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Monday, July 26, 2010

Will tomorrow be the forth time in a row?

That's right! I won something last Tuesday at the Casino AGAIN. Also yesterday I managed to become the best Swedish guy in the Finland vs Sweden challenge.

Today - Kariyou77 just went home

Being here for a week, Gustav "Kariyou77" Olsson has now left the building. It was really fun having him here. I am just about to go home and get the video blog entry I forgot to bring, and then upload it to the "Par i Nötter" blog.

We went to the casino twice, me staying in longer in both tournaments than him. Actually Fredrik busted him the second time. Although I had a bad beat at the cash tables where he instead earned some money.

I took him to Tarifa, which unfortunately was a sandstorm this weekend. Then I took him up the rock to see the monkeys. Actually I realised that when having a Gib ID-card I can go by the cable car for free (I think)!

We took him also to The Wok and the Feria and had some fun there. To bad one of us lost her glasses and broke her shoe. Poor thing!

Tomorrow - Last tour for July

Tomorrow I will probably play the one last tournament before going home to Sweden. Hopefully I will get some pocket money to spend while in Sweden. But I can't rely on the luck all the time. Come on, three times in a row is okay, but four!? I never even heard that stuff in the fairy tales.

Thursday - The Sweden Roadtrip!

On Thursday it's time for me to leave Gibraltar for a couple of weeks. I'm going home to see as many friends as I have time to, my family and also to say bye to my foster brother, that passed away a while ago.

The trip will start in Kopenhagen, where I land around lunch time on Friday. Then I will take the train to Malmö, where I will stay until the 4th of August. Then I will go to Gothenburg until the 7th of August and stay in Säter (my hometown) until the 13th - when I will go to Uppsala and visit my friends in that area. At the 15th I will travel back to Gibraltar.

That's the trip, in short! :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I win, HenrikX wins and on Monday...

... Kariyou77 will come and live at mine and Kai's place for a week or so. It will be great.

Second time in a row...!

I must be the biggest luck box in the world. Meaning I won at the Casino AGAIN! Second week in a row. This was a few days ago so the news is a bit late, but it's never too late to brag once more!

Let's see how it will go on Tuesday, but if I get in top 3 again I will try the "big" tournament once.

My phone makes me smile... then dies!

HenrikX, my video producer and VIP-member at, kept sending sms to me from WSOP in Las Vegas with updates. I woke up every day with a smile seeing that he is still in!

Unfortunately, that was the last thing my phone got to do, as it passed away early this morning. Rest in peace dear phone.

If anyone tries to call me, now you know why. I will get a new phone next week.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Yesterday was a "win-win" so to speak... :)

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was a really good day, awesome actually! First me, Barbarossa, Barbara, Jussi and Piia went to Spain to invade one of the beaches there. I am very sunburnt!

After that, I barely made it home to join the tournament battle against the Fins. After coming second (winning ~$10) and beating all Fins but Pekka, I watched the Football game and was happy to see that Spain won.

I rushed over to Spain to celebrate with my Spanish comrades. See Stanislavs video below:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm a loser, I'm a winner and I had Spanish dinner!

Hi people. Long time no see! Today I will tell you about what I won, what I lost and about my recent Spanish dinner.

Finally, it is my day! $$$

After many tournaments with bad beats and bad cards, I finally manage to get some good beats and some good cards. After playing a really fun tournament with my friends and the normal guys at the Casino, I managed to win £200.

Brazil, what happened?

I was supporting Brazil this year, but unfortunately they didn't hold up against Holland, who now is in the Finals. It's tough, can't win every time I guess!

Although that game was horrible I was ashamed of supporting Brazil. They scored on their own goal and acted like spoiled kids, kicking and shouting because it didnt go as they wanted it. What the fuck? Grow up!

Now I support Spain, who actually managed to get to the finals as well. We will all know on Sunday what will happen, but I hope Spain beats these Dutchbags back to the stone age. Go Spain! Viva España!

I ate Squid, Octopus and some strange fish!

Yesterday I was with Quique, Barbara, Sara, Manu and later Quis at this Spanish restaurant in La Linea. We watched a really good game of football, where Spain kicked German ass!

Quique was nice enough to convince me to eat these strange sea-food things, which I normally have a hard time eating for some reason. It was actually not that bad. I enjoyed most of it and I think I will continue eating most of it actually.

Thanks Quique for opening the door for me! Now there is more stuff I can enjoy! (honestly I don't know why I'm such a sissy with sea food, I mean, I eat prawns).

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