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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm so lazy, but starting to get really good!

Sorry for being so lazy with the blog, but I got so much work and other stuff to do each day now. I don't say I don't enjoy it, but blogging is a bit less prioritized ATM so don't expect daily updates.

Tomorrow is Daniels last day at work, and today was our last breakfast together. Going to miss you Daniel and I hope you get a job here in Gib so you can stay!

Jun and me = Dream Team

Last Thursday when Jun and I played badminton, I'm pretty sure we had the best game we've ever had. Maybe one day we can get another medal... for winning this time!

We are playing again tonight. We are going to KICK ASSES!

Really interesting projects at work

I'm such in a good mood at work. Our member Kariyou77 is doing really well in EPT Monte Carlo and a lot of interesting projects is coming up at work. Life is really worth living right now! I can say that this year will be very interesting for the Swedish Community at

Dragon Age eats my free time

I've been playing Dragon Age kind of non-stop recently and I must say that it is really well made. The story is really brilliant, the characters so alive. I don't know where to stop but I must say that Bioware keeps surprising me with their brilliant Game Design. Good job guys!

One funny thing that I noticed while playing, was that when in Orzimmar, there was this girl in the poor district which name and looks looked very familiar. Well it is practically a digital version of Nadia, with her name as well! Look! ---->

Another really funny thing I laughed my ass of watching, was the Golem Shale, that immediately showed his alignment as soon as you got him in your party (team). Just watch this video:

Monday, April 19, 2010

If I were a Jedi...

... I would use my telekinetic powers to fly on an awesome piece of metal to work every day, like the silver surfer! Then I would type with my telekinetic powers so that I can eat and work at the same time.

I would make Michael fall every time he entered the room, and I would carry Lutz coffee for him, when I got the opportunity. I would also make Simeon drop his pants in awkward situations all the time. There's so much I would do, I could go on and on and on...

I could get drunk and still be kick ass!

I'll let the video of the young Michael speak for itself:

Btw, just saw a movie called Kick-Ass!

I must say I was not impressed in the beginning, but later on it became pretty awesome even though it is a bit cliché. I don't regret going and seeing it. Gave me a good laugh!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Annoying! + Yay computer working!

Time to blog again! My ears are constantly blocked, which is annoying. My computer works though so I have some comfort at least! Yay! I am also planning something special, are you curious?

Blocked ears for a week - Medicine time!

Time for antibiotics, I'm fed up with being half-sick all the time. I'm to afraid to play badminton cause I don't want to get more sick and I constantly have blocked ears. Enough is enough. Although I should learn my lesson and NOT take the antibiotics without eating something first. Felt sick this morning because of this.

Computer now working - Thanks guys!

I got my computer working finally and am currently playing Dragon Age, when I got time, which is a fantastic game. I recommend it to anyone!

Special thanks to Simeon, Stanislav and Michael for helping out with the computer. Special token of gratitude will be given next week. Stay tuned!

Planning something!

Moahahah I love secret stuff! I will not tell you, although some of you already know what I am talking about so don't freaking comment about it cause it's a secret! Just want to make the ones that doesn't know curious. But I will reveal it in a couple of days so don't worry.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We got a medal for being last!

Stien is back in Belgium now and everything is back to normal. I feel a bit like I need my Joakim-time now for a while so I might not join in on as many activities as before. I feel exhausted in many ways. Maybe because of the badminton championships?

The National Championships

Okay, the National Championships of Badminton is over, but I didn't go home empty handed! I got a medal... for losing all games in mixed! In the Men Doubles me and Fredrik won one game but lost the others, resulted in no medal (?!) while when losing all games with Jun in the Mixed Doubles we got silver in the C-finals against our very own friends Fredrik and Kim-Kim.

More details plz!

With the Mens Doubles we lost the first game against the number 1 player and his partner (kind of unlucky draw there) and then in the B-series we got to play against two young guys which we beat with 21-17 and 21-12. Then we lost against some really high rollers with the impressive (from our side) 21-15 and then 21-8 I think. Pretty impressive to play such an even game against those guys. They are pretty high up in the league.

In the Mixed Doubles me and Jun lost the first two games, first against Phils dad Eddie and Joanne, then against Mr. and Mrs. Mosquito, but they are coaches in the badminton team so what can we do. We managed to get some decent scores against those last ones though with 21-12 and 21-13.

The finals on the second day against Fredrik and Kim-Kim, me and Jun played a pretty okay game, but I made many mistakes and my racket broke (the strings). Not the best day for me but at least I got a medal!

Winning over the two younger guys.

Left: Losing to Phils dad and Joanne; Right: Kai is happy :)

Left: Doing an incredible game against the good guys; Right: Kai is happy :)

Left: Getting mine and Juns medal; Right: C-final medal receivers!

Group photos

Night out with friends

Last Saturday I was going out with Kelly and the others at the Thai-place in Eurotowers. It was fun and the food PWNED! Best Thai food in Gib soo far (come on Kim, now you have to cook for me to prove yours is better :P ), although I did not party so wild because of reasons you already know ;). After that we went to Filipes place and chilled with some drinks. Was fun!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Walking up the rock again + Badminton practice again!

Hi, nothing much to report really, sorry for the delay though. Last Friday Stien arrived, and since then we have gone up the rock, walked around in town and then I've also had some badminton practice. Today we were going to see the dolphins but as you see, the weather sucks.

Will summarize the week later with some pics from the rock trip as I don't have the pictures yet.

National Championships on Friday!

Had the final official practice before the championships start again on Friday. Started to play really good and Philip taught me how to serve properly. It was really fun and I think I'm now almost ready for the "real deal". Well... I will get my ass kicked but if I end up second to last I will still be happy!

What to do today...

I think we will go play some board games with Philip later today, as the dolphin thing obviously now is out of the question.

What we do in the office all day

I guess one of my freelancers (jockye) figured out what we are doing all day in the office. :P

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