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Friday, September 24, 2010

A trip to the Wild Life Park in Spain

Last weekend we took a trip to the Wild Life Park near Estepona. It was me, Kai, Phil and Vlada. The weather was really nice, around 30 at least I think?


Entering the Wild Life Park near Estepona (can't remember the name of it), we stumble across these funny figures, which we tried to mimic (I think I did it best) :)

After that we checked out the apes, birds and other cool stuff before going on the journey to the large part of the park. It was really amazing to see the bearded monkey (I've only seen it on Animal Planet before).

Nice juice Phil

Phil thought that Slush Puppy would be nice in the heat. Problem is, it was HUGE and cost €6. He was whining about that for almost an hour. Although, it proved quite nice, as it lasted long, was cold and all of us could share it.

We checked out the snakes. One of them looked like lemon ice cream and another one was huge and sleeping. Was pretty cool to see that big snakes. The anaconda was small for it's size but it's hard to imagine it could devour a hippo, or even a human!

What is that movie...

... that has the lyrics "over the mountains.. and the sound of music..."? Well, Phil, Sound of Music perhaps? ;)

Phil failed quite brilliantly, but then it was time to go home. On our way back we stayed for ice cream break in Ducesa, before making a last stop at Decathlon. Found some nice glasses there! ;)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I had two parrots on my shoulders!

Last Friday was National Day here in Gibraltar. It was really nice and a fantastic sense of humor added into it. I also got inhabited by two crazy parrots and got to watch when 30 000 balloons was released into the air. I also caught it on video! Twist your heads and have a look!

It was a great day with Kai, Phil & his parents (and parrots) as well as Vlada, Anke, Nicky and so on. Started off with some English Breakfast at Nelsons, then headed to the main town center thingy and watch some official and political stuff. After this we walked around a bit in town before we started partying. See some pictures below from the celebration:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A lot of stuff is going on right now...

Winning, opportunities, fighting, finding happiness and many other things is what is important for many people. For me, this is a nice mixture of what is going on in my life right now. I'm now going to tell you about some of these things.

(we will see how much I will write on this suspiciously serious blog post, as my Google Chrome is lagging all the time and pretty much pissing me off)

If I feel valuable to somebody, I feel good...

When something I do, either for someone or for a group of people - Getting rewarded is very important. Sometimes this is simply to feel valued. To feel that you are important to that person or that group of people. Right now, I feel quite good. :)

Some people have no clue about this concept however, which is sad. In the long term, everyone learns that this is how things works. This is how companies keep their employees and this is how people keep their friends. Simple basic principle really.

Fighting and winning, that is what it's all about!

Never give up when you believe in something. Saying that, changing your mind doesn't necessarily mean giving up. Never be stubborn just because of the sake of it. Be reasonably stubborn. Right now I'm very into the subject of the Right to Privacy, which is why I vote Pirate this year. Also I tend to be very firm on many day-to-day subjects that I believe in. I have realized that a lot of people let others overrule your own opinion - to let people do this is to be stupid. Stand up for what you believe.

Winning is also fun in other concepts. Like Poker! Playing Poker is mostly about winning, but it is also about developing yourself and your sense of logic and calculation; prediction and psychology. Tomorrow I am going to the casino again - putting all logic aside and entering a personal battle against the meat loving nemesis of mine, Pekka. Wish me good luck!

Take an opportunity, change your life!

When I took the job here at, I changed my life - drasticly. Don't be afraid of change. This was one of the best decisions of my life so far - just like deciding to study Game Design in Skövde. Don't sit home and be afraid of reality, go out, take opportunities, don't be afraid to let go when there is so much to gain!

Right now we are looking for a lot of positions at If you are interested, find a way to contact me and I will see if I might find something for you ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So busy... but I've been wake & kneeboarding!

Hi everyone! Sorry for being so bad with the blogging, but as I'm blogging at two sites at the same time it's taking a lot of my time. Anyway, I got some photos and a video for you! I've been to the Water skii place in San Pedro, two times!

First - Knee board champion!

Even though the video below shows me failing, I managed to get really good after it. Once up on the board there is usually no problem at all, it is only in the starts I have a problem, after that I'm the king of the world.

I was there with Stanislav, Annie, Kai and Phil. Afterwards we played golf at the nearby golf place. A really fun and nice day.

Second - Wake board fail!

Okay, it is pretty damn hard to manage to start on a wakeboard. I'm sure that once I'm up I will stay up, but the problem is to get up. I am also having the goofy-stance (right foot in front), which makes the start even harder. I just need to practice I guess. :)

It was fun though. Kyle, Jo and Philip Milan was there as well. This time it was only Stanislav, Annie and me that went there originally though.

Summer Party - Awesome!

The summer party was really nice. We had lots of fun, the only problem was that everything ended so quickly. Food, then no food, drinks, then no drinks, music, then no music -> then party over. If it was a bit longer, more relaxed etc I would have loved it much more. Now it felt very stressed, even though it was a really nice party.

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