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Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet Simeon! + Fantastic Casino Buffé

Okay, this post is dedicated to Simeon... AND a little fold in from last night (sorry, I know I promised you full attention).

Simeon Colin Hills
Simeon is the cable guy at our office. He is 26, since some days ago, and has an affection for Heineken and bowling (which he is arranging for us to play today).

And as I told you in my previous post, Simeon has wanted to be on my blog since he was a child, and what friend am I if I didn't grant h im that wish? It's a late birthday present for the lad.

Me and Simeon have one thing in common: We both suck at live poker, or we think we are great, but the cards just doesn't play our way. If you ever search for a poker table where you want a good chance of winning, it's mine and Simeons. We not only offer good company, we offer you our chips as well.

There you go Simeon! I hope you liked your present!

Buffé at the Casino £12 - So worth it!
This is the buffé you have been looking for. Even though most food in Gibraltar is kind of tasteless, this one got taste. It is the Restaurant at the Gala Casino. Every thursday they have a buffé for £12 that includes LOTS of food and a dessert buffé.

I had a really good time there and would recommend anyone trying it out. I'm going there next thursday after work, anyone want to join me? Afterwards I will be playing the £5 beginners tournament downstairs at the casino, join there as well why don't ya?

Now I know that I will see at least Henrik, my Swedish collegue at the buffé every thursday, as his greatest passion in life apparently is food... and food. ;)

Oh, here's some pictures of the dessert!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Going to the Casino on thursday?

Thursdays seems to be a really nice day for fish (amateurs) like me to go to the casino. They have a $5 buy in with a free rebuy. It starts at 21:00 and is for new players mainly. Next week I will go but this Thursday I promised my Annika to take her for dinner and I will!

Sorry Simeon, your picture will come!
Ever since Simeon was a kid he wanted to be on my blog. Now I will grant his wish (actually tomorrow) and publish a blog post entirely about him as well as adding his photo on the previous blog post. =)

This is it! - Next week anyone?
I, Nadia, Anke, Annika (hopefully Andra and Henrik as well) will go to see This is it, hopefully next week. If they still want to. I'm wondering, who else want to join? Robyar (Robert) says he hasn't been at the cinema since the 90's. I'm going to make Nadia force him, and she's really talented with getting what she want ;)

The internet here is expensive!
for 2 months I have to pay £80+ for 1mbit internet. In Sweden you get like over 100mbit for that! It's crazy I tell you. Here it's like Sweden 5-10 years ago. Oh my god. Guess what: IM NOT PAYING THAT MUCH! I'm going to look for another provider and see if there's a cheaper one than Gibtelecom.

You have to read this post!

Yesterday evening was crazy. I took a walk with the police, I sang some songs and I crashed a birthday party AND a wedding! Thank you Henrik and Anke for a great evening!

Lets start with waking up…
This day I woke up at our apartment at Eurotowers… for the last time. I brushed my teeth and took a shower as usual and then I was ready to go to work. The day at work was nice. Although a smell of shit approached all of us when the water was turned off at the toilet (no flushing).

Nadia had made brownies
that tasted like the best I’ve ever tasted. I also got a lot of work done and introduced one of our very top players to the freelancer team, as he was joining it. Enough about this, lets go to the crazy part.

After work - Harassing police and crashing parties?!
Oh my god. This evening was really something. After work me, Henrik and Anke went to O’Rileys pub near the casino. We had a great time, drinking some beers and talking about this and that. Anke interviewed me and Henrik, was pretty funny. Also, Anke got A BIT tipsy ;)… and maybe me as well.

Then after a great evening at the pub, Henrik had to go home and me and Anke was also heading home. Although we spontaneously ended up going to main street looking for a shop where there is Halloween suits, for tomorrows shopping hour (lunch break). On the way we where singing songs and we actually met a cop and forced him to tell us his favorite Beatles song, which was Imagine. We ended up going all the way to the graveyard, still not finding the store.

Turning back we found another police officer and started to talk to him. I normally don’t do this crazy stuff so this is probably the only time you will be reading this. He agreed to show us where the store was and took a walk with us for like 15 minutes or so. He was really nice and we had a lot to talk to. He told us about him always being used by tourists for photos, because of his uniform and all.

