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Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday and Monday + Some pics from Friday!

Sunday, Monday, Friday. Very logical order, right? Well here's some update on what I have been doing the last few days.

Sunday bowling and casino!
This Sunday I was out with Nadia, Macarena, Annika and later on Elias, Lars and Simon. First we were bowling, which was fun and very entertaining as Maci and Nadia bowled in very special ways so to say... especially Maci. :P Weird Canadian...

Anyway, at the Casino we met up with Lars and Simon, and we spent the later part of the evening talking about some stuff they've done in the past and me telling sad and weird story for their amusement. Oh god that's a long sentence, sorry about that. Anyway, the evening was great!

Monday - a good day!
Today was a good day. I messed up everything I tried to say, as usual on a monday. And I have just realised everyone just laughs at me whatever I try to say. :( Well, I'm glad that I can make people happy, even if it is at the cost of my own pride (what is that?).

Nadia found a new friend today btw. His name is Fluff and he controls the world (or so I think).

Friday's pictures!
Here's some pictures from the poker evening at Anke's. I have to excuse myself and explain to you all that I am retarded. So is my dear collegue Henrik. But in my time in I have learned that retarded can be a good thing... right?


  1. Fluff doesnt control the world, just my desk.

    And the photos are just a masterpiece... :D LOL

  2. Funny Photos. :-) So how does a professional poker player become a professional? I believe that a person with less card playing skill can earn more profit than a very skilled player if the less skilled person is smarter about all of the other factors.

  3. @Fluff is though very powerful indeed!

    @Nick totally agree. That's why Live Poker differs a lot from Online Poker.

    But the best thing would be to master all of the factors. That's when you are really a pro.

  4. Joakim, What kind of strategies you use to win a poker? I want to share exciting tips in poker with you i.e Poker hands. Five of a kind is like a trick which is only possible while playing wild cards, here if one hand has five similar kind of cards, then hand with higher cards wins. In Full house, the ties broken with three of a kind and then by pair. In straight 5 cards comes in order, if ties in this strategy then highest straight hand wins. I have one interesting question in my mind, Can we hide the way that we play poker? I think it is next to impossible, No one want to spend all of their time worried about how to hide things from his competitors. your face needs to be blank I think.. maybe that's why they say "Poker Face" .

  5. Why are you telling me this? I'm the Community Manager of the worlds biggest Poker School.

    You are a bot aren't you? You link to a casino site and you are telling me stuff that I actually find insulting considering I teach people how to play poker.

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  6. Joakim,

    Never meant to insult you in anyway. Was just sharing my thoughts. Ofcourse, I am not a pro and not a BOT even! Just an assimilator is what I am..

    Was just a random thought, and out of curiousity I asked!

    The seems to be a reputed poker school.. off to check that..

    No offence intended though with my earlier post though.. I could have read your bio bad!

  7. Hi Nick!

    Ah, sorry for thinking you are a bot, but I have had so many problems with bots lately. It looked so obvious when your profile linked to a casino site and you wrote some stuff about poker to me, that actually works at a poker school ;)

    Anyway, I highly recommend registering at out site and start playing with us. We got lots of really good articles and our videos and coachings are the top of the line.

    I hope I didn't scare you off my blog mate ;) I'm just so fed up with bots atm. and tend to tilt very easily. :P

  8. LOL.. no.. You did'nt scared me at all. I understand how difficult it is to maintain a blog and keep a check on those bots feeding.

    Do you have a youtube channel for all those videos on your poker school site?

  9. @Nick: We don't allow our videos to be posted on youtube except our promotion videos.

    I again suggest you register and check the videos yourself at our site :)

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