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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A new life on the horizon - starts with a bang!

Bang and ouch(!), to be precise. A life with a new hole in my mouth, a new apartment, a new job and a new g... no, I wont change my girlfriend. She owe me a massage now when Sweden beat Latvia with 9-4 in the Junior Ice Hockey Championship. She is too valuable to me. :)

A New Year with LCHF
Get wiser, learn a bit about this stuff | wiki link

After a little discussion on Facebook, I have decided to go back to LCHF except from at special occations. That is how I will roll. Not only do I feel better while on this diet, I also feel less need for sugar other carby stuff. I must admit it takes a while to get used to it though... and I'm NOT looking forward to those first few days.

Goodbye sweets and nachos, heeello cheese and... why not this tasty looking bacon meatloaf?

What about the Gaming Industry?
Here's some previous blabla from me about this topic | link

I've been blogging awfully much about myself lately and I regret that the subject of my big passion has fallen into the shadow. Well, it's about time we start talking games again. I have some thoughts on Star Wars: The Old Republic and its payment system, but also about the big titles of 2012 as well as the modern way to market games. But more about that later, I got too much on my mind to get into that right now.

Oh yes, just to double check. Did ANYONE not see this hillarious christmas clip from Jimmie Kimmel?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I took an arrow to the knee...

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! I've never understood why people write xmas. It's an X not a cross/criss/crist(?). Even more hillarious is that most people, inclusive English natives, pronounce it like "exmas", not "christmas".

I'm sitting here, with an injured knee, waiting for the first meal of the christmas eve: Porrige! Later we are following the Swedish tradition by watching Donald Duck, let Santa in to give us all the presents and then finishing the evening off with some Charles-Brighton Johnsson.

Of course, that's just the official end of the christmas eve. Us adults continue the night by feasting with various unhealthy beverages and ateable things.

Ending the year with pain.

You already know about the dread I am about to face with pulling out my wisdom tooth, but I have now also suddenly discovered that something is wrong with my right knee. After some discussion we suspect that the muscle from the top of the knee to the thie is "pwned" as nerds would call it. Also the knee cap is surprisingly flexible. Freaky feeling.

"The porrige is ready!" is now the words that will finally pull me away from the computer and start enjoying a Swedish Christmas Eve. Once again, Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sweden and xmas, here I come!

Finally time to get fat, open presents, get fatter of all the candy you got and then pull out a tooth. Good, good, good and NOOOO DON'T TOUCH ME, I CURSE YOU, I CURSE YOU!

I'm back on new years eve...?

Yeah... we all know how flights are during winter time. Either I'll crash and die or I will have to spend lot's of time on an airport because of all the "chaos". I mean, we have snow every freakin' year and still people are surprised when it comes. I'm not. I know people will die, I know flights will be delayed, I know it's going to be unusually cold for some weeks and unusually warm for some. It is called winter!

Oh, now... where were I?

Right, going to Sweden. First stop is my brothers place, next is my parents place where we will immediately celebrate my brothers 40th birthday. I'll have to make sure that I can get hold of the present I was thinking about.

Until then: Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

I have to say, even though everything hasn't gone the way I wanted it to, things have turned out quite nicely. What I miss the most is my old friends and family from Sweden, but other than that life is pretty damn good!

See you all next year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

New apartments and offices

Today I have been a very good boy. Not only have I used a couple of my mammoth-like muscles to move stuff from one apartment to another, I have also deposited £1420 that I had lying around into my bank account (I can tell you that it felt mildly disturbing carrying that amount of cash around in town) and finally also checked out the new offices where I will work from the middle of January onward.

Eurotowers, 5th block - Here we go!

Got almost everything moved over now. Just the last few essentials left in Kings Warf. The new place is amazing, the new land lord is amazing and it will be so much closer to everything... which brings me to next topic: What it is NOT closer to (the new office).

