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Saturday, December 12, 2009

X-mas party + Miss world! Pics inside!

So, yesterday was the great x-mas party of The food was okay, the DJ wasn't and the band rocked! I had semi-fun. I wont bore you with more text and stuff, so I'll hit you with the pictures right away!

Miss world = Miss Gibraltar?
By the way, apparently Miss Gibraltar just became Miss World and everyone is celebrating outside. I think I'll go out and see whats going on. Will blog more about "the weekend" tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. Even "semi-fun" looks like a lot of fun. :) Nice!

  2. Hi Jofel!

    Haha yeah it was actually fun, but it could have been better! The place was kind of small for the large amount of people.

    By the way I don't think I know you. Welcome to my blog and I'm happy to see that you not only read but also comment :)

  3. Oh sorry, that was my comment actually but I was logged in with the wrong gmail account LOL


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