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Friday, December 11, 2009

I got a surprise for you!

So ladies and gentlemen! I've got a surprise! What can it be?

  • ... that I'm pregnant.
  • ... that I have got the apartment.
  • ... that I'm actually a girl.
  • ... that I'm gay.
  • ... that I have videoblogged.
  • ... or something else?


  • ... I'm not pregnant.
  • ... still haven't heard anything about the apartment.
  • ... I'm still a boy.
  • ... I'm not gay yet.
  • ... I should have video blogged something in Bulgarian today but I'm to lazy.
  • ... but the thing is: Fredrik got the job!
In January we will be three Swedish Community Managers at


  1. Grats, Fredrik! Finally someone normal sitting opposite me! ;)

  2. I think someone needs to get her ass kicked ;)

  3. Btw, come save me! Joakim wants to kick my ass! *worried*

  4. Thank you very much guys!

    btw Nadia, you dont need to be afraid of Jocke, just aim between the legs! :D

    See you guys in January, Merry Christmas :D


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