room. As I'm Mr. Neat and Proper I managed to get myself on two feet this morning and spent 30-45 minutes sweeping.

Sweden - Canada tonight!

With only minutes to go when I'm writing this, it already starts to get a bit exciting. Sweden is facing Canada in Ice Hockey tonight in the World Championship Tournament. I honestly don't think we stand a chance, but let's give it a go! To bad the Swedish Team kind of sucks this year, but hey, a year with both the Olympics and the WC is kind of weird tbh. I expected this.

Actually, Denmark is currently doing even better than Sweden beating Finland and USA just like that. Even Norway managed to show themselves pretty dangerous in the game against us and then they wooped Czechs ass (which actually wooped Swedish ass).

Anyway, here is the upcoming Schedule!
  • Sweden - Canada: 16/5, 20:15 (Win with 3-1)
  • Sweden - Switzerland: 18/5, 20:15
  • Sweden - Denmark: 20/5, 16:15 (Quarter Finals)
  • Sweden - Czech: 22/5, 14:00 or 18:00 (Semi Finals)
  • Bronze + Finals: 23/5

Monday, May 10, 2010

Came third in the! + Hockey time!

Hi people, as you might notice I don't have much time for this blog any more, but I'll try to update at least once in a while. I can third in a tournament lately, I found a great Hockey-live stream and you can also follow me at the Par i Nötter-blog at Office Tournament

I came third out of around 20 people in the less-advanced tournament. Darren, my man, won it though. In the more advanced tournament Hyunil won. I got candy! Btw, I also knocked Henrik out of the tournament with KK against his QQ. Nomnomnom!

Watch streamed Hockey with me!

I will watch streamed Hockey now in the World Championships. So far Sweden won against Norway with 4-2 and Denmark has kicked both Finish ass and American, I can't believe it.

Anyway, I will be watching the following days and times and you are welcome to join me, either here with me or from your own computer through the live stream below.

  • 11/5, 20:15: Sweden - France
  • 13/5, 20:15: Sweden - Czech
  • To be announced...

Watch live video from hockeykanal on

Swedish people, follow the PiN-blogg!...
... at to follow me and my colleagues at work. If you get bored and miss me too much, this is where you can see more of cute little me. :)

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