Anyway, we finally found the store and then we walked back towards Ocean Village and when we reached Case Mates we found a karaoke bar, so we went inside just to have a look and ended up at some guys birthday party. We sang happy birthday and then left. Later on we went past a place near water gardens where some people were playing Abba music, so we joined in and sang and danced. Apparently it was a wedding party that we had crashed and we stayed there for a couple of songs and ended up on their wedding tape :P They really liked us and when I told them I was from Sweden they went mad and was like “ooooooh! You must really like Abba!”.

After this adventure, I said good night to Anke and went home. Hyunil was watching a movie when I got home and Annika was playing Solitaire (we got no internet at the new place yet). I packed some things up and started blogging in a .doc for later publish.

That’s it! Good night!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy birthday dear Simeon! (Annika was drunk)

Sorry for posting this so late, I had too much to do.

Annika forgot to eat dinner and got really drunk on one drink "Joakim, the room is spinning!". Anyway, the day at work was really good and had a really fun AND strange monday meeting today. They egg clock -joked me because I talk to much, funny :P because I do talk alot.

Simeon - what a nice little party!
Happy birthday you British little fellah'. I really enjoyed your birtday party and really hope you did too. I had fun with everyone there and once again I had a really interesting discussion with Michael. Also, Nadia told me of the bird song story and Andra once again told the sad story about the bird and stuff. Priya was really funny tonight, and I actually managed to catch her off guard with a birthday whistle thing.

By the way, I'm coming to Sweden!
First of all, Ölf and Kerstin is coming to visit us from the 23rd to the 26th of december. Then we go with them back to Sweden and celebrate new years eve in Sweden.

The plane tickets are booked. If you want to meet me during this time I think you will have to come to my parents place, because I will use this trip to first of all spend time with my family.

I am currently moving in to Kais place
... which is why I have been so busy the last few days. This post was to be posted 2 days ago, so sorry about that. As soon as I get internet at the new place the posting will continue every day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The dinner, the move and the revelation

Okay, so this post is for the entire weekend, so get ready!

By the way. I looked through the traffic statistics of this blog, and apparently fridays are very bad days for bloggers. I get less then half the viewers on almost every friday since I started, a very funny fact. On saturday I'm back up on the usual level again. Freaky friday isn't it?

Saturday - The street gym and the mexican dinner!
First I and Annika took a walk through town, trying to discover some of the smaller alleys and places we haven't been to yet.

As I they say: With canon, you can!

After seeing the most beautiful graveyard ever as well as some really nice alleys, we came across this:

At the evening we finally managed to get Anke to open her door (we actually was there before and knocked like crazy but she didn't notice anything at all). Then after checking out her amazing view (will have to go there and take some pictures some day before she moves) we went to this mexican restaurant in Ocean Village that was okay, but I think they forgot to use any spices.

Sunday - Moving to Kai and Hyunil's place
This day we started packing some stuff and moved them to the new place. Although when taking a little closer look it wasnt as nice as I first had thought. Before I say anything, I would just like to point out that I don't blame Kai or Hyunil for this.

In our room there was VERY old furniture, and I thought that well this will work. The bed is very stiff, the cloth cabinet lost some parts when I opened one drawer and there was some bugs inside. I refuse to have my clothes where there are bugs. We will talk to the land lord tomorrow and see what we can do.

We will see if we live there just november or december as well. I think that we will move out in december to a new place. The sweet girl from Glasgow, Vicky, will help us finding a new place for that.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roberts goodbye party + Offer from prostitute

No thanks, maybe another time - Perfect answer for the pimp not to get mad. Also Roberts party was really great and I actually met one of my blog fans (Michael) which happen to like EXACTLY the same games as me. He got some really great thoughts that one. Hey, here he is! -->

Btw, SORRY FOR NOT COMING TO SALSA-CLUB! Me and Annika was so tired when we got home that we figured we wouldn't make any good company anyway. Hope you guys/girls had fun!

An offer from a prostitute...
When I and Annika walked home from Roberts party a prostitute, with her pimp beside her, asked a couple of time if we wanted to have "some fun" with her. But she was not our type so we said no. We only hump Whoopie Goldberg for threesomes ;).

