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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

-20 degrees, kind of make you freeze!

Sorry for the late post, but I have been busy eating proper Swedish food and getting fat! ;) Also, I have wrapped a lot of late x-mas presents for my family (and some for my friends... I know that one little bird is quite curious).

Still have to find something for some other of my friends I want to buy something to. That have been there for me in my darker times.

Cold Sweden!
Okay, it's minus 20 degrees here and I'm afraid my manhood will fall off. But I'm still a man and I'm surviving. Kind of weird going from 20 degrees to MINUS 20 degrees in just 24 hours (actually, exactly 24 hours) ;).

Visiting my grandparents!
I have so far eaten: pizza, swedish meatballs, falu-sausage, x-mas ham and lots of cookies. The last part was at my grandparents place today. Was nice to see them again and they also gave me some x-mas must (it's a drink in Sweden that actually kicks Coca Cola's ass around x-mas and Coca Cola isn't happy about that).

Sweden kicks ass in Hockey!
I have watched the last two games of the Junior World Championship in Hockey.

I missed the first game, where Sweden kicked The Czech Republic ASS with 10 - 1 to Sweden! The next game, which I saw, was against Austria, where they got slaughtered with 7-3 to Sweden. Yesterday Sweden also dominated Russia with 4-1 to Sweden.

The next game is tomorrow against Finland, and I think my dear friend Pekka from will cry himself to sleep after this game ;)

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