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Monday, November 30, 2009

Michael VS Dr. Olympus - May the battle begin!

First I would like to apologize for my short and lame blog posts the last two days, but I haven't been feeling well and thought I would at least give you something.

For you that don't know who Dr. Olympus is, it's my arch enemy - a mosquito. He has been harassing me on my first month her i Gib, but now he have moved on to new grounds - Michael Maul!

Dr. Olympus sends his forces!
The battle have gone on for some time now, but Olympus wont give up. Last night at our pancake evening at Michaels place, the ruthless attack from Olympus came. He sent his own brother - General Needle to lead the forces.

Fortunately Michael won the battle and defeated General Needle and his forces this time. Although Needle was very dizzy from the Super Anti-Mosquito Hairspray that Michael used, he managed to make a single strike and then flee the battlefield.

For you guys that don't know about my adventures with Dr. Olympus, feel free to check out the following blog posts I made:

New week, new challanges!
This week will be interesting. Not only will I hopefully know if Fredrik gets the job or not, and Tom will come down for an interview on Friday I think. Also, our blog for the Swedish Community might come online as well and there's rumours of Uncle Sam lining up to march into our communities.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Joakim Thoor & Claes Norstedt

HAH! Did you guys really think I would blog about you? Forget it.

Last supper with Fredrik
Hehe yes Nadia I know now that it sounds kind of religious :P. Anyway, we were at the casino and ate the buffet there, which was really nice as usual.

It was me, Robbie, Elias, Nadia, Priya, Annika, Fredrik and Michael. I and Robbie were terrible to Elias, sorry about that mate ;), but I completely blame robbie, he kind of forced me.

Oh btw, guess who I'm impersonating:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fredrik has arrived for his interview!

My friend Fredrik has arrived for his interview. Right now while I'm writing he is still in the interview. It's really exciting to see how it went. He arrived here yesterday and we had some dinner at Pizza Express and then some drinks at O'Reillys.

The night out with Fredrik
Yesterday we first went to Pizza Express. It was me, Anke, Michael, Fredrik and Henrik. Later Annika joined as well. We had a great time and Michael spent every moment trying to scare the crap out of Fredrik, concerning the interview. But I feel that I have to enlighten the fact that they actually helped him with any questions he had, so in the end he was very calm and I think him and Michael will be friends for a long time. =)

Michael is such an ass, haha. But we kind of accept him for it anyway. I don't know any other tall dude that likes the same games as me, so he will have to due. ;)

Later we went to O'Reillys for some drinks. There we met up with the French-Irish formation of power and unity... Or I don't even know what I'm talking about, but they joined up on the way to the bar. We had a really good time and no one got too drunk, we were all really comfortable drunk (except from Fredrik that doesn't drink... unless it's injection alcohol... j/k :P ).

Fredriks interview - How did it go?
Apparently it went pretty well! It looks like the chances are high that he actually gets the job! Everyone, keep your fingers crossed for Fredrik. It would be so great if he got the job. Think of all the fun extra projects we could do and how great we could make the swedish community!

I will keep you updated on his process, stay tuned! (also, tomorrow Tom from Netherlands will come for his interview, so even more excitement for you to read about on my blog!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy birthday Dessi! + Playing Matrix

Yesterday was Dessis birthday and I will cover some of the happenings of it in this blog post.

Another thing I would like to announce is that I don't suck that much in poker anymore, I'm actually playing quite profitable at the lower limits and think that I could probably move up in the limits skill wise, but I need to work on my bankroll first. Remember, bankroll management is the key!

The BG Community likes the piggy!
Dessi, one of the Bulgarian Communiy Managers, had her birthday yesterday. I took this picture of them, that they posted in the Bulgarian forum. Ironically it was the little piggy at the far right that got most attention.

Anyway, I hope you had a great birthday Dessi! The muffins, cake and everything was really good and I think I got a suger overdose, even though Nadia seem to have gotten more overdosed than me.

I hope you feel better soon Nadia! Bird!