Goodbye Robert, best wishes from us!
I really hope that you find what you search for in life and all. It was a really great party and everyone came. Anke was already really drunk when she arrived (not THAT much but a little) and Nadia was actually not as crazy as she use to be.

Enough about the girls, I infiltrated tze french! As usual, the toothpick frenchie, my mentor frenchie and the philippe frenchie formed their little french corner. I decided to infiltate it with some Swedish Absolute Vodka. It went well and they were actually really nice. We made a discovery that we swedes actually have stolen som words from them: Toalett, Trottoar, Portmonét(?) and similar. I refused to give them back anyway.

Well, less talk, more pictures!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enjoying Chocolate - and I got the nuts!

Hi everyone! I've seen that the viewers of my blog has increased dramaticly since I moved to Gib. I'm very happy about that and hope that you will stay. Damn it, now I will have to start showing quality. ;)

My Annika had talked to a recruiter today and was really happy when I got home... and a bit tipsy for celebrating the conversation with wine? Wtf?!

Enjoying Chocolate - by Anke
Some weeks ago my friend Karin told me about some guy really enjoying his chocolate. Now I found my own chocolate enjoyer, Anke. Apparently she had been longing for a piece all day and when I offered her one... well lets say you can really say she enjoyed it. I think the word she described it with was "Paradise". :)

Played some online poker today...
... and I got the nuts! (which are really good btw)

Dr. Olympus, are you dead now?
I think I might have actually managed to kill him. Yesterday right after writing the blog post, I saw what looked like him flying around in the bedroom. Well long story short, there was a battle and I won... I think. This guy is sneaky, it was almost to easy. Something isn't right here.

Btw, we are moving into Kai and Hyun's place!
hmm. That's all I guess.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dr. Olympus - the enemy of MY state!

Okay, this post will be short, just as my three legged friend... err... enemy. His name is Dr. Olympus and he's a mosquito.

This little guy have harassed me for several nights and just when I thought I actually managed to defeat him, it turned out it was his good twin brother Frank (sorry mate). I heard him yesterday when he drank the blood of my girlfriend. But I was so tired after my birthday bowling that I went to sleep pretty fast.

Some day, you will be defeated, Dr. Olympus!

(and no I didn't draw the picture, I borrowed it from

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My first Birthday!!!!

I have now had my first birthday in Gibraltar with my friends from, as well as my girlfriend. I had a really great time, bowling and having beers.

My birthday at work - Okay!
When I first got to work everyone congratulated me, even though I know it's because they saw it on my Skype hehe :P. I got a really warm welcome. I really appreciated it. Although most of the day at work was good, I kinda messed up one assignment I had gotten. I so misinterpreted it so much, it was so embarrassing at the meeting. I hate to give out a bad impression, but I'm sure it will be fine ;)

My birthday after work - GREAT!
We had so much fun bowling, even though mr and mrs PRO (Henrik and Annika) kinda kicked the rest of our asses.

I got great presents! Anke was the first one to give me a present. I got this really nice box of chocolate. Then Nadia and Andra caught me kind of offguard with really nice gifts as well, Jameson Whiskey, a cake, card and two pins! When I got home Annika gave me some special underpants and some other stuff I'm not quite sure yet what they actually are, but I have a clue what they are ment for.

Really good birthday everyone, THANK YOU!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good day today - Beer with Anke after work!

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to talk about the best work day so far and about the beer with Anke after work. Also, tomorrow is my birthday. I really hope it will be good, I have invited some friends from work for some after work bowling. I hope they can make it.

The day at work today... really good!
This day has been really good at work, except for the food that wasn't my favorite. I did everything I was suppose to and a little bit more, had a good and very giving meeting. Then I actually finished everything EXACTLY on time. So no work overtime today.

A beer with a German duck from India
After work I checked out how Ankes apartment looked like (really nice actually) in Ocean Village. Then we went out for a beer at the Celebrity bar. It was really funny, and we took some great pictures with Ankes new camera. Look, it really looks nice:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finding a new apartment...

Today me and Annika went out looking for a new place, as we only can live in the companys apartment until the end of the month.

