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Monday, December 14, 2009

Last weekend - Soldiers and Cookies!

Gosh, today is really a Monday morning... in every sense - I'm tired and my head doesn't work. Anyway, now I'm going to talk about what I did this weekend - which was a really nice weekend I must admit.

Saturday - X-mas shopping with Soldiers
The Saturday was crazy. SOOOO much people on main street and everyone was going mad. I was thinking "what the *#&?, but it turns out that it's x-mas time and everyone decided to x-mas shop at the same time (as always).

Another funny thing is that some soldiers decided to march through main street today. Attention-wh#¤es!

Later on the Sunday when Nadia and I were done shopping, I relaxed at home by myself and played some SNG's (profitable, YAY!). Later I had a little small scale movie night which was great. I love just relaxing and watching some movies sometimes.

By the way, just want to bring to your attention that "someone" fell in one of the stores. ;)

Sunday - Baking Cookies for Everyone!
Sunday was the ultimate day of cookie-baking! I had promised Nadia to help her out making and decorating cookies, so that's what I did. It was really fun and while we made the cookies we watched "Forgetting Sara Marshall" which I first thought was a classic chick-movie, but it turned out to be really funny. :P

A good sunday and all in all a GREAT weekend!

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