Celebration buffet at Ipanemas!
We had some nice buffet dinner at Ipanemas yesterday. I kind of only like 2-3 things in their buffet, but the things that I like are great. I had a great evening and I think I might have amused a lot of people with my sugar overdose kick!

Afterwards we went to the Sports Bar and watched the football monkey fans jump up and down when Barcelona won. Fotball is the one sport that can turn men into monkeys, haha. Amusing.

I ended up at the Casino
with Nadia, Elias, Henrik, Hyunil and Lars (although Henrik and Hyunil sneaked away after some time). Once again I messed up and was completely lost in the discussions, but I'll survive. I'm kind of use to myself by now. ;)

Playing Matrix at Full Tilt Poker
I have been playing a game or two after work now a couple of times, and each time I play with profit. I think I actually have managed to figure out how to play them. Some people just play so BAD and are too afraid to call my bluffs. I win most pots with my bluffs. People limp and I just raise and they will fold 8/10 times. If they call I just look at the flop and only make a continuation bet if they check or call, otherwise I fold if I didn't hit anything. Simple as that!

I'm starting to become a pro! haha or I might just be in a lucky upswing I don't know ;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday and Monday + Some pics from Friday!

Sunday, Monday, Friday. Very logical order, right? Well here's some update on what I have been doing the last few days.

Sunday bowling and casino!
This Sunday I was out with Nadia, Macarena, Annika and later on Elias, Lars and Simon. First we were bowling, which was fun and very entertaining as Maci and Nadia bowled in very special ways so to say... especially Maci. :P Weird Canadian...

Anyway, at the Casino we met up with Lars and Simon, and we spent the later part of the evening talking about some stuff they've done in the past and me telling sad and weird story for their amusement. Oh god that's a long sentence, sorry about that. Anyway, the evening was great!

Monday - a good day!
Today was a good day. I messed up everything I tried to say, as usual on a monday. And I have just realised everyone just laughs at me whatever I try to say. :( Well, I'm glad that I can make people happy, even if it is at the cost of my own pride (what is that?).

Nadia found a new friend today btw. His name is Fluff and he controls the world (or so I think).

Friday's pictures!
Here's some pictures from the poker evening at Anke's. I have to excuse myself and explain to you all that I am retarded. So is my dear collegue Henrik. But in my time in I have learned that retarded can be a good thing... right?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Invention of Lying + Dinner out

Yesterday I was with Michael, Annika, Andra and Nadia. We went to see the movie "The Invention of Lying", which was pretty good. Not the best movie I've seen but I was amused. British humor is always fun. Btw, I just wanted to kill the stupid kids that sat behind us. WTF! Idiots...

Dinner at Pussers Landing
I ate the best Ceasar Salad in my life. It was so good that I can hardly explain it. If you want to enjoy something really good, go to Pussers Landing in Ocean Village and order the Ceasar Salad with Beacon and Chicken. The only salad that beats that is Andras salad.

The dessert was also good, even though I never ordered one. It was this banana boat thingy. Nadia was nice enough to offer me what she was to full to eat. Thanks bird! :)

Can you see the vampire lighter or the pile of bird to the right of it?

I know, it's a bit too internal :P

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Insects, cats and iron men

The biggest grasshopper I have seen! It was when I took a walk some days ago in the middle of the night. It was huge and tried to intimidate me or something, but I don't get intimidated so easily, only by scary chicks.

Then on my way back home I came across this cat that was totally in love with me. It kept going after me with this bell he had around his neck. I heard him following me all the time. Then I stopped and petted it a bit, very cute cat. It kept going around me and being all cuddly. I think this cat just fell in love with me. It was hard to get a picture as it probably had ADD and couldn't stand still for one second. Well, I did my best with me photography skills:

Poker and drinks!
Yesterday I was out with Anke, Michelle, Annika and Henrik. First we played some poker at Ankes place (not Michelle though), where I won some nice pots. Got QQ, KK, AK and lots of nuts all the time, but Priya kept winning with this crazy hands.

Then we went to the Pussers Landing and had some drinks there. After that it was time to go to O'reillys and have some more, but I only drank water there. Also Johannes was there, being the usual ass ;) But I can stand him, he's not that bad even though he's a Double-0-Zero (lowest rang possible of a human being).

