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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Why blog? Why do I bother? Well, the way I see it - why not!?

I was sitting around just now, thinking about something to blog about, and started to think about WHY people blog; why I blog. Is it a need of attention? Is it self-therapy? Well, I think it's a bit of each to be honest.

A public diary

I think of blogs as diaries of a persons thoughts and life. When I die, there is something left. Who remembers someone which they have no data of? Most probably very few people will ever find my blog in a 100 years or so, but what if? It doesn't do me any good, 'cause I will be dead, but in case I get reborn or something, I'll already be famous!.. or not.


I also see blogging as an opportunity to try things out. See what catches peoples eyes (sex & drama), what doesn't (everything else) and how people react to what I write. Sometimes I write something really strange - or provoking - just to see how people will react to it.

My dear test subjects, I love you all (except Andreas Exler and Aurelien because they were mean to me on Facebook, buhu!).

Friday, August 26, 2011

So, what is going on?

Okay, it has been a lot of weird posts lately, but nothing new about what's REALLY going on. Do I have a job yet? What do I do every day? Any big things happening in my life? Well, there's some stuff I can let you know!

No job yet, but I got a plan...

I am still waiting for feedback for the jobs I have applied for, so nothing new there, but what is new is that I got a backup plan. I got a quite interesting business idea, which I will be working on "just in case" I get to impatient waiting for the "dream job". If I can't get it, I will create it myself.

Of course I cannot tell you about my business idea, but I am quite happy to have come up with something interesting that I would like to develop further. Lot's of work in front of me though... but can't wait to start!

Moving together :)

Finally it has come to the time when a two people in a relationship decides to take the relationship to the next level. This is it. Quite soon me and Vlada will be moving in together. We signed a new version of the contract two days ago and we will start packing her stuff up from the old place in a bit.

If I'm not alive for my next birthday, we have probably killed each other. :P

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 3 types of people that annoy me

Although people say I am too patient or too nice, there are actually a few things that really annoy me. I might not always show it, but god knows I'm shopping heads off in my mind sometimes. Well anyway, here is the top 3 of the kinds of people that annoy me the most. Enjoy!

1. Sadistic people

People that enjoy to fuck people over. To make lives worse just for their own amusement. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK? Fortunately I don't have much experience with this type, but I still see them around and I still hate them so much I would like to put them in a cage and poke them with a stick.

2. Arrogant people

People that constantly spells your name wrong, claims every fault is yours and treating you like shit in order for themselves to feel better (and because they can't imagine that THEY could ever do anything wrong). This is the kind of people that annoy me the most. I hope all of you arrogant people get herpes or something.

3. Narrow-minded people

This is probably the most common people type in the world, competing of course with the arrogant bastards, which the world has plenty of. Although many narrow-minded people are nice and ordinary people, not meaning any harm to no one, they still annoy me SOO much. To not be able to see the whole picture. To not be able to see other perspectives, to... It's just hopeless.

So ladies and gentlemen, what's your top 3? :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Too believe is to succeed!

To make things clear: I AM NOT CRITICIZING ANYONE IN PARTICULAR! Sometimes people get the idea that I am targeting someone in particular. To save you some frustration: I'm not. I just got something in my head and needed to write it somewhere (like here, in my blog).

Anyway... I think it is important to believe in one self. Have a good self confidence. Know what your strengths are, but more importantly: Know what your weaknesses are. No one is without them.

Don't go too far - It annoys people

If you let your ego take over and just become an annoyance to people around you... it is not really a good quality anymore. The strength is turned into a weakness. Believe in yourself, but believe not only in your strengths, but also your weaknesses. If someone says you are pissing people of by, for example, being a Mr. Know-it-all... you should listen to this person. That's the signal of when you have gone too far.

And yes, I know that I also cross this line sometimes. Sorry about that!

Being right is not always right. Pick your fights, be open to "being wrong". See the advantages of being wrong sometimes. You get more respect, you wont scare people away and you show that everything is not just about "you".

Be open to criticism - Adjust!

Listen to what the people you care about tells you. Don't listen to jerks that might just be jealous or just have personal issues which manifests itself in them being assholes for no good reason. Waste of time and energy IMO. But when you friends give you criticism, that's when you get a really good opportunity to improve.

It sucks to hear something bad about yourself (that you might be desperately trying to hide, even from yourself), but fucking believe me when I tell you that you should listen to it. You don't need to agree or do whatever this person says, but there is always a reason behind the criticism you receive, even if the person got it all wrong. I see it as a great opportunity to learn something.


