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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy birthday Dessi! + Playing Matrix

Yesterday was Dessis birthday and I will cover some of the happenings of it in this blog post.

Another thing I would like to announce is that I don't suck that much in poker anymore, I'm actually playing quite profitable at the lower limits and think that I could probably move up in the limits skill wise, but I need to work on my bankroll first. Remember, bankroll management is the key!

The BG Community likes the piggy!
Dessi, one of the Bulgarian Communiy Managers, had her birthday yesterday. I took this picture of them, that they posted in the Bulgarian forum. Ironically it was the little piggy at the far right that got most attention.

Anyway, I hope you had a great birthday Dessi! The muffins, cake and everything was really good and I think I got a suger overdose, even though Nadia seem to have gotten more overdosed than me.

I hope you feel better soon Nadia! Bird!

Celebration buffet at Ipanemas!
We had some nice buffet dinner at Ipanemas yesterday. I kind of only like 2-3 things in their buffet, but the things that I like are great. I had a great evening and I think I might have amused a lot of people with my sugar overdose kick!

Afterwards we went to the Sports Bar and watched the football monkey fans jump up and down when Barcelona won. Fotball is the one sport that can turn men into monkeys, haha. Amusing.

I ended up at the Casino
with Nadia, Elias, Henrik, Hyunil and Lars (although Henrik and Hyunil sneaked away after some time). Once again I messed up and was completely lost in the discussions, but I'll survive. I'm kind of use to myself by now. ;)

Playing Matrix at Full Tilt Poker
I have been playing a game or two after work now a couple of times, and each time I play with profit. I think I actually have managed to figure out how to play them. Some people just play so BAD and are too afraid to call my bluffs. I win most pots with my bluffs. People limp and I just raise and they will fold 8/10 times. If they call I just look at the flop and only make a continuation bet if they check or call, otherwise I fold if I didn't hit anything. Simple as that!

I'm starting to become a pro! haha or I might just be in a lucky upswing I don't know ;)


  1. Thanks for the nice blog post :) Ha-ha!! It was a fun day! I think the whole office was high on suger yesterday! :D

  2. Of course you win with your bluffs! You're Swedish for god's sake!

    What was it again that Phil Hellmuth said? "Idiots from Northern Europe" LOL! (at 5:12)

    nice going mate!

  3. @Dessi: No problem. When you have a birthday you will always be the star on my blog ;)

    @Tom: Hahaha of course ;) If we are idiots, then when do we win so much? *pointing towards Isildur*

    Haha thanks, so when was your interview again?

  4. Hasn't Isildur lost a big chunk to Ivey and Antonius? ;)


    well, I'm arriving around 13.00 in Malaga, so after that I have no clue. I think Sam is going to call me tomorrow so I'll probably hear about the exact time then.

  5. Haha I'm trying to neglect that :P

    Around 13:00, well make sure you let me know when you are here so we can meet up! :)

    Looking forward to meet you mate!



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