Cinema and maybe dinner tonight!
Today me, Michael, Annika, Andra and Nadia (and maybe someone more?) are going to the cinema watching the movie "The Intention of Lying" I think, but not 100%. After that I hope it will be some dinner or something more. I love hanging out with these weird bunch. I also love what they did to Marcus doll. So pretty! :)

Here's an Iron Man I found :)

Btw, don't forget to tell me or Henrik if you are coming to Dessis birthday dinner at Ipanemas on tuesday 8pm!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Anke finished 15th! + My muscles are messed up!

Ah the tournament yesterday was fun, although I didn't get any better hand than QJs, which doubled me up. The next best hand was my all-in hand which I lost, at 41th place, A6s. What to do when the big stack ONCE AGAIN is to my left.

Btw, Anke finished 15 out of 59 total entries in the tournament. Good job!

Still no internet
The internet still doesn't work and they said yesterday that they would send a technician to us today, but no one came. Today when Annika rung them they said "buy a phone and see if it works" or something similar. Can't they just bring a phone with the technician, they are Gibtelecom are they not?

My muscles are in pain
I worked out the day before yesterday with Nadia and Dessi at the gym down in Ocean Village. Really nice gym and good work out, but today I really feel it in my body, especially my stomach. It's good I suppose, but damn I can barely get up from the chair sometimes. Nadia keeps telling me I'm just a sissy, but I know that I'm a man, so I ignore her :P

Breaking records in our Community
Recently our community managed to break several records concerning activity. Things are going really well. Many hands are posted, many threads and posts are starting to show up everywhere. People are happy and enthusiastic. I've heard that the blog might finally be done soon, so even more nice stuff will come to our community.

Never been to our community? Why not? Go and register for free and get $50!

Tonight there will be some partying again!
I heard there will be some dancing and drinking tonight ;) Gonna be great. Looking forward to it. Even if I'm a bit tired I feel like having a great time. :) See you there!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Freakin' internet troubles + Tournament Night!

This morning I had problems with the internet and didn't manage to get it to work. They called from Gibtelecom to see how it went. I told them it didn't work and they wanted me to go buy a phone so that I can localize where the problem is. Annoying.

Update while writing the blog post: There was apparently something wrong with the hole in the wall thing (forgot what it's called just now) and a technician will come tomorrow at 11:00am and fix it for us. YAY!

Yesterday it was football evening!
We were all at the sports bar down in Ocean Village, watching Ireland against France. Of course I cheered for France as the others cheered for Ireland. I like to mess with the massive crowd of football freaks. In some way I'm almost ordering my own death on a pattern - with extra blood of course.

France won with a goal were they actually hit the ball into the right direction with their hand. That's lame I must admit, and I can't believe the goal wasn't disallowed. :O

Today it's tournament day!
Once again, tournament day. Today me and Henrik at least... maybe Anke as well! Simeon was going to kiss his old car goodbye and Nadia is going to go back to her nest and sleep. :P Bird. (btw, I'm impressed that Lutz actually figured out that bird means retarded in some way, he's clever that one).

Well, wish us luck! We will definetly need it (not like Robert, that just luck boxes his way to 1st place all the time).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I got internet now? Whoaaah!

After around 20 days in the new apartment, I think we actually got internet now. Gibtelecom called before to confirm with me that the internet is online. I haven't actually had time to check yet, but I will and then I will call them back and tell them it works (because if it doesn't work I will go MAD).

So, is it finally time for the gym?
I have been so bad at this. Only once have I been to the gym since I got here, but now today I hope that it is finally time for me to go and work my massive muscles. Nadia had a free pass thing for one time that I could use.

Fredrik is coming down soon!
My friend Fredrik is coming down soon for his interview. First I heard it was the 20th of november, but apparently it is the 24th if I'm correct. I will have to look this up so I know when to make some extra time to hang out with him once he's here. =)

So people, keep your fingers crossed for my friend Fredrik. I really hope that he gets the job. He is very ambitious, good at his work and a good guy that truly deserves this job imo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hah! I'm cheating the system!