Hmm, it's funny how pretentious this blog post turned out to feel like. Irony? =P

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Never... ever... pass out at my place

First of all I would like to apologize to my dear friend Robert and offer him the possibility of screaming at me until I remove the pictures from this blog post. Sorry I didn't ask before I posted, but it would ruin the fifth element (the element of surprise of course!).

A tribute to Robert Olsén

Back in university, first year. Roberts birthday actually! After some drinks and too much fun (can it be too much of that?), Robert slumbered into a deep sleep (I mean it, DEEP!) in my room. Big mistake, my friend.

And yes, somebody bleached my hair - and yes, I know how gay I look. :D

I did the movie in like 5 mins, so feel free to whine about the quality :P

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Being interviewed at the pool

Note to self: 14 43. This is how I should contact my possible future employer, it's all I know about him. Maybe he is a gangster, maybe a savior... or just the average Joe. I have no idea.

iGaming, once more?

I've always loved the concept, so I would definitely be working with something that interests me. The pay was decent as well, for a part time job. Almost my old salary, but only working par time... hmm. I like it.

Oh yes, he wants someone to create a marketing plan and execute it basically. That would be me! It also seems like this is located in Gibraltar. Profit!

Do I want the job?

I am not sure yet, since I don't really know all the details yet. I am also quite excited about the Social Media Manager position at a growing company nearby. I just found out that one of my friends (and neighbor) recently got a job there. Also they work with computer games... well you know how I feel about that ;)

So, at the moment I feel myself being in the situation where you feel that "soon I might have a very hard choice to make". Soon, or rather "maybe". It depends on many things really. If I wont even get an interview then the choice is rather easy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why is life not like a game?

Sometimes, I think about the benefits of a game in contrast to real life. What if you could just "load" whenever you do something wrong, or something embarrassing happens. What if I had magical powers, or had an cyber arm that allowed me to do all sorts of "cool boy dream" things.

If I got to choose a game feature IRL...

... then I would choose to be able to load earlier points in life whenever I wanted, or when I was "fragged" (nerd word for "killed"). Oh yes. IRL is how we nerds shorten "In Real Life".

Anyway. By being able to load earlier points in life, you could try different paths, avoid embarrassing situations or be able to stop painful things to happen... like a brother passing away. RIP.

But... if one could do this, would it make one happier? It might even be a ticket to the crazy train, if you know what I mean.

Living the dream, as a hobby!

Well, everyone knows you cant have magical powers (or... can you?!), load earlier points in life or other kinds of unnatural things. Actually I'm kind of happy with having life as it is. Actions, consequences, loss... win! Everything is so much more worth it when you achieve it "in real life" than in a fake reality where you easily could get whatever you want with no effort.

The good thing is that you can still have a taste of these virtual worlds... but as a hobby! Never let your fantasy die. Don't be afraid of living out your dreams and fantasies in other places than in the real world. But what is important is to remember what is real and what is most important in life. Knowing what is the hobby and what is the "life".

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I found my father in a cave!

I've always taken him for some kind of cave man. Now, I got the opportunity to finally watch his cave-climbing skills in action... down in Gibraltar.

Yes, that's right. He has actually been on an AIRPLANE. It has been around 30-40 years since he last flew. I have to tell you, it is not easy being afraid of flying and having me as a son. Bad combination.

From love to hate

In the last week of July I went to Sweden for my cousin Karin's wedding. Was awesome. Was quite nice to see her without all that evil makeup of hers, even though she looks kind of "The Matrix - Evil Edition" ;)

The very day after the wedding, which I got very drunk at and stole a bottle of wine which me and my other cousin devoured in the car on the way back home... ANYWAY! The day after the wedding I hurled my dad onto a plane to Spain (tihi, I just realized that it rhymes), together with my mom and myself of course.

Epic success! My father turned from a scared old man to a curious little boy, having his face pretty much glued to the airplane window the whole flight.

Cavemen, at heart

I was a little bit worried about taking my old man down Lower St. Michael's Cave. My brother, yeah that's fine, but my dad! What if he fell! I only have one dad! I got two brothers! I'm sure I could spare one... or could I?

Anyway. The second cave adventure, for me, was almost as fun as the first one. This one was a little bit more eventful though. We had a tripping Sherry, a sympathy-"fall into the water, just because Sherry did it"-brother and a very... very scared Jon Smith. He barely said a word the entire journey, even when his wife-to-be was mocking him, calling him a monkey and several other things.

