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Monday, March 29, 2010

I go up the rock and Daniel goes down in poker!

This weekend was the best one so far this year. Really great weekend indeed! Will miss Roz and the adventures and party nights we had! I wish you all the luck in Amsterdam!

After climbing the Rock we had a home game at my place, which I won! The next day, I cut my hair, preparing it for the summer!

Walking unauthorized up the rock

I will post another set of pictures once I've got the pics from Anke and Roz camera. Meanwhile, you will have to be satisfied with Kai's and my camera. Enjoy!

Burning some calories

Damn, I'm stuck!

Now, this wasn't too hard was it?

Half way up! First spotting of a monkey.

Choosing the hard way up the rock.

Finally up! I say top-top!

Really nice pictures... and look, we found Henrik!

Five players, one winner

First of all, Daniel was the first to go. HAH! That's what you get for being cocky to me on Facebook! It was suppose to be a cash game, but nobody re-bought so it was kind of like a SNG-game. I knocked everyone (Daniel, Kai, Tatsu) out until it was only me and Quisqueya left, playing heads-up. After losing a KTo to a AJo, I managed to finally beat her on the river with an Ace high straight, while she had trips of kings or something like that.

Getting shitfaced on a monday!

I went out to Pussers with Roz, Anke, Kai, Rebecca and Jennie to have some kind of goodbye-party for Roz. It was really great and I drank a lot (maybe too many) drinks and had a really good evening. It was long time ago since I laughed this much.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beating Daniel + Three heroes!

Hi everyone. Just have to announce and show you guys the humiliation video of me beating Daniel in singles (badminton). Then I want to tell you about three people that saved my day in one way or another the last couple of weeks (oh isnt that the cutiest thingy EVVAHHH!?).

Daniel goes up... and DOWN!

First Daniel was very cocky and exited about the fact that he beat Jun.

Unfortunately he then faced Kai and then me. The result:

Kim-Kim, Kai, Simeon & Anke

Thanks for keeping me alive! Kim-Kim and Kai fed me when I was sick (I was like a dog), Simeon brought me the holy grail (my computer) and Anke kept me in a good mood when I had too much crazy stuff on my mind. Thanks guys!

I will offer you this picture of a cat to show my appreciation!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Community blog online! Chocked & Amused on my way to work...

We have today officially announced the first Community Blog at the Swedish I have also had a lot of computer problems and I've fixed all but one: To get my optical drive to let me boot from it. I have narrowed down the possible problems to be: #1 DVD Faulty; #2 Optical Drive Faulty or the rumored incompatibility issue with SATA Optical Drives.

Par i Nötter - The Community Blog!

Well, check it out. It got a surprise gift from my freelancers in it!

Aint the pics I made for us cool? :)

Buying two hard drives, I'm going RAID 0!

Today I went to Digital Corner and told them to order two hard drives for me. I need two 500gb 32mb cache hard drives so I can make my RAID 0 setup. My computer will be ultra fast and perfect for gaming! YAY!

If just the damn optical drive would work! :@

Btw. Anyone got a spare Win7 64bit license I could have? :)

"Look! there's dada!" - WTF did I do 9 months ago?

While I was walking to work, I met this mom with her kid in a stroller. Suddenly she points at me and says "Look! There's dada!" I felt the chills and almost turned blue. Then I realised that I've only lived here since October and I don't think I ever got that drunk really. The "real" dada was behind me lol.

After that I amused myself by finding a very "hard-to-shit" dog poop. It was like vertical, like perectly balancing on the short side. How did the dog pull that off? I was advised not to go public with the picture I took of it, because people in white robes will come and take me away, but I thought I should amuse you with the story at least. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Championship or not? Playing poker!

Hi everyone, it's been a while! Sorry about that! Well what I can update you on is three things (as usual?). The first thing is that I bought a new computer for approx. €1000 in total, which is a pretty good price for the stuff I've got in there! The second thing is that me and Fredrik might play in the national championships in Badminton together and the third and last thing is that I've started to play profitable in the Fixed Limit strategy in Poker.