Hi everyone! I have figured out a way to get normal cash sim cards to work in my cell phone (which has a Sim lock configured to a Swedish provider). I came up with this all my self and Michael didn't figure it out before me. ;)

How does it work?
Well, just buy a cash card from Gibtelecom and put it in your phone. Tada!

Me and Michael could be clones
So far Michael and I have figured out that we have too much stuff in common. It's too strange to list it all, but all in all. He could very well be my German, kind of tall, clone version of me. Although he is a little bit more mean than me, when it comes to trick people stuff :P And he likes fish and I don't. Otherwise, we could be clones.

AND NO! We should not get married, stop saying that!

Some attention to Andra

As Michael felt that he took too much attention on my blog, he kindly suggested that I should bring some light towards Andra instead. So here we go. As I'm generally a nice guy and don't want to offend anyone, I wont write too much, but at least she deserves a special corner in my blog =).

Andra is a master chef that makes the best salads in the world. She makes sure that Robert doesn't get a sugar overdose and can be quite funny sometimes. Ok, I wont write too much, but now Andra also got to be apart of my wonderful blog :P.

There we go! This post was sponsored by Michael M. Incorporated.

BTW! Nadia might be retarded as she reminded me that I actually didn't write anything about her being retarded, so her we go! BIRD! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exciting weekend - Lots of pictures!

This post is about the whole weekend. First on Saturday I a GREAT game of poker and then I went to Andra and Robert's for a dinner and movie evening with some of my friends. On Sunday I went up the rock and saw the monkeys, the siege tunnels and got A LOT of exercise.

Saturday - Dinner at Andra and Robert's!
I started my day by doing some work at the office and checking my mail. Then I played some Poker as Annika was hungover and sleeping at home (from the guys party the day before). I played a Matrix NL SNG at Full Tilt Poker and won on 3/4 tables and also won the special Matrix pot. So 4x first price for me!

Going across the border... the horror! I'm a bit afraid of La Linea. Mainly because Michael likes to scare the crap out of me by telling stories about people getting beat up there for being foreigners. We went by bus and then we walked to the square with the fountain to meet up with Nadia.

After waiting and waiting, scared to be raped, Nadia finally showed up and took us for some milk shakes. After a really good vanilla milk shakes and some really bad jokes from my part (and some good stories from Michael as well as Nadia thinking Michael smoked joints, which he didn't) we headed towards Andras and Michaels.

Andra had made this SUPER GOOD starter salad with blue cheese in it. Oh my god I was almost dying of pleasure. This was by far the best meal I've had since I got here to Gib. Then the main course... *drooling* and the dessert... well I didn't have much of that because I was round as a fat bird.

After the food we watched In Bruges or whatever it is called. A very strange movie that you don't really get until the end. And this movie was chosen after Michael TOTALLY dissed my whole movie collection :P

Great evening, I so enjoyed it!

Sunday - Monkey time!
Ok, this will make the post even longer as there will be lots of pictures too. Today we (Annika, Anke, Nadia, Andra, Michael and I) met at 10:00 at Casemates and started walking towards the cable cars. ~£16 was the price for cable cars, siege tunnels pass and 100 ton gun pass. First we ate something on the top and watched the view and the monkeys that were walking around us. Then we started walking down to try and find the siege tunnels - we almost got lost.

The Siege Tunnels! We finally made it! Even after some kids trying to trick us that it were closed on Sundays, we managed to get in and watch all the cool historical stuff. I loved it, although I think I was the only one that was so glued to the historical information signs. It was really cool - I so recommend it.

Walking down, seeing the Moorish Castle and then even further down to at last end up on main street again. Lunch/Dinner time - onwards! We ate at The Sports Bar and then we were really full. After the dinner we said goodbye to Anke and Michael.

The rest of us went to see the 100 ton gun and then to the stoniest beach ever, where Andra challenged the dangers of dipping her feet! Then we finally went home and now I'm at the office blogging.

So that's it! A really great day and this concludes the best weekend in Gibraltar so far!

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I recommend you register and that you check Lutz blog post.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wow! 100 posts! + Apartment issues...