We have looked at Kai's place and as it looks now I think it's the best choice. Kai is really nice and all so I don't think it will be any problems. Although I would like a bigger couch in the living room as well as another bed and a desk for me to work on. Some more chairs for the poker table as well and maybe some paintings on the wall and it will be perfect ;)

We talked to a aparatment agency woman down in ocean village. I think we're gonna go check some places out just to see how they look. I'm very curious.

Your food sucks! Deal with it!
No I didn't actually say that, but I actually went to the restaurant me and Anke (the German duck from India) ate at yesteday when Annika was out shopping with crazy Nadia and her friends. Anyway I told them their food was bad and that not only was my chicken raw, Anke didn't feel very well after her fish & chips. DONT EAT AT hmm... SOMETHING CAFÈ...?

I hope no one else got sick. Anyway here's some pictures I took today when I was out walking with Annika (the last one is taken from our apartment window):

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boy, he really knows how to make music!

In the last few years I've followed this guy, Alexander Wiklund, and listen to his music from day one. Today when he sent me this piece of music he made, I decided I wanted to share it with the rest of you. This guy really deserves my attention on this blog, and that he will get.

Alexander Wiklund - the GameBoy?
It sounds like you are a prostitute - but it does sound a bit cool, I'll have to give you that ;) haha.

Anyway, I asked Alexander how he first started with music, and this is what he answered:

"I've grown up with video-games & computers and have always loved game themes, Chrono Trigger, Terranigma and so on. In August 2007 (I think?) I heard "slagsmålsklubben" and got this spontaneous revelation to start making music. So, I downloaded a software named FL Studio and started to do crappy music tracks just for fun, but quickly caught an ear for chip music and started to think about the games I played in my childhood. I decided to start making music with the GameBoy I had since I was a kid and that's how it all started. At the moment I do music on my PC, GameBoy and Amiga, and everything is just going great!" - Alexander Wiklund

Right now Alexander is touring in different countries playing his music in front of big masses of people. Kid, you will go far!

Listen to his music here!
If you want to listen to his really great music, you can find lots of his songs at his myspace page. I really recommend you to AT LEAST listen to one of his songs. Some of you might even want to work with him in one of your games (I know that Nicke does games that might fit well with his music)

Another poker tour at the office today!

Unfortunately no pictures this time :(.

After a hard day of work, restructuring the forum on the Swedish site, we sat down in a room at the office and played a game of texas hold'em together. It was me, Annika, Anke, Kai, Simeon and his two friends.

It was a lot of fun, even though neither me or Simeon got any good cards this time EITHER! Although I actually won some pots in the beginning, but then I fell when Simeons friend got Full House when I had A-top flush. Unbelievable. Also my strong two pair was beaten by a hand I have chosen not to remember.

Btw, I kind of hired my friend Sara today :) I hope she will like it working for me!

What happens tomorrow?
Tomorrow Annika will go and shop with the girls (Nadia and her pack of wolves). I will probably meet up with Anke and figure out something to do and later on the afternoon we will try to look at room of an apartment at Kai's place. It all depends on when the girls are done shopping.

Btw, two of my friends got a Face-to-Face interview for in November. I'll keep all my fingers crossed for them!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leisures in Gibraltar, I tried the cinema!

Today Nadia, Andra and Kasia invited me and my Annika to go with them to the cinema, watching Julie and Julia, a movie about cooking and blogging. It was good, but you got REALLY hungry from watching it. I kind of manically ate all my popcorn the first few minutes.

Btw, don't say BIIIIRD to Andra, she will get sad because of a torturus old romanian tale about an emo bird.

Bowling, Ice Skating and Cinema, all in one place!
There's maybe more stuff there as well, but it's nice and cheap and about what there is in Gibraltar, when it comes to these three things.

Bowling costs only about £4 for an hour, thats like LESS than half of what it costs in Sweden I think. Ice Skating I don't know what it costs, but it's as close to Sweden I can come, so this will be where I will meditate and celebrate x-mas.

My arms are sore and stress was the feeling of the day
Yeah yeah Nadia I will quit moaning... after this blog post :P

After gymming with the elite Petter two days ago, I can hardly lift or bend my arms. It hurts almost like when I broke my arm, so it must mean I will get lots of muscles now... I hope.

