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Monday, December 7, 2009

I broke up 'cause I'm gay...

... no just kidding. I'm not gay, but I don't have anything against people that are gay either so don't get me wrong. But I do have something very serious to discuss. Annika and I broke up.

The real reason we broke up
I bet you kind of figured that the gay thing wasn't true, so here goes the real story:

For some time now (since before we moved here) I have been very insecure about myself and just felt that I need to be by my self for some time. I have been neglecting this and thought everything would just be fine once we got to Gibraltar, but it didn't. I was very comfortable with Annika and she is really someone special to me, still.

The thing is I need to do what feels right for me, and what feels right for her. If I'm not happy, it's not fair to her, so I have to be honest and true. You guys should know that I'm probably the most honest guy in the world, or at least I try to be.

I need to figure out how I work and what I want and I have to do it alone and by my self, I will not drag anyone else in for the ride, cause this is my problem that I will have to solve. The only thing I care about right now is taking one day at a time and being with my friends.

Things feels better now, and Annika and I are on the same page so to speak. There are no hard feelings, it's just very tough for both of us as we have lived together for 2 years. We will get through this and will be friends in the future - that, I am sure of.

Thanks for being there for me!
I would like to say thanks to all of my friends that have been there for me when I have felt bad. Especially my friends at the office that came and ate with me and made sure I wasn't alone when I felt like this. Thanks for being there for me when I needed it the most.

When I felt like shit, someone would always come with me to the roof or go have a sandwich in the kitchen with me. This is true friendship. Just want to point that out once more.


  1. Sorry to hear it. But we all need some time alone some times, good to hear you guys are doing it the right way. That's the most important thing.

    Live well and have fun.

  2. You're not gay??

    So our evening together meant nothing to yo?

    I'm so devestated

  3. @Jesper: Thank you mate. Glad to hear you say that.

    @Tom: You can turn me gay any day ;)


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