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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow adventures and occational nudity...

*Beep Beep*, time to get up. Time to go to Sweden!

Not only was this the first day of my vacation trip to Sweden, but also my last day in my apartment, with Kai. The first thing I thought when I woke up was "damn, last day with Kai... and shit I still need to move some stuff out of the apartment!"

After rushing with the last few things from my apartment, I met Phil and his brother Lee downstairs outside. It seems that we found the girl of the trip... Phil had packed almost as much as me and Vlada together. In a way, Phil reminds me of my mom.

Gothenburg city!  But... where's batman?!

Ah, there he is! Jimmy is waiting just as we arrive to Gothenburg City bus & train terminal.

After leaving our stuff at Jimmys apartment, we decided to go downtown to try some Swedish place to eat.

After strolling around finding nothing (as apparently restaurants close disguistingly early on a... friday?) we managed to find Little London (quite ironic as we really wanted to find a Swedish... or at least non-english place to eat). There we join up with my friend Mats "Ölf" Söderholm and enjoys a dinner filled with conversations from a actually pretty drunk Ölf.

Borlänge, wohoo! Shopping time!

Around lunch time on the saturday we finally arrive at our final destination (kind of), Borlänge! To let the girls get their urges fulfilled, I took Phil and Vlada to the shopping centre. Actually I bought like 6 t-shirts so I'm not quite innocent myself ;)

Once we were done, it was dinner time at my parents... with some SWEDISH food for once! :) If I remember correctly we ate Pork Filet Stew with potatoes and Lingon Berries. AWESOME!

We spent the rest of the evening drinking with my family, trying out some whiskey and christmas "glögg". When we started to get tired and thought "heck, isnt it time to get to bed", the time was... 19:00 maybe? - It is incredible how you can be decieved when it gets dark around 14-15.

I was hoping to publish a funny video of Phil falling asleep in my sofa, snooring, while my brother uses his "imitating cat" application for Android to mimic Phils snooring "pitched", but as it is x-mas I'll be nice and not publish this piece of art to the public. :P

Sälen, beers and yes, nudity!

Fastforwarding a bit, we are now at the Sälen-part of this blog post. Skiing time!

First day wasn't really for skiing really. Mostly getting the cabin, having a few beers and going bowling! We had my brother making a "gambei!" which means bottoms-up!

Blabla! On with the skiing already!

The skiing was awesome, as you might understand. It was quite cold though, around 15-20 degrees minus - not the best climate to go skiing, but hey, I'm a viking!

MY BRO' FELL! HAHAHAHAH! This was one of the most awesome things during the whole trip. Imagine some kind of british humor sketch with someone falling and desperately failing to get up, and then when finally managing to get up, falling face-first into the snow once again! Both me and Phil felt tears coming down our eyes. We were laughing so hard we couldn't even get the camera up in time. Sorry for that!

After each evening we finished the evening off with Glögg, alcohol and Sauna (not completely naked, but almost). We actually even ran out in the snow with nothing more than a towel around our hip. AWESOME!

Here is some pictures from the trip. I hope you get envious! :P

I went on rampage, shooting things!

Once we were done with all the skiing stuff, we had to do what we elves do best (yes, Phil is convinced that we scandinavias are elves), shoot with bow and arrow. Watch and learn my friends! (and yes, I did bullseye and then I split my own arrow, of course).

That's it for now! Cya 3rd of January, when I'm moving into my new place in Kings Warf! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My exciting and eventful x-mas adventure

First of all, Johan Storåkers and Miikka Anttonen just arrived here in Gibraltar, to do some work for us at Going to be awesome to meet such big poker icons as them. I think on thursday there will be a coaching with them, or maybe it was tomorrow, can't remember. Anyway, check our website for updated info ;)


Three of a kind, we're getting snowblind!

On this friday, Vlada, Phil and I will put our awesome butts (mostly mine is awesome btw, but I'll include all of ours... 'cause it's xmas) on the plane to Gothenburg City Airport, Sweden.


Almost immidiately after, we will go together with my brother to Tandådalen in Sälen to ski our awesome asses of. Can you imagine, the 6 bed cabin only cost €80 in total? How awesome is that? Btw, we have one more spot so contact me if you want to go skiing.

Hästi täidetud Estonia, here we come!

LOL, Hästi is almost like "horse" in Swedish. Funny.

Right after the skiing trip, Phil and I will go, to work, to Tallin, for PokerFinnkampen. is the main partner and we got some of our guys there (Foxxxen and HenrikX/Niklas Toorell for instance). Unfortunately it doesnt seem like I will be able to play, but I will be allowed to do some work instead! Yahaay!

I hope our guys does good, if not, at least the x-mas buffet at the ferry will make it worth the trip :P

Fireworks in Malmö... or?

Right now I'm not 100% sure if I'm spending new years in Malmö. I want to, but I'm not sure if I fit so well in the other people plans, so I might go somewhere else in case people don't have time for me or something :P I did actually tell them pretty late that I was thinking about stopping by, so I'm the one to blame :P

Either how, it would be nice to see some friends again... it has been TOO long indeed.

Artwork by the famous Karin Rindevall, the girl in red... :P

Anyway, that's it for me for today! Merry x-mas and a happy new year! Now I will try to make sure I get an apartment to get back to when I arrive in Gib after new years. Wish me luck!

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