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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

-20 degrees, kind of make you freeze!

Sorry for the late post, but I have been busy eating proper Swedish food and getting fat! ;) Also, I have wrapped a lot of late x-mas presents for my family (and some for my friends... I know that one little bird is quite curious).

Still have to find something for some other of my friends I want to buy something to. That have been there for me in my darker times.

Cold Sweden!
Okay, it's minus 20 degrees here and I'm afraid my manhood will fall off. But I'm still a man and I'm surviving. Kind of weird going from 20 degrees to MINUS 20 degrees in just 24 hours (actually, exactly 24 hours) ;).

Visiting my grandparents!
I have so far eaten: pizza, swedish meatballs, falu-sausage, x-mas ham and lots of cookies. The last part was at my grandparents place today. Was nice to see them again and they also gave me some x-mas must (it's a drink in Sweden that actually kicks Coca Cola's ass around x-mas and Coca Cola isn't happy about that).

Sweden kicks ass in Hockey!
I have watched the last two games of the Junior World Championship in Hockey.

I missed the first game, where Sweden kicked The Czech Republic ASS with 10 - 1 to Sweden! The next game, which I saw, was against Austria, where they got slaughtered with 7-3 to Sweden. Yesterday Sweden also dominated Russia with 4-1 to Sweden.

The next game is tomorrow against Finland, and I think my dear friend Pekka from will cry himself to sleep after this game ;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Home in Sweden! New haircut!

I'm alive and well! Survived the trip although I forgot to remove the liquids from my bad at the first airport so I was basically smuggling deodorant and toothpaste! The funny thing is that Ölf was the one they wanted to check the luggage of ;)

lol, notice how gently my cat put his tail on the pillow. -->

Btw, I am REALLY tempted to to buy an HTC Hero now... Need to find one in Spain later.

The trip to Sweden... Ryan Air?
Ölf had a terrible cold and wasn't feeling any good at all. The trip was worst for him I think, even though it all in all went pretty well. As you can see below, we also managed to escape the rain the few moments we had to be outside before we left! YAY!

First we took the bus from La Linea to Marbella, then another one from there that went directly to the airport. Very smooth ride to be honest, and it didn't cost too much either, only around £10, which is a really fair price compared to taxi.

At the airport we didn't have to wait too long, but they were really bad at announcing gate to the delayed flight. We had to run in the last moment just after we found the gate ourselves.

Another silly thing is that you have to bring your passport/boarding pass when you buy stuff. So idiotic as you already have shown it to even get PASSED the security. What's the point really? This was the case both in Malaga AND London, our next destination.

In London we had to wait until the morning the next day, so well sleeping seemed like a nice option... it wasn't. I literally froze my butt off sitting on the stone-ish floor. I ended up sleeping like one hour and then we had to drink like two cups each of tea to get warm again. We spent the rest of the night playing cards, with a deck that was so old (over 15 years) that the rubber band had gotten a fixed rectangular form.

Well long story short, the flight to Sweden went fine, the train to my hometown broke down and the complimentary bus ride was boring... but Pizza waited for me when I got home! REALLY good Swedish pizza!

Home, with new shoes and haircut!
I got my hair cut today when I were buying two new pair of shoes (unbelievably hard to find good ones in Gib)... I just realised this sounded really... unhetero. Well anyway my hair is cut and new shoes are bought, so here's the pictures!

(I might actually be able to compete with the Swedish fashion blog queen Blondinbella under the much cooler and more fitting name Blondinballe (if you aren't Swedish you probably wont get whats funny about that but anyway... :P)

Check out the snow!
Here is a video of the snow in my parents back yard. Also, a raindeer later came and ate some of the old apples from our backyard. Too bad I didn't catch that on video though :/

Friday, December 25, 2009

My first x-mas in Gibraltar! (pics come later)

Hi everyone! Was going to blog about this yesterday, but I forgot the pictures I took... and ironically I forgot them today too, but I'll fix it later don't worry!

Also, note that I will be traveling to Sweden the next few days, so expect the next post to come on Sunday or Monday.