I had SO MUCH to do at THE SAME TIME today at work. I did like seven things at once and I didn't even take my 1 hour break, and yes I ate while I worked. I hate it when things arent sorted out and structured. I will fix it whatever the cost, or else I can't relax when I get home. Once this is sorted out, I can ironicly get a more structured work day and be more relaxed, while having everything under control.

My English speech is getting better!
I know, my writing sucks sometimes as well, but I really can spell correctly, it's just that sometimes I don't really put down the energy to it... like now.

After being here... two weeks now(?) my english speech is getting much better. The first person at the office that I spoke to when I came here for interview... god now I forgot her name and shes always so nice to me :( gah nevermind. Anyway she really heard how much I sucked, I could hardly get anything proper out of my mouth, except for... air.

Today I got complimented about my speach, and some days ago as well. By two ducks. First Anke, the funny german girl and today by Annika, my own little duck. =).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First gym day in Gibraltar - There's Jacuzzi!

I know lots of you hate me for writing things like this, but I love to tease you guys back home in Sweden where it actually SNOWS in some places :P

Atlantic Health Club... right?
I've forgotten the name, but I think this was it. Anyway, they had EXACTLY THE SAME GEAR as Friskis och Svettis in Sweden, my last gym! It wasn't that hard to learn the machines and stuff in other words. Couldn't help myself from laughing when I thought for myself that I have went from the South end of Europe and there's still the same gym gear for me to use :P

I and Petter did some serious training, or he kind of pushed me to the limit where my arms didn't really followed my commands anymore. A bit embarrasing but what the heck ;) We did some boxing in the end as well, it was quite fun, even though my original hits where quite lame because of the reason I just expained, with the arms and stuff.

I will definetly come back to this gym, but first I'm gonna check out the other one with Nadia, my helping help fairy at work :)

They got Jacuzzi and a Swimming Pool!
Also, they have a jacuzzi inside for members to use at any time as well as a swimming pool outside that borders to the ocean. Very nice indeed. Will have to try it out the next time! I will try to take some pics as well, but it will be hard as you might figure.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poker Tournament at! (pictures)

This evening we had a big poker tournament at the office.
There where three tables, one fish table (newbies) and two shark tables (pros). I was sitting at the fish table. :P

We got snacks, food an really good company.
It was all so yummie!

Nadia really has an eye for dealing
poker games (even though she gave me CRAP hands, I only got two playable hands (AJ and K8) and the last one wasn't really playable)

An under cover shark at the fish table
... and the bastard won :(

Lutz brought home the shark pot. Good job Lutz/Xantos!

We went to the casino
afterwards and had some drinks. All in all, a really nice evening :)

Well, thats about it.
THANK YOU Nadia and Andra for the best poker tournament in my life! (even though I lost)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

There's a fire across the border! (video inside)

When I was on the roof terrace of the office building we noticed lots of black smoke starting to come up on the other side of the border, near the shores of La Linea. Scary. Here's some movies (first one just some random stuff and the second one with the smoke)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spectacular views of the roof terrace @ work

Today was my last day of training and tomorrow it's the real deal, finally. Although we will receive some more stuff here and there for the next few weeks before we are completely on our own.

Today was also a good day. Good mood, had a good time with my new friends and even greater views from the roof terrace of the office building (it was my first time up there). I will try to get a video from up there some day, but here's some photos in the meantime (and thanks Nadia for showing me how to get up to the terrace):

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I thought I had a burglar last night!

Tonight me and Annika both woke up by hearing a glass crossing from the kitchen. We went up and checked out what it was, but nothing. Later we figured out that it must have been in the street outside or in a nearby apartment, that also had their windows wide open.

I bet the burglar jumped the window when he realized he would have to face this bad ass soprano :P

Work day 3 and 4
These last few days we have gotten even MORE information to stuff our heads with. Although we have gotten to learn the tools a bit better and even used them a couple of times, which was fun.

Today we even made our own schedules for our next few weeks. Everyone liked my excell color-coding, so I have promised to send the template around to some of the others. Yay! I'm popular!
Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of training, then it's the real deal!

Btw, we are looking for another Community Manager!
We are looking for a third CM for the Swedish Community, that specializes in poker coaching and poker videos. If you think this is something for you, let me know and I'll see if I might even be able to recommend you :)

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