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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow adventures and occational nudity...

*Beep Beep*, time to get up. Time to go to Sweden!

Not only was this the first day of my vacation trip to Sweden, but also my last day in my apartment, with Kai. The first thing I thought when I woke up was "damn, last day with Kai... and shit I still need to move some stuff out of the apartment!"

After rushing with the last few things from my apartment, I met Phil and his brother Lee downstairs outside. It seems that we found the girl of the trip... Phil had packed almost as much as me and Vlada together. In a way, Phil reminds me of my mom.

Gothenburg city!  But... where's batman?!

Ah, there he is! Jimmy is waiting just as we arrive to Gothenburg City bus & train terminal.

After leaving our stuff at Jimmys apartment, we decided to go downtown to try some Swedish place to eat.

After strolling around finding nothing (as apparently restaurants close disguistingly early on a... friday?) we managed to find Little London (quite ironic as we really wanted to find a Swedish... or at least non-english place to eat). There we join up with my friend Mats "Ölf" Söderholm and enjoys a dinner filled with conversations from a actually pretty drunk Ölf.

Borlänge, wohoo! Shopping time!

Around lunch time on the saturday we finally arrive at our final destination (kind of), Borlänge! To let the girls get their urges fulfilled, I took Phil and Vlada to the shopping centre. Actually I bought like 6 t-shirts so I'm not quite innocent myself ;)

Once we were done, it was dinner time at my parents... with some SWEDISH food for once! :) If I remember correctly we ate Pork Filet Stew with potatoes and Lingon Berries. AWESOME!

We spent the rest of the evening drinking with my family, trying out some whiskey and christmas "glögg". When we started to get tired and thought "heck, isnt it time to get to bed", the time was... 19:00 maybe? - It is incredible how you can be decieved when it gets dark around 14-15.

I was hoping to publish a funny video of Phil falling asleep in my sofa, snooring, while my brother uses his "imitating cat" application for Android to mimic Phils snooring "pitched", but as it is x-mas I'll be nice and not publish this piece of art to the public. :P

Sälen, beers and yes, nudity!

Fastforwarding a bit, we are now at the Sälen-part of this blog post. Skiing time!

First day wasn't really for skiing really. Mostly getting the cabin, having a few beers and going bowling! We had my brother making a "gambei!" which means bottoms-up!

Blabla! On with the skiing already!

The skiing was awesome, as you might understand. It was quite cold though, around 15-20 degrees minus - not the best climate to go skiing, but hey, I'm a viking!

MY BRO' FELL! HAHAHAHAH! This was one of the most awesome things during the whole trip. Imagine some kind of british humor sketch with someone falling and desperately failing to get up, and then when finally managing to get up, falling face-first into the snow once again! Both me and Phil felt tears coming down our eyes. We were laughing so hard we couldn't even get the camera up in time. Sorry for that!

After each evening we finished the evening off with Glögg, alcohol and Sauna (not completely naked, but almost). We actually even ran out in the snow with nothing more than a towel around our hip. AWESOME!

Here is some pictures from the trip. I hope you get envious! :P

I went on rampage, shooting things!

Once we were done with all the skiing stuff, we had to do what we elves do best (yes, Phil is convinced that we scandinavias are elves), shoot with bow and arrow. Watch and learn my friends! (and yes, I did bullseye and then I split my own arrow, of course).

That's it for now! Cya 3rd of January, when I'm moving into my new place in Kings Warf! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My exciting and eventful x-mas adventure

First of all, Johan Storåkers and Miikka Anttonen just arrived here in Gibraltar, to do some work for us at Going to be awesome to meet such big poker icons as them. I think on thursday there will be a coaching with them, or maybe it was tomorrow, can't remember. Anyway, check our website for updated info ;)


Three of a kind, we're getting snowblind!

On this friday, Vlada, Phil and I will put our awesome butts (mostly mine is awesome btw, but I'll include all of ours... 'cause it's xmas) on the plane to Gothenburg City Airport, Sweden.