X-mas pasta in the new apartment!
Yesterday we decided to make our own little special x-mas dinner. So we went to Morrisons, barely in time, and shopped all we needed (although we had no idea what we were going to make, so we snatched a little bit of everything) and barely got out of the store before they closed (they actually told us to leave).

We ended up making a Creamy Gorgonzola Mushroom sauce to our bacon, ham and pasta! It was delicious! We also had some warm baguette-similar-thingy that we ate with some cheese we bought!

We had a great time and we finished up going to the office and making a goofy x-mas video for all our friends :)

Storm and the roof feel off?!
It has been storming (MASSIVE RAIN and thundering). The night to x-mas we heard a lot of strange noises, and the very next day we found ourselves trapped inside the building. Apparently they had SEALED off the main and only entrance as some pieces of the entrance-roof had fallen down and lots were still hanging.

They had and still have police officers/construction workers taking turns guarding the place. Only people that live there are allowed to pass, but it's hard to explain sometimes as the construction workers only speak Spanish.

Merry x-mas and a happy new year!
The x-mas bells has been ringing all over town the last couple of days, and with that we would like to wish you all a merry x-mas and a happy new year from Gibraltar!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going black?! + I'm now living in Ocean Plaza (pics)!

Me and Kai are from this day tenants of an apartment in Ocean Plaza, with access to the pool area, which is really nice. I also went brown or more rather black this morning. A great experience!

We also ate at the casino, which was really nice... and surprisingly "too much".

Brown/black and lookin' good!
I was so bored this morning when I woke up early that I decided to color my hair dark brown, but right now it looks kind of black to be honest.

Took a picture for you guys, what do you think?

Ocean Plaza - here we come!
Me and Kai have signed the contract of our new place in Ocean Plaza. The deposit is also payed and we got the key this afternoon. The electricity worked so I took the liberty to check out the TV channels. =)

By the way, here is some nice pictures from the apartment!

We got the apartment through Find A Property here in Gib. They are good at finding good places and arrange for a quick viewing, but afterward it was kind of a hassle to settle the deal in time before we had to leave our old apartment. Stressful but after me nagging every day we managed with one day left until deadline.

Dinner at the Casino, yummy - but too much!
We ate some dinner at the Casino, Ölf, Kerstin and I - but we got more than we thought.

We ordered a big nachos for starters, but we thought a "big" would be like HALF the size of the one we got :P

We were quite full just after that one, but forced ourselves to eat even more. Oh dear, fatness here we come :(

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ocean Plaza, my new home?

Tomorrow afternoon we will make the final decisions and sign contract for the new apartment. I'm very excited and hope that everything will go well.

By the way, look! I found my old Community Manager avatar from my time at Lockpick Entertainment, when I worked with Dreamlords: The Reawakening.

(My friend David Palm made it)

Third floor, bad view but good neighbors!
So the third floor it is. I would have wanted like 10th floor or something but this will due ;) Later we might have an eye out for an apartment higher up in the same building. I hope we like sign a 6 month contract only.

The view is over the street with some noise from the cars but the balcony itself is pretty neat.

We will have Daniel with his flat mates (dammit can't remember the others) right across the hall, which will be fun.

For you that want to know how the flats in Ocean Plaza looks, check my previous post about our viewings there. The apartment kind of looks the same, but it has furniture (sorry but I forgot to take pictures).

New jacket
I bought a new jacket as the fellow bird Nadia has been nagging about it the last 2-3 weeks! Now I wont freeze anymore!

Took a picture and tried to look like one of these pastic model thingys that exist in shops and scare the crap out of you (sorry about the gym shoes but my other ones are wet from the weather):

BTW! Speaking of Nadia, she actually blogged about me today! Check it out here!

Ölf and Kerstin in Gibraltar, lots of pictures!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay of blog posts but I have been busy with Ölf and Kerstin who have been here, and still are, visiting me and Annika.

Panic at arrival!
When Ölf and Kerstin arrived, there was some unfortunate troubles. Their ride to Gibraltar from Malaga airport broke down half way there. Fortunately Anke and Andra knew and both suggested this nice fellow that agreed to pick them up. Thanks for this. Life saver!

