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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Elevator adventure! + O'Reillys pics from yesterday!

Today I was almost trapped in an elevator for all eternity... or at least for some time until they could get me out. Yesterdays beer at O'reillys was really nice! Btw, today is tournament day!

The elevator story
Today when I left my apartment and was leaving for work, I found myself as usual in the elevator. But when it was stopping at the final floor I heard this "un-powering" sound, you know and the lights went off. The elevator door was barely open at all, just a tiny bit, which was enough for me to struggle the way out if it.

After that some alarms went off, but I didn't care as I was giggling to myself feeling like McGyver himself!

Yesterdays beer out at O'Reillys
The beers out at O'Reillys was great. Me, Anke and Michael left office with a great urge for a cold beer, after a looong day of work. We started to talk about bedrooms, parties and how much we enjoyed the beer and then suddenly... Johannes (which btw is almost less than Level 1 atm.)!

Johannes joined us and not long after his Maci and the little bird Nadia of course. We drank some beers, ate some stuff with cheese on it and took some pictures.

They also got me from feeling like the smartest guy in the world to the donkiest donkey in the zoo. They tricked me into believeing that Maci was from Canada (which was my very logical and well thought-through guess).

To spare anyone else

After that we tried to go to the kareoke bar, but it was only me and Maci that felt like it, so we abandoned the idea and went home. ;)

Tournament day today!
Simeon is ditching us AGAIN! :( Well at least he owes me a Family Guy evening now ;), that's the price for being lazy!

Today me, Henrik, Anke and maybe someone more will go to the casino and play the £5 tournament again, which Robert actually won last time. I dunno about the buffét but let's see about that.

Wish me luck!

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