1000 - computer!


8gb memory, i5 processor, ASUS EAH5770 with 5.8 oz CuCore (graphics card) and a nice and neat P55UD5 Gigabyte Motherboard. Pretty good deal I must say! That also includes my 23 inch monitor as well as a speaker system and a very pretty and effective case.

Got some problems with it thought. First I couldn't get it on, but turns out I only missed the power cable for the CPU. Now I'm struggling with it to boot from the DVD-drive, which it doesnt want to do.

Picture will come when I got everything working!

National Championships in Badminton!

Me and Fredrik will (as it looks like now at least) compete together in the double. We are not the best, but at least we are improving quite a lot lately, so hopefully we will have a chance at not coming last. :)

I think Fredrik and Kim-Kim will play mixed doubles as well, and Fredrik the Singles (not sure of that yet though).

Wish us good luck, we will need it!

Fixed Limit here we go!

I've started playing Fixed-Limit Hold'em now, at micro limits, but I've learnt the basic strategy and have just started to master the micro limits, in a bit I will advance up, but not until my bankroll management have told me so ;) I will update you more on this as I progress!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Badminton + Sickness + Quote of the year

Hi people! Finally an update! I am/Have been sick the last few days and are now feeling much better.

I have now finally ordered the computer and the prize landed on around €850 which was much cheaper than I originally thought it would be. Thank's to Simeon and Stanislav for the help with this.

Playing badminton like mad!

Two days ago I finally got to play some badminton again (although I played a little last sunday). I played together with Henrik against Fredrik and Kim-Kim and we beat them in two games, and they us in one game. It was very even games and anyone could have won. It was really fun and I love the feeling that I'm improving my game.

SOMEBODY STOLE MY SHUTTLES! Can't believe that you can't leave your stuff unattended. My brand new pipe of shuttles was stolen before I even got to use any of my new shuttles. Damn kids they need to learn what's right and wrong!

But... maybe I played a bit to hard. Because when I got home I got sick.

Getting sick!

After badminton i felt extremely exhausted and a bit dizzy. I thought it was because of my very intense games, but at night I woke up freezing and didn't feel good at all. I started coughing and stuff too. I spent one day at home and today I'm still a bit sick, even though I'm getting much better. I just got well from my previous illness, this is just unfair!

Oh well, I guess I will be back to work tomorrow at least!

Quote of the year!

It's funny how easy it can be to forget a letter in a word sometimes:

"no but X pulled up his shirt and danced with a naked belly, shit in his mouth"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Summary: My trip to Belgium

Im back home in Gibraltar now and finally got to play Badminton again and see my friends. Although I haven't seen some yet. I'm hoping Kim-Kim wants to hang out with me again soon (I've bribed her with chocolate) :P Missed all the freaks here in Gib.

Chocolate & Beer

Belgian Chocolate is the best. There is nothing that can compete with it. This is the real stuff and it's really really amazing. Also, my new favorite beer: Duvel was really amazing and I will stock up with it now in my frigde. I highly recommend the chocolate and the beer. Also, try asking for a Piemelkaas if you happen to go to a bar in Belgium, that's quite an experience I can tell you.

The Towns

Ninove, Ghent and Brussels was three really nice towns. Ninove is quite small, but is very nice and a good place to live. It has it special things, just the kind of small-town-feeling I like and grew up in.

Ghent was a good place for shopping, looking at historical stuff and just taking a stroll. I really like the inner town and the big church. A good way to go if you like history and stuff.

Brussels, the capital. This is my favorite Belgian city so far. It's a really amazing shopping city and the small alleys, streets and historical sites are amazing! This is a place you have to go and there is so much to see. I really like Brussels, I think I will go there a lot more.

The company

I had really good company and I have to say that I really enjoyed spending time with Stien, Ruben, Hilde, Patrick and Inka.

It was so good that I will keep going there and I will also bring Stien down to Gibraltar as well!