First day of Settlers and Whiskey!
The very next day we spent the whole day together. We first gave them a tour around town, and actually met up with Anke on mainstreet, while shopping. She accompanied us to Ocean Village were we showed them around a bit before going home to make Tacos, in the very special way that only a few people can make (me among others).

Then we played some Settlers and watched some Arnold x-mas movie as well as some Nicolas Cage movie about x-mas and finally the VERY GOOD movie Lucky Number Slevin. I recommend it to anyone!

We had also bought some alcohol (Jameson Whiskey, Glenmorangie Original Whiskey and some Smirnoff) and some muffins, chocolate cookies and oh yeah Bailys (thanks Kerstin for reminding me).

A good day and good company!

Second day at four places in Ocean Village
The second day was short due to me working until 19:00. But we went to four different places in Ocean Village. First we ate at Pussers Landing as their Ceasar Salad is beyond good.

Then we went to the casino and lost some money :(. Damn Fat Tony. Lutz can you not teach me how to beat him?

After this we went to O'Reillys, but got no service at all due to high amount of drunk seniors screaming and shouting.

Last but not least we walked to Celebrities and had some dessert and their famous Mojitos. It was pretty nice and although Kerstin didn't manage to get her mojito in a doggy bottle we had a pretty damn nice evening! Thanks guys!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ölfa Claus is comiiiiiing to toown (and Kerstin)!

Today Ölf and his girlfriend Kerstin will arrive here in Gibraltar. They will spend x-mas here and I know that an x-mas with these fellah's can ONLY be fun!

Rain - the insane
Well guys, you chose the wrong time of the year to come. Look at the weather:

Trying to make videos - FAIL!
Well, I've been trying to get everything to work as I want it to, but now I'm fed up with the software, the microphone and the web cam so I'll just postpone this to another day. Sorry for that!

EDIT: So I managed to get it to work! I'll send you my sample clip which I only used to test the software:

Partying yesterday
The last few days has not been so eventful, but yesterday I partied like crap with the dudes + Anke, starting off in Euro Plaza and ending at Savannas. It was great, but I think I got a little too much to drink.

By the way, I forgot my umbrella and my whiskey flask yesterday, will come and get them later ;)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Got any ideas? Tell me!

Hi everyone! I know that a lot of you are reading my blog (actually got 4 times the traffic since I moved to Gib) I'm wondering what you think about my blog. Do you have any ideas or feedback?

Post your ideas or feedback!
... in the comment section of this post. I will take all feedback and all ideas into consideration trying to improve my blog for you even more.

This post will always be accessible from the top of my blog, so if you come up with some ideas in maybe a week or two, you can easily find your way back to this post.

Well, that's all. Start spamming (this post will probably be pretty empty of comments just because I wrote this lol. Jinx ftw!)!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Want a job at Let me help

This is a guide for you - how I can help you getting a job at Just follow my guide and all the steps and you will have a better chance of making a good, true and honest impression of yourself.

Why am I doing this?
This is a great way for me to help out to find good people and a great way for me to help you to get a job. I do not only work for the company, I work FOR the company (get my point?).

What I can do for you

I can help you to get a job at, but keep in mind that my opinion will be honest and I will only try to give your already existing qualities a boost. I wont lie and smooth-talk you infront of our HR. If I think you're not the right one for the job, then I will say so, but if you are in my eyes the right one for the job I will also make sure that our HR knows this. See my point?
  • Check what qualities you got and help you to project them in a CV, Cover letter or an interview.
  • Answer your questions about different phases in the job application process.
  • Help you figure out if the position really fits you.
In other words, I'm like a recruiter, but I'm just helping out for fun... kind of.

See my previous posts about creating a CV or Cover letter here:

Again, remember that if I think you are not the right person, I will say so and I will not put you through, cause it is a waste of your time, my time and's time if it already is clear that you are not the right person.