Almost immidiately after, we will go together with my brother to Tandådalen in Sälen to ski our awesome asses of. Can you imagine, the 6 bed cabin only cost €80 in total? How awesome is that? Btw, we have one more spot so contact me if you want to go skiing.

Hästi täidetud Estonia, here we come!

LOL, Hästi is almost like "horse" in Swedish. Funny.

Right after the skiing trip, Phil and I will go, to work, to Tallin, for PokerFinnkampen. is the main partner and we got some of our guys there (Foxxxen and HenrikX/Niklas Toorell for instance). Unfortunately it doesnt seem like I will be able to play, but I will be allowed to do some work instead! Yahaay!

I hope our guys does good, if not, at least the x-mas buffet at the ferry will make it worth the trip :P

Fireworks in Malmö... or?

Right now I'm not 100% sure if I'm spending new years in Malmö. I want to, but I'm not sure if I fit so well in the other people plans, so I might go somewhere else in case people don't have time for me or something :P I did actually tell them pretty late that I was thinking about stopping by, so I'm the one to blame :P

Either how, it would be nice to see some friends again... it has been TOO long indeed.

Artwork by the famous Karin Rindevall, the girl in red... :P

Anyway, that's it for me for today! Merry x-mas and a happy new year! Now I will try to make sure I get an apartment to get back to when I arrive in Gib after new years. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving to another apartment

Hi all! Long time no see (AGAIN!). Thing is, I'm lazy.

Can you help?

Do you know a good agency, or a good place to live? HELP! We need to find a place before the 10th of December as I go to Sweden by that date, and wont come back until the contract for the current apartment is expired.

We are looking for:

  • A 3 bedroom apartment (at least).
  • Good quality and Furnished.
  • At least two bathrooms.

Can you help? I'll pay you with sex.

Kings Warf, Europlaza or Ocean Village?

Kings Warf

New place, looks awesome on the pictures, but no indoor pics are available as it doesn't seem they have furnished it yet. Further away from work, but still pretty close to town. Distance is not a biggie.


Awesome place. Close to Morrisons, decent prize, good view etc. Bad thing is that it doesn't include a pool area. (does it have pool at all? We need one, so that the French can piss in it).

Ocean Village

Nice apartments, pool area, good view, CLOSE TO EVERYTHING!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sorry, but finally it is here!

I've been both busy and lazy lately, but now finally I will manage to blog a bit. This post will be about my birthday as well as the Halloween party.

I managed to hump King Kongs foot while at the party. It felt nice.

(I have a thing for inflatable monkeys)

Wow, I smell so good!

I got many awesome gifts on my birthday, but my favorite has to be the parfume I got from Vlada, as I have been to manly to go into a parfume shop. It just feels wrong for a guy to go there. :P

Anyway, on my brithday, the 20th of October, we all gathered at Charlies. An awesome restaurant. Many of my friends was there, and even Pekka got the time to show up.

After this evening we could all conclude that Asians all look alike, a birthday is never the same without my Kai, Charlies food is awesome and yeah, it sucks that I am too tired all the time to party too late in the evening. :P

Enjoy the pictures!

I'm Vampire again!

Not only was I a sexy awesome vampire, I also did the makeup all by myself this time! :)

Camille was a sad death guy, Nicole a very properly dressed Snow White, Vlada a death Angel or something, Ivann the Joker, Kai some blinking evil thing, Phil a Jedi, Fredrik a zombie and Kim-Kim a... bunny?! wtf!? What's evil about bunnies!?

I went home pretty early. A free bar is dangerous.

Anyway, pictures tells more than words:

Going to SPT Seville

Tomorrow morning Fredrik and I will be going to the Spanish Poker Tour: Seville to support or Community Hero HenrikX (for those who don't know, he came on place 68 in WSOP Las Vegas this year and won over $114k).

