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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving to another apartment

Hi all! Long time no see (AGAIN!). Thing is, I'm lazy.

Can you help?

Do you know a good agency, or a good place to live? HELP! We need to find a place before the 10th of December as I go to Sweden by that date, and wont come back until the contract for the current apartment is expired.

We are looking for:

  • A 3 bedroom apartment (at least).
  • Good quality and Furnished.
  • At least two bathrooms.

Can you help? I'll pay you with sex.

Kings Warf, Europlaza or Ocean Village?

Kings Warf

New place, looks awesome on the pictures, but no indoor pics are available as it doesn't seem they have furnished it yet. Further away from work, but still pretty close to town. Distance is not a biggie.


Awesome place. Close to Morrisons, decent prize, good view etc. Bad thing is that it doesn't include a pool area. (does it have pool at all? We need one, so that the French can piss in it).

Ocean Village

Nice apartments, pool area, good view, CLOSE TO EVERYTHING!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sorry, but finally it is here!

I've been both busy and lazy lately, but now finally I will manage to blog a bit. This post will be about my birthday as well as the Halloween party.

I managed to hump King Kongs foot while at the party. It felt nice.

(I have a thing for inflatable monkeys)

Wow, I smell so good!

I got many awesome gifts on my birthday, but my favorite has to be the parfume I got from Vlada, as I have been to manly to go into a parfume shop. It just feels wrong for a guy to go there. :P

Anyway, on my brithday, the 20th of October, we all gathered at Charlies. An awesome restaurant. Many of my friends was there, and even Pekka got the time to show up.

After this evening we could all conclude that Asians all look alike, a birthday is never the same without my Kai, Charlies food is awesome and yeah, it sucks that I am too tired all the time to party too late in the evening. :P

Enjoy the pictures!

I'm Vampire again!

Not only was I a sexy awesome vampire, I also did the makeup all by myself this time! :)

Camille was a sad death guy, Nicole a very properly dressed Snow White, Vlada a death Angel or something, Ivann the Joker, Kai some blinking evil thing, Phil a Jedi, Fredrik a zombie and Kim-Kim a... bunny?! wtf!? What's evil about bunnies!?

I went home pretty early. A free bar is dangerous.

Anyway, pictures tells more than words:

Going to SPT Seville

Tomorrow morning Fredrik and I will be going to the Spanish Poker Tour: Seville to support or Community Hero HenrikX (for those who don't know, he came on place 68 in WSOP Las Vegas this year and won over $114k).

He invited us there and payed for accommodation, so why would we say no? He is just too awesome to be true. We will bring a camera and cover the event very properly. :)

You can read all about it...

That's it for today!

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