The new office is not far from Kings Warf, so ironically I will actually be moving further away from it - but hey - no one has died from a bit of exorsize. To be honest, crisps and nachos land has been my home for too long. Time to find my way back to LCHF... after xmas of course ;)

Oh no... It's now just a bit more than a week until I have to remove my wisdom tooth. I have truly never been this terrified in my life *sob*.

Movie Time: Sierra Nevada 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The job

Hey guys. Long time no see! I've been in Sierra Nevada, as you all know and enjoyed my nose being burnt to something inhuman and my calf's being turned to minced meat (no, not the animal).

Finally I have signed the contract and is able to finally talk a bit about what's going on. To cut to the chase: I will be staying in Gibraltar, working for a new company in a senior position. More than this I can unfortunately not tell you until we are up and running. You entrepreneurs out there knows what I am talking about.

Staying in Gibraltar

It is not every day you get two offers to choose from and I kind of felt like I had some kind of luxury problem. Still, the choice process has been both difficult and easy. I had to choose between an awesome office and friendly environment at Betsson (now my favorite betting company, by far), and a newer company in Gibraltar. I could probably find these big corporate kind of jobs again in the future, but how often will these awesome opportunities come around where I can really express myself and do _my_ thing?

Also, of course, our future plays a vital part in the decision making. Strong vs. less strong economy and things like this is important if you think about starting a family sometime in the near future (relatives: don't get crazy, we are talking years here, NO ONE IS PREGNANT!).

Talking about pregnant, congrats to my two close friends Johan and Trine. I am honored that they will name their child after me. Thank's guys! <3

Now all energy will be focused on moving to a friends apartment and planning a lot of awesome business stuff.

Oh, so will there be a Sierra Nevada movie?

For now, you will have to be satisfied with some pictures, because my Adobe Premier keeps making my computer crash when I import the movie files. Still, I have to say that the pictures are great and it really shows how much fun we had over there. Too bad I couldn't show you the spa, but I can tell you that hot saunas + surprise cold showers were both scary and awesome.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the road to something new...

... and I not only mean going to Sierra Nevada skiing (that's where I am right now). I have also finally made a decision about my future. Unfortunately I cannot reveal much about it since it is a sensitive topic, but a choice has been made and I'm hoping that I will be able to tell you more in my next blog post. Promise.

On the road to something new...

Sierra Nevada then? Wzup with that?!

Starting the trip this morning by stocking up on snacks, drinks and medicine for the road, we finally made our way all the way to Sierra Nevada, Spain. Four star hotel with the whole kit. We didn't get any time for skiing today, but we got everything prepared for tomorrow morning.

We did try an awesome restaurant today, after playing some Magic and together embracing the beauty of nature music, and not only found it worth all the money we spent on it, but also managed to get Johans credit card eaten by an ATM. Now... I need to get better at making sentences shorter. Gah.

Tomorrow we are hitting the slopes, so better get to bed. See you in a way more interesting blog post very soon! Sorry for tricking you all that this was _the_ post.

Some amazing food at the local Swizz restaurant. 4/5 stars!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Interview in Malta - Day 3

After another, hopefully succesful interview by a laid back and down to earth kind of guy called Magnus. We had a nice chat about this and that, but in the end I got a very good feeling about both him and the company, just like I had in the prevous interview.

No matter if I end up with Betsson or not, I must say that they have been great to me and I think that they are a company that works in a fantastic way, which probably will give them much success in the future.

Talking about future... tomorrow we will know mine (or saturday, since I arrive home quite late).

An earthquake on wheels

Today I have explored the northern part of the island by bus. A bus that bounced more up and down than it was taking us forward. Also, the voice narrator was kind of off sync and parts of what she said wasnt true. "To your left you will see a tower...". There was no freekin' tower there! Just a cow that looked at me and said "moo".

Amazing landscape and history though, and I have barely seen half of it... if even that. I like Malta. Even if I don't end up with Betsson I will probably visit Malta again in the future. Except from their disguisting pizza and odd parking spaces in the middle of the street I quite like this island.

