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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poker Tournament at! (pictures)

This evening we had a big poker tournament at the office.
There where three tables, one fish table (newbies) and two shark tables (pros). I was sitting at the fish table. :P

We got snacks, food an really good company.
It was all so yummie!

Nadia really has an eye for dealing
poker games (even though she gave me CRAP hands, I only got two playable hands (AJ and K8) and the last one wasn't really playable)

An under cover shark at the fish table
... and the bastard won :(

Lutz brought home the shark pot. Good job Lutz/Xantos!

We went to the casino
afterwards and had some drinks. All in all, a really nice evening :)

Well, thats about it.
THANK YOU Nadia and Andra for the best poker tournament in my life! (even though I lost)

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