He invited us there and payed for accommodation, so why would we say no? He is just too awesome to be true. We will bring a camera and cover the event very properly. :)

You can read all about it...

That's it for today!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Fart Pillow Man

First it was another man, then it was me, then it was another man and then a girl! It seems like we all had our way with the Fart Pillow Man costume friday night at All'swell's. Anyhow, I had a great time.

The weekend was great, with some Magic-tournaments, some really nice English Breakfast with Vlada all around town and then finally some badminton (which my body still aches from).

"Ivann made pizzas...'"

Oh yes! We had a movie night yesterday after the badminton practice. Ivann made pizzas and the girls were lazy as hell lying in the sofa (which apparently they had done the entire day). We watched "Get him to the Greek" as well as some chick-flick called "Street Dancing".

"He is insane in a pretty funny way"

I'm starting to go from annoying to actually liking Russell Brand. He is insane in a pretty funny way. Too bad all his characters are all the same though.

Yeah, Street Dancers was okay to watch, but it was a bit too kliché for my taste.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soon I will be 23... :O

Well time to grow up I guess, to become the big 23. Maybe I will get more gray hairs now. Already got a few.

How to celebrate?

I honestly have no idea. My head is totally blank.

Maybe I'll eat something tasty.

Life is good right now

It just gets better and better. This last weekend was amazing. Even though the water is starting to get colder, I still enjoy the pool... and the company. :)

I have taken a break from live poker for a bit now, need to save some money for the Sweden trip and also to pay back the study loan after new years (yeah that's when it starts).

Started playing Magic: The Gathering again, it's fun and I am so addicted already it's crazy. Yeah, I know, it's nerdy, but I'm a nerd so it's okay.

By the way, have you guys ever tried the indi game Minecraft? It's amazing. Just check out this video and tell me you dont want to buy it :P I'm playing it hardcore right now.

Badminton League - Serious now

Joined a team. They seem like my level, which is good.

Going to play tonight, probably wednesday and then sunday. A lot of work out, good for me. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

A trip to the Wild Life Park in Spain

Last weekend we took a trip to the Wild Life Park near Estepona. It was me, Kai, Phil and Vlada. The weather was really nice, around 30 at least I think?


Entering the Wild Life Park near Estepona (can't remember the name of it), we stumble across these funny figures, which we tried to mimic (I think I did it best) :)

After that we checked out the apes, birds and other cool stuff before going on the journey to the large part of the park. It was really amazing to see the bearded monkey (I've only seen it on Animal Planet before).

Nice juice Phil

Phil thought that Slush Puppy would be nice in the heat. Problem is, it was HUGE and cost €6. He was whining about that for almost an hour. Although, it proved quite nice, as it lasted long, was cold and all of us could share it.

We checked out the snakes. One of them looked like lemon ice cream and another one was huge and sleeping. Was pretty cool to see that big snakes. The anaconda was small for it's size but it's hard to imagine it could devour a hippo, or even a human!

What is that movie...

... that has the lyrics "over the mountains.. and the sound of music..."? Well, Phil, Sound of Music perhaps? ;)

Phil failed quite brilliantly, but then it was time to go home. On our way back we stayed for ice cream break in Ducesa, before making a last stop at Decathlon. Found some nice glasses there! ;)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I had two parrots on my shoulders!

Last Friday was National Day here in Gibraltar. It was really nice and a fantastic sense of humor added into it. I also got inhabited by two crazy parrots and got to watch when 30 000 balloons was released into the air. I also caught it on video! Twist your heads and have a look!

It was a great day with Kai, Phil & his parents (and parrots) as well as Vlada, Anke, Nicky and so on. Started off with some English Breakfast at Nelsons, then headed to the main town center thingy and watch some official and political stuff. After this we walked around a bit in town before we started partying. See some pictures below from the celebration:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A lot of stuff is going on right now...

Winning, opportunities, fighting, finding happiness and many other things is what is important for many people. For me, this is a nice mixture of what is going on in my life right now. I'm now going to tell you about some of these things.