I know what you are thinking, but what can you do, she is from Sardinia... ;)

Anyway, here are some pictures that my parents took of the whole Gibraltar adventure! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The London Riot of Facepalm...

I previously posted a picture of Homer face-palming himself. Now when reading up on the London riot I feel the urge to use it again.

Okay, an innocent (as far as I know) person got killed. It is okay to feel anger, I would and I do! It is really awful that it happened and most probably it was wrong by the police to shoot this person.

RIP, David Akinsanya.


I mean, wtf?! It really shows how intelligent people are when this kinds of things starts to happen.

 "Oh, look! Let's burn that womans shop! It was probably her fault as well that this guy, that I don't know, got killed!". "What's that? An innocent guy walking down the street? Another chance to bring justice! Let's assault him and then steal some of his stuff! Revenge is sweet! Yahay!"

Most people would agree if I said that the Neanderthals died out many thousands of years ago. But now I am starting to wonder...

Keeping my fingers crossed...

My CV has now been sent in to a company here in Gib, looking for a Social Media Manager ASAP. I looked through the requirements... PEANUTS! This might be THE job. I just hope I get it.

... calming down...

I think everyone knows that when I'm excited about something, like a good job that I like, there are few ways to stop me... I mean, Fredrik use to tease me because I get excited so easily about tasty food or really weird things.

... god, I really need to calm down.

5 minutes from work

The company is very close to where I live, it is involved in turn-key white label projects, actually with people I might know. It is good pay as well, even though that is not the main priority. Although getting good salary is always good. It is kind of a measure of where you are in a career - how good you are - how much you are worth!

For this position I think I'm quite good actually.

But, what if...

... they wont hire me? Well, here's a "just in case" face-palm for the company to use when they have realized their mistake:

... and YES, I am cocky as hell right now, but it really helps me keeping a good self confidence before the interview (which is always quite good. No one likes to hire Mr. Insecure). =P

Peace out!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Utøya Massacre... it's the games' fault!

Ever heard that one before?

Of course, the living dead has spoken again... for that is what you call the people who thinks like this, right? So many times have I heard this, and so many times have these zombies been proven wrong. Why wont they just go and rot in their tomb they call a home?

Quickly now - before anyone else gets hurt!

To get to the point: Apparently games such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the source of all evil, once again. They are taken off the shelves as an action to prevent things like this to happen again.

Isn't it sad that this is the conclusion they come to? Games made this idiot kill all those youngsters? GAMES?! Really?!

So he was a completely normal person, like any one of us. Strolling around in town looking for something nice to buy. Oh, look! It's World of Warcraft! Let's give it a try, shall we? Wow, this game is amazing. Suddenly, when I watch that animated character dance... I feel the urge to... wait... what is the game telling me... go out to... an island... and... what I can't hear it... kill all the youngsters out there? Well, now when I have played World of Warcraft, that makes sense! It is perfectly human to do! How did I never see this before?! Thank you World of Warcraft, SOOO MUCH! Now, let's go and take some lives...


Please read the headline once again if you you didn't understand what I wanted to tell you.

Yes, that's right! It's in their freaking heads! The person can watch a movie, play a game, read a book, watch some kids on the street playing, listen to a friends story, have a nightmare (yes, even that) and suddenly SNAP.

If a person think killing innocent people makes sense, the problem is most certainly not in any legal games, movies or books out there. Sure, they can affect the person, but he has always had the disorder in his head. The game might have triggered this particular idea yes, but if it wasn't a game, it would have been something else. Maybe he just had a bad dream, huh? Are we going to take dreams off the shelves now? Please go a head and try...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who am I?

Lately I have been trying to figure out who I am and what I want with my life. It is tricky! Both the field of Public Relations and the User Experience Design areas have appealed to me quite a bit. When I think about each area of work I get very excited and starts getting tons of ideas straight away.

Which one should I go for? What if I go for the wrong one?!

If I can work within again, that choice will be much easier, but I cannot rely on this. I have to make a decision at some point and always have backup plans.

Public Relations - So creative!

This, I think, might be a very creative opportunity for me... if you can talk about it like that. It could be very challenging and also bring me deeper into something I already scratched on the surface a couple of times. Will I become a master of Viral Marketing? 

At the moment no offer has been made, only CV's has been sent in. I am not in a position where I can pick and choose yet.

User Experience Design - So neat!

I just looked into this area a bit more this morning. Reading a job design, I felt like I was reading a description of myself. That made me start to think. I cannot rely on this PR thing to work out the way I want. I need a backup. Will this be my backup... or my main choice?

It's so damn hard!

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