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Monday, December 28, 2009

Home in Sweden! New haircut!

I'm alive and well! Survived the trip although I forgot to remove the liquids from my bad at the first airport so I was basically smuggling deodorant and toothpaste! The funny thing is that Ölf was the one they wanted to check the luggage of ;)

lol, notice how gently my cat put his tail on the pillow. -->

Btw, I am REALLY tempted to to buy an HTC Hero now... Need to find one in Spain later.

The trip to Sweden... Ryan Air?
Ölf had a terrible cold and wasn't feeling any good at all. The trip was worst for him I think, even though it all in all went pretty well. As you can see below, we also managed to escape the rain the few moments we had to be outside before we left! YAY!

First we took the bus from La Linea to Marbella, then another one from there that went directly to the airport. Very smooth ride to be honest, and it didn't cost too much either, only around £10, which is a really fair price compared to taxi.

At the airport we didn't have to wait too long, but they were really bad at announcing gate to the delayed flight. We had to run in the last moment just after we found the gate ourselves.

Another silly thing is that you have to bring your passport/boarding pass when you buy stuff. So idiotic as you already have shown it to even get PASSED the security. What's the point really? This was the case both in Malaga AND London, our next destination.

In London we had to wait until the morning the next day, so well sleeping seemed like a nice option... it wasn't. I literally froze my butt off sitting on the stone-ish floor. I ended up sleeping like one hour and then we had to drink like two cups each of tea to get warm again. We spent the rest of the night playing cards, with a deck that was so old (over 15 years) that the rubber band had gotten a fixed rectangular form.

Well long story short, the flight to Sweden went fine, the train to my hometown broke down and the complimentary bus ride was boring... but Pizza waited for me when I got home! REALLY good Swedish pizza!

Home, with new shoes and haircut!
I got my hair cut today when I were buying two new pair of shoes (unbelievably hard to find good ones in Gib)... I just realised this sounded really... unhetero. Well anyway my hair is cut and new shoes are bought, so here's the pictures!

(I might actually be able to compete with the Swedish fashion blog queen Blondinbella under the much cooler and more fitting name Blondinballe (if you aren't Swedish you probably wont get whats funny about that but anyway... :P)

Check out the snow!
Here is a video of the snow in my parents back yard. Also, a raindeer later came and ate some of the old apples from our backyard. Too bad I didn't catch that on video though :/

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