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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ölfa Claus is comiiiiiing to toown (and Kerstin)!

Today Ölf and his girlfriend Kerstin will arrive here in Gibraltar. They will spend x-mas here and I know that an x-mas with these fellah's can ONLY be fun!

Rain - the insane
Well guys, you chose the wrong time of the year to come. Look at the weather:

Trying to make videos - FAIL!
Well, I've been trying to get everything to work as I want it to, but now I'm fed up with the software, the microphone and the web cam so I'll just postpone this to another day. Sorry for that!

EDIT: So I managed to get it to work! I'll send you my sample clip which I only used to test the software:

Partying yesterday
The last few days has not been so eventful, but yesterday I partied like crap with the dudes + Anke, starting off in Euro Plaza and ending at Savannas. It was great, but I think I got a little too much to drink.

By the way, I forgot my umbrella and my whiskey flask yesterday, will come and get them later ;)


  1. That's some shitty weather!

    This is how it is in Holland at the moment:

  2. Ah, you got some snow! That is nice actually :)

    Actually miss the snow. It's almost x-mas and no snow :(

  3. Protected your stuff well :)


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