(we will see how much I will write on this suspiciously serious blog post, as my Google Chrome is lagging all the time and pretty much pissing me off)

If I feel valuable to somebody, I feel good...

When something I do, either for someone or for a group of people - Getting rewarded is very important. Sometimes this is simply to feel valued. To feel that you are important to that person or that group of people. Right now, I feel quite good. :)

Some people have no clue about this concept however, which is sad. In the long term, everyone learns that this is how things works. This is how companies keep their employees and this is how people keep their friends. Simple basic principle really.

Fighting and winning, that is what it's all about!

Never give up when you believe in something. Saying that, changing your mind doesn't necessarily mean giving up. Never be stubborn just because of the sake of it. Be reasonably stubborn. Right now I'm very into the subject of the Right to Privacy, which is why I vote Pirate this year. Also I tend to be very firm on many day-to-day subjects that I believe in. I have realized that a lot of people let others overrule your own opinion - to let people do this is to be stupid. Stand up for what you believe.

Winning is also fun in other concepts. Like Poker! Playing Poker is mostly about winning, but it is also about developing yourself and your sense of logic and calculation; prediction and psychology. Tomorrow I am going to the casino again - putting all logic aside and entering a personal battle against the meat loving nemesis of mine, Pekka. Wish me good luck!

Take an opportunity, change your life!

When I took the job here at, I changed my life - drasticly. Don't be afraid of change. This was one of the best decisions of my life so far - just like deciding to study Game Design in Skövde. Don't sit home and be afraid of reality, go out, take opportunities, don't be afraid to let go when there is so much to gain!

Right now we are looking for a lot of positions at If you are interested, find a way to contact me and I will see if I might find something for you ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So busy... but I've been wake & kneeboarding!

Hi everyone! Sorry for being so bad with the blogging, but as I'm blogging at two sites at the same time it's taking a lot of my time. Anyway, I got some photos and a video for you! I've been to the Water skii place in San Pedro, two times!

First - Knee board champion!

Even though the video below shows me failing, I managed to get really good after it. Once up on the board there is usually no problem at all, it is only in the starts I have a problem, after that I'm the king of the world.

I was there with Stanislav, Annie, Kai and Phil. Afterwards we played golf at the nearby golf place. A really fun and nice day.

Second - Wake board fail!

Okay, it is pretty damn hard to manage to start on a wakeboard. I'm sure that once I'm up I will stay up, but the problem is to get up. I am also having the goofy-stance (right foot in front), which makes the start even harder. I just need to practice I guess. :)

It was fun though. Kyle, Jo and Philip Milan was there as well. This time it was only Stanislav, Annie and me that went there originally though.

Summer Party - Awesome!

The summer party was really nice. We had lots of fun, the only problem was that everything ended so quickly. Food, then no food, drinks, then no drinks, music, then no music -> then party over. If it was a bit longer, more relaxed etc I would have loved it much more. Now it felt very stressed, even though it was a really nice party.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summary: My trip to Sweden

Hi everyone! Here's a summary on my trip to Sweden. I hope you like it!

Basically, the trip was awesome.

Malmö - Friends & Freelancers

I had lots of fun in Malmö. Not only did we enjoy some really nice drinks, we also managed to meet a lot of funny people (like the 2m tall guy). It was really nice to meet everyone again, and it was even nicer to see Olas subconscious proud face when I entered his office. He should be proud, him and his team made a really nice game.
I also met jockye, canihtk and z4tz from my community. jockye even bothered to have the shirt on I sent him (once I got tired of his teasing "how are you... and your shirt?").

Gothenburg - Movies & Shopping

I saw Inception! The best movie I've seen so far this year, by far! Me and Ölf had a good an relaxing time. I managed to find a lot of really nice looking clothes, and also my famous (apparently, as I heard people in the office is talking about them lol) white shoes.

I finished Gothenburg off by first almost getting hit in the head by a glass bottle and then visiting Monika, Agnes and their very special dog.

