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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The first trip to the beach... by foot!

just kidding, Annika carried me on her back all the way ;)

It was not that far really
The trip by foot felt shorter than it actually was. 20 minutes of walking felt like 10. We walked down to the shore and cooled our feet in the water. After that we sunbathed on some rocks and then we went back home, exhausted and dehydrated (yeah we are fatsos haha).

I love the rock
Imagine all the caves in active shape some hundred years ago. I would have wanted to be there. I love that era, cannons and battleships. Anyway, here's some pictures of the rock and the last one is a picture of the building in which we are living in:

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  1. Fuck Sweden! Jag var tvungen att ha på mig handskar idag. Jag flyttar ner till er istället.


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