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Monday, March 28, 2011

Tripping on the finish line...

So close, but yet so far. A day filled with food, poker, Rock Band and... Blade III?

Damn, it's only 13:00? I usually sleep longer than that on a Sunday!... wait a minute. Summer time. Right. Anyway, time for English breakfast, as usual?  We gathered up at Lord Nelsons, only to witness bad service and less food than usual. Is that a way to treat a regular? Forgetting Vladas Apple Pie... big mistake. No tip for you this time!

"YES! I won the satellite for the $100k guaranteed!"

Yesterday I played the satellite on Bodog Poker to play the $100k Guaranteed. Good money, few players (500), good value! I just finished it, as we speak, and is very sad to report that I came 107, where 63 places where paid. Sucks extra hard since I also busted (midway through) in the $10k Guaranteed Freeroll.

Tough luck!

I plussed $75 on my cash games today though, so profit! Oh, speaking of profit, have a look at my new page for you guys that want to learn poker (I know Sven would like to learn) :P

"Headhunting is the shit, everyone wins!"

Lately I have been headhunting a bit for Turns out it could be quite profitable, but not only for me. The dude/girl gets a job, gets a good employee (yeah, if I think you are not serious, I wont even bother referring you).


I have two guys in the pipeline at the moment after assisting them through the process. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

"Vlada, you wanna play drums now?"

Apparently not. This little girl realized that after trying out the guitar (after a lot of persuasion) that it was quite fun! Would you believe how fun things can be that you have not tried? ;) ... AND she actually kicked ass. Most people play... not so good, the first time, but she scored around 85% in average.

Another discovered talent was Trine. Pretty good at guitar, but also on drums (Vladas speciality). Although it was not only pretty accurate, it was also pretty entertaining! Especially when the complicated parts came, Trine did a... quite interesting solo. Apparently, hitting everything at the same time increases the chance of hitting all the right notes. Would you believe?! :)

"Suck my blade, mother fucker!"

I finished the day off with blogging and watching Blade... III I think it was? Not a very good movie, but sometimes its quite nice to just sit back and watch a crappy movie with a lot of action. Turns out, if you poison Dracula with something green, he dies... and so does all the other vampires! Sorry... I spoiled the ending of a GREAT MOVIE!... or...?

Anyway, thanks for reading. I should have been to bed like three hours ago. Night night!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First pro signed! Johan Storåkers works for!

Hi everyone! Finally a lot of things are starting to get going in my life. For instance, today the Swedish could announce that they will now work together with the Full Tilt Poker pro Johan Storåkers! Isn't that the coolest thing ever? Johan Storåkers, working as a coach for us?!

Taking poker more serious

Two tables now. Advancing. Everything thanks to our own poker material. I love the irony of me not really watching videos closely or even creating a poker blog, when I work for and tell everyone else to do it. Guess what! I've done it! I got a poker blog and I've even set up some nice goals for myself. It feels good to have things on paper. I CAN do this.

Although my graph for March 2011 looks terrible. A lot of bad beats followed by tilt -> bad play. Although after realizing I played like an idiot, I have taken some serious time to watch videos and stuff. Stopping the madness.

Storåkers first show is on Wed. the 16th!

On Wednesday Johan will have his first show, where he will be playing poker, talking live with the community as well as discussing different interesting topics with a secret guest. 20:30 CET it will start, and you can read more here or check out the coaching here!

Okay, enough being Mr. salesman pro. I've started editing some of the videos Johan has sent to me. I messed up the quality of the first one, although it's still okay. Next one will have the original quality, I promise! :)

It's actually quite exciting working with someone so bright. Someone that can live out of poker totally. It is not an easy thing. This is something I admire. Maybe one day I will be able to as well. Not that I want to, 'cause I would go nuts if I didn't have a job to go to every day (yes, I'm serious).

Fun things every day.

Yesterday, we were playing "Werewolf" (Info), something similar to the party game, Mafia (Wiki). It was me, Vlada, Håkan and the Chinese gang. I was the first one to be voted for execution... everyone ALWAYS thinks I'm the villain. Well... I was.

Last Saturday we had a carnival party in La Linea. Crazy. Håkan got his first "Spanish shitface-experience". Interesting, now I know how Håkan is when he is drunk. Pretty wild for a polite Swedish guy.

Last Friday I first had dinner with some old friends, to later join up with the others at my place, playing a home game of Poker. Of course the fishes, Quisqueya and Håkan won a lot. Too bad Håkan turned a better straight than I flopped. Gah, shit happens.

This week we will probably have a Rock Band evening. The usual people are invited + some new faces. It will be fun. Can't wait.

Life is pretty nice right now, even though I'm on antibiotics and have to stay sober for the rest of the month.

See you in the next blog entry!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big surprise, you shall get

Wha', what the h*ll happened here?

I re-designed my blog, that's what happened! I sometimes get bored with how my blog looks and this sometimes was yesterday evening. How come you always feels most creative in the evening, when you should really get to bed. Well, I spent the night brainstorming and this morning, around 14:00 when I woke up, I started re-designing!

Bye bye Lara, off to Bavaria you go!

Last Tuesday we had dinner at Charlie's, to celebrate Lara's last evening in Gib. Unfortunately I had a fever, which coincidentally boosted my comedic part of the brain. I told a few, actually, good jokes! Yeah, I know you can't believe it and I hardly can either!

Right know though, it's the young las eating that delicious ice cream that is sick. Poor girl!

I guess it's that time of the year. Everyone is pretty much getting sick. But after a wave of sickness, there's either summer or x-mas, so there is at least SOMETHING to look forward to :)

Why am I lying to you guys?

Actually, there is a lot of things to look forward to. Not only is Håkan starting next week, we also might have another guy coming into our team (and maybe yet another!). Can't fill you in too much about that though, but I think my workplace will be a hundreds times more fun, and creative!

Also, a lot of newcomers have arrived, and a lot of them are quite cool. Will investigate exactly how cool they are and get back to you hopefully not too shortly.

Also a lot of nice games are coming out in not too long. First out was Rift, something I'm playing currently with a few guys from work (Guild: Momentum). Then Dragon Age 2 is on its way out this summer and a little bit later we will all enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic. Light side (apparently?), here I come!

Coach me, bitch - I'm going all-in!

Have been thinking a long time now about getting serious with Poker. At least more serious. I started a poker blog, started getting coachings and moved up to NL25. Going okay actually, but the start was very... lively. The live poker is going very well in terms of "good play", but I've suffered a few bad beats lately, which kind of sucks.

Have you guys seen my grinding station?

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