Btw, they made me wear this -->

Friday, March 12, 2010

Belgium part 2

Alright, part 2 of the logg over my days in Belgium. I've eaten too much chocolate, so right now I've got a suger hangover and a huge headache. I've got some more pictures for you as well. I went to Brussels yesterday and today I've just taken it easy and relaxed.

Getting shitfaced in Brussels

Yesterday (thursday) I went to Brussels with Hilde and Patrick. It was freezing cold and early in the morning, but we managed to find some interesting historical places that I could photograph for you with Patricks pro-camera.

After the tour they took me to their favorite bar, where all their colleagues use to go at their lunch break. This day, they decided to drink a lot of beer, and the beers just kept coming. They re-bought several times and while I was drinking one, there was still two other beers waiting for me. I met some of their crazy colleagues and had some very intelligent discussions.

All in all, the day was really good! I also had a game night with Ruben and got my ass kicked in Tekken 6 (although I kicked his ass in Soul Calibur IV).

Playing games, eating REAL kebab-roll!

Today (friday) I've mainly been taking it easy hanging around with Stien. I ate some more Belgium Chocolate (too much though) and we watched a lot of TV. Their small but crazy dogs were all-over me. Dogs love me for some reason.

In the end of the day Stien, Ruben and I went to this Kebab-place and got a Dürum, which is just like a Swedish Kebabrulle (Kebab-roll) and I havent tasted this beautiful peace of dish in quite a while, so I was mighty satisfied. We finished off the day by playing some wii-games, watching youtube and then Stien and I watched (or will watch after I post this blog post) some Belgian movie with English subtitles (YAY!)

Going home! A summary post will come!

Unfortunately all fun things must come to an end. I will have to go home to my bitches in Gibraltar, which isn't too bad, but I've had a fantastic time here in Belgium and I will miss the people here a lot. It will feel tough to leave them at the airport tomorrow :(. The good thing is that it will not take long until I get some visits in Gibraltar instead :)

I will post a summary post soon with some more pictures that you haven't seen already as well as just some general thoughts and tips about Belgium.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Belgium Part 1

Hello everyone! Reporting from Ninove, the capital of nothing. Actually, it's kind of like a suburb to Brussels. So far I've been on a tour around this city, but also the city of Ghent. I got some pictures for you!

Btw, I just tasted Duvel, the tastiest beer I've ever tasted. I hope I can find it in Gibraltar.

Btw, to the right we have a typical Belgium Chocolate Store. Got a lot of yum-yum in there.

A walk in Ninove

After arriving this monday, I mainly went to bed as soon as I got home. Then the day after it was time for taking a trip in the smaller town of Ninove, with Hilde and Patrick, and getting to know it a bit better. I also got to taste some special beers, like Maes, Kriek (Mortsubite) and also some Belgium chocolate (real chocolate, I tell you there is a HUGE difference).

Mmmmm Belgium Chocolate. I've never tasted anything like this before. I'm bringing some home to Gibraltar for some lucky fellows to taste, but be quick, cause it goes bad really quickly, like in a few days. Anyways, here's the pictures (note the Abbey Church, which is from the 13th century!)

McDonalds in Ghent

The next day (today) I went to Ghent with Stien and Inka, my two guides for the day. We had a great time, visiting the cathedral of St. Baafs, but it was unfortunately forbidden to take pictures there :(

We ate at some really special McDonalds, that was actually on the bottom floor of a quite old building. Don't think I've seen a McDonalds built in a building like that before.

We also took a shopping trip and I found a t-shirt I liked at Springfield (YAY!) but unfortunately no shirt (DOH!). Well, text is boring, pictures are fun. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bon voyage! + Crazy Statistics! EDIT: Video inside!

Hi everyone! This is my last blog post before I go to on my trip to Belgium. Before I go, I would like to share my INSANE statistics boost when I blogged about the EPT Berlin Robbery.

Almost well now - Great timing!

I have been sick the last couple of days, but today I'm feeling much better. Almost completely well! Just a little cough left (hopefully).

