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Friday, December 4, 2009

A dinner out with Tom, the dutchbag!

Dammit! I think I forgot to take a photo of the dude. Anyway, Tom from my blog was here yesterday and will be here today as well, for his interview. I hope he gets the job. He is a very motivated and driven person. Let me tell you what we did yesterday:

Buffet at Ipanema
First we checked out Ipanema, but decided to go and see if the Casino had their buffet as well still, which they didn't. So back to Ipanema! We had a great dinner and discussed various things. Told him that he shouldn't be too nervous as it is really good people he will have in his interview.

Biljard at some dodgy place
We played some biljard/pool at some dodgy place in Irish Town. We played 3 games and first game he won, I the second and the last one was close but then he managed to give me the perfect spot for ball and eightball. I WON!

We forgot to drink beer at O'Reillys
We went to O'Reillys but forgot to order some drinks, so we just chatted for a bit and then we I followed him to his hotel. :P

Well that's it! I will keep you guys/girls updated on his processes, and I will try to get a picture of him as well this time!


  1. <---- just click on the left ;)

    I do hope I can get my revenge. I was still a bit rusty and given the fact you admitted that you have grown up with a pool table, I'm pretty sure I should be able to do beat you next time! ;)

  2. Haha you're on! :P

    Even if you don't get the job, please come and visit, alright? :) And bring more cookies! :P


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