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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roberts goodbye party + Offer from prostitute

No thanks, maybe another time - Perfect answer for the pimp not to get mad. Also Roberts party was really great and I actually met one of my blog fans (Michael) which happen to like EXACTLY the same games as me. He got some really great thoughts that one. Hey, here he is! -->

Btw, SORRY FOR NOT COMING TO SALSA-CLUB! Me and Annika was so tired when we got home that we figured we wouldn't make any good company anyway. Hope you guys/girls had fun!

An offer from a prostitute...
When I and Annika walked home from Roberts party a prostitute, with her pimp beside her, asked a couple of time if we wanted to have "some fun" with her. But she was not our type so we said no. We only hump Whoopie Goldberg for threesomes ;).

Goodbye Robert, best wishes from us!
I really hope that you find what you search for in life and all. It was a really great party and everyone came. Anke was already really drunk when she arrived (not THAT much but a little) and Nadia was actually not as crazy as she use to be.

Enough about the girls, I infiltrated tze french! As usual, the toothpick frenchie, my mentor frenchie and the philippe frenchie formed their little french corner. I decided to infiltate it with some Swedish Absolute Vodka. It went well and they were actually really nice. We made a discovery that we swedes actually have stolen som words from them: Toalett, Trottoar, Portmonét(?) and similar. I refused to give them back anyway.

Well, less talk, more pictures!


  1. I got crazy at SalsA Fuego... But you weren't there to see... :P

  2. the party was way better as you can tell from the expression of my face on the picture...I thought I was smiling...

  3. Nadia: Next time... next time...

    Michael: You where smiling on the inside mate ;)

  4. What I meant to say was: that the party was great, but you can't tell from the look on my understood obviously... ;)

    It was really nice to chat the night away with the both of you ;)

  5. I'm dead, have a headache and will just drink plain water next Saturday on the Halloween Party!

    There was no Salsa but very Pop...loved it!

  6. Michael: Yeah I agree. We will have much stuff to talk about in the future too ;)

    Anke: I believe it when I see it ;) hahah there will be no water for you! ;)


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