I guess staying in bed, eating Kim-Kim and Fredriks Vietnamese Noodle Soup and playing Fixed Limit worked out pretty well! Perfect timing now when I'm going to Belgium!

Beating the record by ~400 hits?

In my last blog post I talked about and summarized the most important parts of the ETP Berlin 2010 Robbery, which turned out to be quite a success. From my old record of 80 visitors in one day, I yesterday topped that with the total amount of 458 visitors!

Just have a look and try to imagine the heart attack I almost got when I saw this:

See you on Saturday!

Time for me to get everything ready for the trip to Belgium. My plane leaves around 16:15 and will be in Belgium around 19:00 sometime. Got to make sure I got everything now. And YES I will remember the passport this time! ;)

EDIT: Video from last Friday!

Here's the video from the party I was on two days ago. It was the welcome party for the newcomers. Enjoy! (note how kick-ass Melvin is when he is dancing)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

EPT Berlin Robbery + Sickness! + Happy B-day Yukiko!

Hi everyone! Lying in bed, checking everything on the internet and taking care of stuff that Im otherwise to lazy/busy to do - like cleaning my computer up from crap. Anyway, there was just a robbery at EPT Berlin 2010. I have some news about it.

Happy birthday dear Yukiko. I hope that your birthday will be great and that you get a lot of games to play!

Armed men with masks

Today European Poker Tournament in Berlin was attacked by masked men with big knifes. Hearing the story from one of the people there it seems like it was 3-4 men that suddenly barged into the tournament area. People were running for their lives and tried to hide and some places. The good thing is that nobody got hurt and the armed men only went inside, took a bag of money wroth around €700 000 and left.

Getting better I hope?

I think I'm slowly maybe getting a tiny bit better now with my cold. I hope that I get well enough to be allowed on board to the aircraft, but that shouldn't be any problem. I'm going on my vacation and nothing and no one can stop me! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Youtube trip and a mental flip!

Hi everyone! Recently I've noticed some new fun things on youtube. Mostly because once I get home I kind of only lie and rest as I have a fever and a cold. Poor me. I wish to share some of the funny youtube-stuff I found with you, so you will understand how messed up my humour is. Finally I would like to finish of this blog post with a riddle.

Let's see if you can crack this nut!

Piderman & Baman

Wrong Hole!

Can you solve this riddle?
8 resembles the shape of it,
0 is really one,
0 is always the same as before,
8 is six too many.

What is it?

Monday, March 1, 2010

An apology + Pictures + Granada + Belgium

Hi! First of all I would like to apologize for writing inappropriate things on my blog without thinking first. I am aware of that somethings should not be too public and I guess I just didn't think this time. My mistake and I take full responsibility for it. It is now removed and it will not happen again!

Once again, I'm sorry and I hope there's no (too) hard feelings!

Here's some Paintball Pics!
I re-calculated my kill rate, and it's actually 6, as I actually only got hit for real once and I hit 6 other people.

More might come at a later date.

Granada on Saturday!
Quis has organized this amazing trip to Granada this weekend and I'm convinced it will be kick-ass. I strongly recommend more people to sign up for this, as her last thing (the carnival) was way over expectations.

Quis is a great party planner and know's how to have fun in Spain!

I will be there from Saturday to Monday and then I'm off too...

Belgium on Monday!
Right after the Granada trip I will be off to Belgium! :O Yes you heard right, BELGIUM! Actually I found out I had 4 holidays I had to use before the end of march, so I looked up some tickets and found some for only €60, there and back. I will have a great time there and apparently I have my own guide there during my stay at my friends place.

Who knows, I might even run in to Elias while I'm there. Belgium is quite small, isn't it?

Got my badminton racket!
Finally I got the badminton racket and the shuttlecocks I ordered through David. Thank's a lot mate! I look forward trying them out tomorrow on the badminton practice.

I hope I'm not too sick tomorrow, cause I'm having fever today and feel like I'm having a cold. Damn! not when I'm going away this weekend. I hope I will be fine by friday. PLZ!

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