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Monday, November 30, 2009

Michael VS Dr. Olympus - May the battle begin!

First I would like to apologize for my short and lame blog posts the last two days, but I haven't been feeling well and thought I would at least give you something.

For you that don't know who Dr. Olympus is, it's my arch enemy - a mosquito. He has been harassing me on my first month her i Gib, but now he have moved on to new grounds - Michael Maul!

Dr. Olympus sends his forces!
The battle have gone on for some time now, but Olympus wont give up. Last night at our pancake evening at Michaels place, the ruthless attack from Olympus came. He sent his own brother - General Needle to lead the forces.

Fortunately Michael won the battle and defeated General Needle and his forces this time. Although Needle was very dizzy from the Super Anti-Mosquito Hairspray that Michael used, he managed to make a single strike and then flee the battlefield.

For you guys that don't know about my adventures with Dr. Olympus, feel free to check out the following blog posts I made:

New week, new challanges!
This week will be interesting. Not only will I hopefully know if Fredrik gets the job or not, and Tom will come down for an interview on Friday I think. Also, our blog for the Swedish Community might come online as well and there's rumours of Uncle Sam lining up to march into our communities.


  1. That sounds like an epic battle lol! (those damn monsters seem to like my blood a lot too so they'll be in for a treat when I get there :( ).

    Yes my interview is on Friday. I just booked my flight which will leave on Thursday (7 am (*yaaawwnnn* I hate getting up early ;) ).

    Now I just have to find a cheap and oke hotel room and figure out how to get from Malaga to Gibraltar (my friend recommended the bus to La Linea, seems cheap. At least cheaper than a taxi ;) ).

  2. Yeah I recommend that as well mate. :) Will be great when you get here, but remember: Watch out for Dr. Olympus - 'cause he's gonna get ya! ;)

  3. Just killed another of their minions.


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