Hi everyone! I know, I shouldn't be at the office this early a Saturday morning, but I had some stuff to finish off ;). Anyway, my last post was actually the 100th post of this blog, so let's celebrate or something!

Btw. I promised Nadia to write something nice about her as I called her retarded in my previous post. Here we go: Nadia is a very sweet girl and she is not retarded for real, just a little bit like a bird (this is not at all forced... really!). :P I so look forward to this evening when you, me, Annika, Andra and Michael are going to the movie & dinner night at Andras. :) Highlight of the week!

No electricity
Okay, yesterday when Annika got home everything was dark. She tried to pull the main electricity power switch - nothing happened. We talked to Kai and he is as stunned as us.

So you that rewired our electricity to create your own tesla coil in your room - we really want our power back so that we at least can take a shower (I used up all warm water that was left this morning I think... sorry Annika!).

No internet
It's getting worse! Gibtelecom is so annoying! First they gave us a list of what we needed to get the internet, then when we fixed everything they needed some OTHER STUFF as well. Once we fixed that, they apparently need one of our apartment bills for some reason. What will they want next, a pair of my used underpants or what?

We hope to get internet at home in the beginning of next week. And the shit isn't cheap either. Like £100 just to get it set-up and then a fixed fee every month. My god, I just want to slap them. I also heard that they have tricked some people into not getting their deposit back (£50). If they try that with me, I'm soooo going to sue them - honestly.

No Hyunil?
Yesterday Hyunil told me he's probably moving out. I'm very comfused, it seems like he thinks that he only can move out if I stay in the apartment longer than december. I wonder what he means.

Why does it matter how long I stay, if he can move out or not?

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm popular! People are contacting me!

Are you interested in this offer?
Okay, apparently I'm hot stuff right now, as I have during the same day been contacted by two companies. One of them is interested in making an advertising deal with me, which I'm still considering, and the other one offered me a job, which I kindly declined.

I'm quite happy where I am. - sitting infront of a retarded bird called Nadia (which isn't as bad as she sounds) and working with the Food-O-Holic Henrik. See my precious workspace to the right:

No good tournament day - Stupid me!
Got some good winnings, but made the mistake to fold on a flop straight draw with AKo. I was so sure that the guy had hit trips of jacks or tens, as he had played so tight before. He went all in without a blink, and that was enough to get me fold, even after me betting 1/3 of my stack. STUPID ME! I know better than this!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Elevator adventure! + O'Reillys pics from yesterday!

Today I was almost trapped in an elevator for all eternity... or at least for some time until they could get me out. Yesterdays beer at O'reillys was really nice! Btw, today is tournament day!

The elevator story
Today when I left my apartment and was leaving for work, I found myself as usual in the elevator. But when it was stopping at the final floor I heard this "un-powering" sound, you know and the lights went off. The elevator door was barely open at all, just a tiny bit, which was enough for me to struggle the way out if it.

After that some alarms went off, but I didn't care as I was giggling to myself feeling like McGyver himself!

Yesterdays beer out at O'Reillys
The beers out at O'Reillys was great. Me, Anke and Michael left office with a great urge for a cold beer, after a looong day of work. We started to talk about bedrooms, parties and how much we enjoyed the beer and then suddenly... Johannes (which btw is almost less than Level 1 atm.)!

Johannes joined us and not long after his Maci and the little bird Nadia of course. We drank some beers, ate some stuff with cheese on it and took some pictures.

They also got me from feeling like the smartest guy in the world to the donkiest donkey in the zoo. They tricked me into believeing that Maci was from Canada (which was my very logical and well thought-through guess).

To spare anyone else

After that we tried to go to the kareoke bar, but it was only me and Maci that felt like it, so we abandoned the idea and went home. ;)

Tournament day today!
Simeon is ditching us AGAIN! :( Well at least he owes me a Family Guy evening now ;), that's the price for being lazy!

Today me, Henrik, Anke and maybe someone more will go to the casino and play the £5 tournament again, which Robert actually won last time. I dunno about the buffét but let's see about that.

Wish me luck!

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