Dalarna - Family & Party

It's always good to meet the family. I managed to find some really cool stuff I wanted to bring with me back. Unfortunately I forgot it as well. DOH!

I met my community member osvosv as well, which was nice. :) Then I also went out and partied a bit (just a little bit) with my cousin and met an old class mate! Johanna, it was nice to see you again!

Finally I went to the urn setting of my passed away foster brother, Magnus. It was really hard but at the same time it felt good to say goodbye.

Uppsala - Expensive Indian & Talisman

Claes, Sara and David! YAHAY! Nice to finally see you again! We had a really nice time, even though that Indian place pretty much robbed us. The meals were like £12 or something for a Tikka Masala, and the same for the buffet we had!

The drinks and the game of Talisman was really awesome. Especially as I won.

Next time I go to Sweden will be around x-mas. Will probably bring some friends from Gib to go on a skiing adventure. Can't wait!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vacation & Design

Okay, time to shape this blog up a bit (more later when I got access to more tools) and become better at posting entrys. Of course I realize this when sitting in my parents living room watching something boring on tv. That's when all good ideas come to life!

A Road Trip through Sweden

After realizing I had to make the trip without a phone (the HTC Legend I ordered arrived 6 hours after my flight left Spain), I took the first - but terrified - steps into the bus to Malaga Airport. After some troubles I finally took off, changed flights in London and then arrived in Copenhagen.

After experiencing Malmö and Gothenburg, I'm currently in Dalarna where I am mostly relaxing and hanging out with my family. One of these days I will meet one of my community members that also live in town. Another of these days I will meet a friend, a cousin, my grandmother and on friday I will say goodbye to my dear foster brother that passed away a while ago. Rest in peace.

On Saturday I will head on to Uppsala/Stockholm and pay a quick visit to my friends there before I go back to Spain and Gibraltar on Sunday. Thank's Phil for doing your best to try and pick me up!

More will come...

I will give a more detailed blog entry as soon as I am back from my vacation. To busy blogging on the community blog and doing vacation stuff. Also a wise bird told me to lay off blogging while I'm on vacation, but here I am - blogging :P

Monday, July 26, 2010

Will tomorrow be the forth time in a row?

That's right! I won something last Tuesday at the Casino AGAIN. Also yesterday I managed to become the best Swedish guy in the Finland vs Sweden challenge.

Today - Kariyou77 just went home

Being here for a week, Gustav "Kariyou77" Olsson has now left the building. It was really fun having him here. I am just about to go home and get the video blog entry I forgot to bring, and then upload it to the "Par i Nötter" blog.

We went to the casino twice, me staying in longer in both tournaments than him. Actually Fredrik busted him the second time. Although I had a bad beat at the cash tables where he instead earned some money.

I took him to Tarifa, which unfortunately was a sandstorm this weekend. Then I took him up the rock to see the monkeys. Actually I realised that when having a Gib ID-card I can go by the cable car for free (I think)!

We took him also to The Wok and the Feria and had some fun there. To bad one of us lost her glasses and broke her shoe. Poor thing!

Tomorrow - Last tour for July

Tomorrow I will probably play the one last tournament before going home to Sweden. Hopefully I will get some pocket money to spend while in Sweden. But I can't rely on the luck all the time. Come on, three times in a row is okay, but four!? I never even heard that stuff in the fairy tales.

Thursday - The Sweden Roadtrip!

On Thursday it's time for me to leave Gibraltar for a couple of weeks. I'm going home to see as many friends as I have time to, my family and also to say bye to my foster brother, that passed away a while ago.

The trip will start in Kopenhagen, where I land around lunch time on Friday. Then I will take the train to Malmö, where I will stay until the 4th of August. Then I will go to Gothenburg until the 7th of August and stay in Säter (my hometown) until the 13th - when I will go to Uppsala and visit my friends in that area. At the 15th I will travel back to Gibraltar.

That's the trip, in short! :)

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