Pictures and... a video?
Updated Picture Gallery can be found in the first or second blog post about my trip

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Interview in Malta - Day 2

I am happy to tell you that I have been called in for another interview/meeting. That is good news I guess? I can also inform you that I will make a decision by the end of the week about where I will live and work. Because of the offer I already have, I can't wait any longer. Stay tuned!

Horny drivers around the world
If you are horny, or just like this post, there is now a "like" function in the bottom of this post.

Today I have not only walked around the suthern part of town quite a bit, finding lots of shopping areas (and yes Vlada, I have your present), but also had the opportunity to observer a bit of the Maltese culture.

In Malta, drivers use the horn of the car to signal "Hey, I'm passing through this intersection", where in Gibraltar they use it mainly to communicate (they have certain patterns they use so that their friends will recognize them easily). In Sweden however, we the horn mainly to tell people to fuck off or get the hell out of the way. Charming, isn't it?

Right now I'm waiting for the Hotels pasta buffet and planning my last day in Malta. Tomorrow I will take a tour bus around town, see if I can check out some apartments and have a meeting with both the recruitment agency and a director from the company, probably to try to find out how much I know about the Swedish market.

Here is the Malta 2011 slideshow again, but now with some new pictures added!

Remember that the pictures also have descriptions!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Interview in Malta - Day 1

After a horrible flight, bouncing via Brussels and expericencing engine problems which caused delays (I was tempted to stand up and scream "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE LEFT PHALANGEE!"), I have finally arrived in Malta.

From Belgian Chocolate to howling Taxi Drivers...

When strolling around in the Brussels Airport I suddenly lost all my taste for Belgium Chocolate (see picture), but was still amazingly quite satisfied over the meals of today (which they offered me for free on the flight!).

I finally arrived in Malta. I had the luck of be taken on a midnight tour by the proud Malteese senior man named Mario (it's a me, a Mario!). After being dropped off at the company apartment though, my luck changed again. The key didn't work to any of the apartments I was instructed to try. I think I scared some people quite a bit, 01:00 in the middle of the night.

Today I have had my interview with the iGaming company. I think it went good and I hope they liked me as much as I liked them. I am curious if I will get an offer and what it would be. Also I still haven't heard about Dublin so I am quite curious about that offer as well, if I get one. Although... I still have to make a choice between the Dublin, Gibraltar and the Malta job, if I get an offer from all three (I got an offer from the Gibraltar one though! A very good offer!). By the end of this week I will know what the future holds for me. Stay tuned, I sure as hell will :P.

After being taken back to the hotel by a taxi driver that was howling to Lady Gaga all the way back, I now check the internet briefly before going out and eating the first meal of the day. I wonder where I shall go...

Day 0-1 in pictures!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How was London?

I just came back from London. Amazingly crowded city. One person almost got run over by a car at one corner and at another... a person was dancing in only his underpants (unfortunately my video is only of him being done dancing, sorry!).

Pickaxe dilly circus! (naked man just out of picture I'm afraid)

The mysterious restaurant of invisibility

Spuntinos or something like that was the name, but who really knows the location? In this case, I think that is actually a very valid question. The point of this restaurant seem to be to actually find it. Believe it or not, it has NO signs what so ever. Quite a challenge, actually.

In the end we never got the chance to try it out, since it is extremely busy on a Friday night. Instead we ended up at Plum Valley, a Chinese place with bad service.

Let's play: Guess the whore!

B(r)e(a)st hotel in town!
The rest of the evening we spent at a really fancy hotel bar, playing "guess the whore". Probably half of the people there was whores or people looking for some high class tramp to bring up to his room. One guy brought three!.. but five minutes later one of them came back down and left in a hurry. Makes me wonder what he wanted her to do.

Amazing drinks, good company - successful evening!

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