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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two old Farts back in town! Guess who!

Oshlopki everyone! Yes! That is my new favorite Russian word!

A few days ago Fredrik and Julie came back to Gibraltar. If Håkan hadn't spoiled the surprise, I would have shit my pants when I saw that (Julie was suppose to come a few days before Fredrik, you see) Fredrik in fact came down at the same time. Luckily both Vlada and Johan both went whattefack when the saw the old schlong standing there at my doorstep.

Welcome back. Now, let's play some Rock Band and drink IKEA GLÖGG!

Rock Band with the good ol' gang

Well except Johan and Håkan, but they have babies (it is still not 100% known who is the father of Leo). Wild nights are wild.

Vlada on Drums, Fredrik on Base, Phil on Keyboard and Julie singing hear eyes out!

Will they stay or will they go?

We will see, but I do hope that they will stay. Now finally I wont have to nag a week for anyone to come and play Rock Band or come with to Badminton (fuckin' La Linea fuckers are fuckin' lazy fuckers... fuck!). OH! Yes, Magic the Gathering is back on the table. So long have I waited... SO LONG!

Hmm... How the f*** will I have time to play Diablo 3?

Friday, May 18, 2012

My name is Johan Renner

Before you have known me as Joakim Bergman, but today... I am Johan Renner. I transformed during lunch to a vile sex beast (before I was only a _regular_ sex beast). With the help of a shaver, a professional hair stylist and some guts I did what I have to in order to achieve my goal.

Johan's reaction was... interesting. I believe I heard him say with a squeeky voice "I'M SO SHAVING MY BEARD! THIS IS NOT COOL MAN!".

A picture says more than a thousand words

Me wearing Johan Renners beard and attempt of hairstyle.

Bean and Gone is the best restaurant in Gibraltar!
Check it out here!

I must say it takes a lot to impress me. No that's a lie. I get quite easily impressed and excited and all that shit (my friends keep telling me this bs). Either way, this place rocks. It has the best food I've had since I moved here 2,5 years ago.

It is small. It is cheap. It is home made.

Totally awesome. I am, as you know, on the LCHF lifestyle diet (yes I know that those two words mean the same thing). That means I cannot eat much carbohydrates. No problem! At this place I can order the freekin' burger and get high-end carb replacements like zucchini pasta (tastier than it sounds) and whatever I want, plus - they don't charge extra.

Try it once, if you don't like it I'll paint my toe nails pink and post a picture here on my wall. You have my word.

Bean and Gone Café, 20 Engineers Lane, Gibraltar.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Beards - a Couple Decision!

While trying out Mass Effect 3, going WTF over spontaneously swollen legs, experiencing the World Championships of Ice Hockey 2012 I started to think about my beard.

Some things you have to decide together.

She hasn't said it yet, but her eyes tells me what I need to know. It has to go. But the question is, how long can I wait until she finally takes matters into her own hands? Should I push the limits or concede. The man in me says I should keep it, but some part of me (guess which!) tells me that it is probably a smart decision to shave.

Three days? Two? Four?! Maybe a week! Can I risk it... hmm?

I love her too much to let a beard get in-between us. I'm shaving... soon.

Other stuff!

Mass Effect 3 isn't really impressive... but Swedish Ice Hockey is! It has been many years since so many hot shots came back from NHL to support our country. The only one missing now, really, is Henrik Lundqvist. We need a solid Goaltender or we are toast.

The game against Germany and Czech Republic was easy, but I admit we struggled on the rest (especially Russia, but they do have a stronger team this year + Jemelin who rather shows off his acting skills rather than playing Ice Hockey). I liked to watch the game against Germany. A good team some years, but only dust to an Ice Hockey nation as Sweden.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I want to abuse Facebook! In every way!

I just made the best Bolognese (and without pasta... woot?!) ever. I'm full, a bit chocked that I managed to pull it off and a bit exited about everything. I feel a need of doing something. Something creative perhaps! Or just express myself (why can't I decide?). 

This is why I'm here, sitting at my computer desk admiring it's smart design hesitating if I should dig into Mass Effect 3 or start getting to the damn point of this Blog post (again, decisions!).

I need to tidy things up a bit I think...

My mind is chaos. Always.

Life Event Feature... hmm!

I was just now playing with the Life Event feature, hoping that if I used the "other life event" option I could abuse the feature to migrate my blog completely to Facebook, just as an experiment.

The problem is, Life Events cannot be directly Shared. Damn. That makes it worth shit to me.

Page Tabs - Very interesting!

If you have a Page rather than a Profile (which although have lots of drawbacks) you can do A LOT if you use the Page Tabs in a smart way. 

For instance, if you install the Woobox Iframe App it will allow you to either take you directly to another URL (making the tab a LINK basically) or, if you want, even an HTML iframe that pretty much gives you the option to create anything inside. Me like.

An example I found of this was from the Trophy Slots Community Page. This is pretty simple HTML but imagine what you can do (you can even share the page!):

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