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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Good luck Tom! + Apartment viewing! Pics inside!

Once again I forgot to take a picture of Tom, but I took a picture of the dutch cannabis-waffles he gave me. God bless you Tom! I really hope you get the job. After this you deserve it!

By the way, I stole Ritas glasses for a while!

Thanks for the cookies and good luck!
Tom have now had his interview and I hope it went well. Would be nice if he got the job here, then I will get more of those delicious cookies :)

I had a great time with you mate, hope to see you soon again!

Viewing the apartment in Ocean Village
Today Kai and I (Nadia tagged along) were viewing two great apartments in Ocean Village. It's in the triangular newly built building next to water gardens. We first looked at the one on the 5th floor, our favorite. Then we looked at a similar one at the 10th floor. We liked both, but the one on 5th is my favorite.

We got help from a wonderful girl named Natalia, which has been great to us and managed this very quickly. She is currently working on trying to give us a price within our budget. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Here's some pictures of the one on the 10th floor (it's so new they haven't furnished it yet, but they will):

Michael's mini-me: Nadia
Nadia is a very special person. She is a bird, retarded and strawberry-like (in a good way, you know this :P ). But just today I have also learned that she is Michael's mini-me.

Have a look and you will see why (look at their clothes):


  1. You can't go wrong with stroopwafels lol! I hope you liked them.

    (stroopwafel tip: before eating, put them in the microwave for just a few seconds, or put them on a hot cup of coffee/tea. The syrup between the waffels will warm up and melt. That's even more delicious).

  2. Yes! Do the cup-a-coffee thing. It's an almost orgasmic experience, I swear to the Gods of Stroopwafels!

  3. :P I so agree with the orgasm thing. Better than sex!


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