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Thursday, October 29, 2009

You have to read this post!

Yesterday evening was crazy. I took a walk with the police, I sang some songs and I crashed a birthday party AND a wedding! Thank you Henrik and Anke for a great evening!

Lets start with waking up…
This day I woke up at our apartment at Eurotowers… for the last time. I brushed my teeth and took a shower as usual and then I was ready to go to work. The day at work was nice. Although a smell of shit approached all of us when the water was turned off at the toilet (no flushing).

Nadia had made brownies
that tasted like the best I’ve ever tasted. I also got a lot of work done and introduced one of our very top players to the freelancer team, as he was joining it. Enough about this, lets go to the crazy part.

After work - Harassing police and crashing parties?!
Oh my god. This evening was really something. After work me, Henrik and Anke went to O’Rileys pub near the casino. We had a great time, drinking some beers and talking about this and that. Anke interviewed me and Henrik, was pretty funny. Also, Anke got A BIT tipsy ;)… and maybe me as well.

Then after a great evening at the pub, Henrik had to go home and me and Anke was also heading home. Although we spontaneously ended up going to main street looking for a shop where there is Halloween suits, for tomorrows shopping hour (lunch break). On the way we where singing songs and we actually met a cop and forced him to tell us his favorite Beatles song, which was Imagine. We ended up going all the way to the graveyard, still not finding the store.

Turning back we found another police officer and started to talk to him. I normally don’t do this crazy stuff so this is probably the only time you will be reading this. He agreed to show us where the store was and took a walk with us for like 15 minutes or so. He was really nice and we had a lot to talk to. He told us about him always being used by tourists for photos, because of his uniform and all.

Anyway, we finally found the store and then we walked back towards Ocean Village and when we reached Case Mates we found a karaoke bar, so we went inside just to have a look and ended up at some guys birthday party. We sang happy birthday and then left. Later on we went past a place near water gardens where some people were playing Abba music, so we joined in and sang and danced. Apparently it was a wedding party that we had crashed and we stayed there for a couple of songs and ended up on their wedding tape :P They really liked us and when I told them I was from Sweden they went mad and was like “ooooooh! You must really like Abba!”.

After this adventure, I said good night to Anke and went home. Hyunil was watching a movie when I got home and Annika was playing Solitaire (we got no internet at the new place yet). I packed some things up and started blogging in a .doc for later publish.

That’s it! Good night!


  1. Sounds like an exciting adventure; harrasing police officers, singing ABBA-songs and crashing weddings and partys. That's living.

  2. That's living, but not really optimal if Ölf isn't around ;)


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