How to apply
Five simple steps. Dont forget though that you will need to send ME the cv and stuff and not send them directly to them, cause then it is too late for me to help you.
  1. Send me your CV + Cover letter. (work[at]joakimbergman[dot]com)
  2. Wait for my feedback.
  3. Re-send your adjusted CV + cover letter to me.
  4. I will send your documents in to HR with a personal opinion on you.
  5. I will help out during the process and support you.

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    Third Swedish CM! + Friends arriving on saturday!

    Okay so there is two topics concerning my friends and Gibraltar. The first one is about my friend Fredrik that just recently got the notification that he had gotten the job here at The second topic is about Ölf and Kerstin arriving here on Saturday.

    Fredrik starts in January!
    Some time ago I referred my friend Fredrik to for the role of a third Swedish Community Manager. The process went fine, he came down for an interview which also went very good and not long after this they told him that he got the job!

    So congratulations Fredrik! It will be great working with you (again). I think this will go pretty well and we will have lots of fun here in Gibraltar!

    Cant wait 'til you and Kim-Kim get here!

    Ölf and Kerstin -> Saturday!
    The god of beauty and his mistress Kerstin (the mother of all Rolfs)! Okay this didn't make any sense for more than perhaps 10 people, but I hope this helped just a tiny bit for you to get a picture of who they are... well maybe not, so here's a better one:

    Ölf and Kerstin will arrive on saturday evening and will get a ride down Gib and probably sleep at my place. To bad that the weather sucks right now, but we will find some nice stuff to do. I still got the whiskey I got on my birthday. IT WILL BE CONSUMED!

    So, see you soon hombres!

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    How's Dreamlords doing? + Picture contest! + Weird day

    Some days ago I decided to look and see how my old community was doing. Also, I miss my old friends and colleagues from Lockpick Entertainment.

    Dreamlords - Still up and running!
    It's incredible how strong the community is. Even though the company unfortunately went bankrupt, the community still lives! It's rare to find a community as strong as this. If you like games with strong communities you should really give Dreamlords: The Reawakening a try.

    Whats my story with Dreamlords? I was the Community & Marketing Manager working with that game. I worked with a small team about 10+ really dedicated and talented game developers. Some of them are still keeping the game alive, cause they care more about their game and community than anything else.

    Picture contest in my community
    Today is the funny-picture-contest in my community and I have had some really great laughs at some of the entries. Haha I wont say anything more, just give it a peek!

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    Last weekend - Soldiers and Cookies!

    Gosh, today is really a Monday morning... in every sense - I'm tired and my head doesn't work. Anyway, now I'm going to talk about what I did this weekend - which was a really nice weekend I must admit.

    Saturday - X-mas shopping with Soldiers
    The Saturday was crazy. SOOOO much people on main street and everyone was going mad. I was thinking "what the *#&?, but it turns out that it's x-mas time and everyone decided to x-mas shop at the same time (as always).

    Another funny thing is that some soldiers decided to march through main street today. Attention-wh#¤es!

    Later on the Sunday when Nadia and I were done shopping, I relaxed at home by myself and played some SNG's (profitable, YAY!). Later I had a little small scale movie night which was great. I love just relaxing and watching some movies sometimes.

    By the way, just want to bring to your attention that "someone" fell in one of the stores. ;)

    Sunday - Baking Cookies for Everyone!
    Sunday was the ultimate day of cookie-baking! I had promised Nadia to help her out making and decorating cookies, so that's what I did. It was really fun and while we made the cookies we watched "Forgetting Sara Marshall" which I first thought was a classic chick-movie, but it turned out to be really funny. :P

    A good sunday and all in all a GREAT weekend!

    Saturday, December 12, 2009

    X-mas party + Miss world! Pics inside!

    So, yesterday was the great x-mas party of The food was okay, the DJ wasn't and the band rocked! I had semi-fun. I wont bore you with more text and stuff, so I'll hit you with the pictures right away!

    Miss world = Miss Gibraltar?
    By the way, apparently Miss Gibraltar just became Miss World and everyone is celebrating outside. I think I'll go out and see whats going on. Will blog more about "the weekend" tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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