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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Third Swedish CM! + Friends arriving on saturday!

Okay so there is two topics concerning my friends and Gibraltar. The first one is about my friend Fredrik that just recently got the notification that he had gotten the job here at The second topic is about Ölf and Kerstin arriving here on Saturday.

Fredrik starts in January!
Some time ago I referred my friend Fredrik to for the role of a third Swedish Community Manager. The process went fine, he came down for an interview which also went very good and not long after this they told him that he got the job!

So congratulations Fredrik! It will be great working with you (again). I think this will go pretty well and we will have lots of fun here in Gibraltar!

Cant wait 'til you and Kim-Kim get here!

Ölf and Kerstin -> Saturday!
The god of beauty and his mistress Kerstin (the mother of all Rolfs)! Okay this didn't make any sense for more than perhaps 10 people, but I hope this helped just a tiny bit for you to get a picture of who they are... well maybe not, so here's a better one:

Ölf and Kerstin will arrive on saturday evening and will get a ride down Gib and probably sleep at my place. To bad that the weather sucks right now, but we will find some nice stuff to do. I still got the whiskey I got on my birthday. IT WILL BE CONSUMED!

So, see you soon hombres!


  1. Have a lot of fun!

    I have a sad message (for me anyway), they went with the other guy, so I won't be joining you in Gibraltar, which is very disappointing for me. I liked it a lot there and the company and its people are great.

    But if it isn't meant to be... Can't do anything about it!

    Keep posting on your blog though, because I'll keep reading it anyway :)

  2. Thanks!

    Oh shit I'm sorry mate. Too bad they didn't go with you. I'm glad you seem to take it pretty good and look at it in a very mature way.

    There will be more trains (as we say in Sweden).

    I'm glad you're staying at my blog ;) I love my fans so much they should take birth control pills.


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