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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Need a new place after december, anyone?

Today I once gain woke up by the hammer man at 08:00am. What an idiot, I was so close to go knock on the door and tell him how much I wanted him dead.

Here's a video that I think about (don't know why) when I think about hammers:

Anyone willing to share an apartment?
I need to live in a new place after december as the contract ends for the current one by then. If anyone is willing to share, please don't hesitate to contact me and we will discuss.

Although I'm a bit picky and must therefore let people know what I value in a home:

* Cleanness: No trash or poop on the floor plz.
* Me no likey random stuff lying all over the floor and furniture.
* Nice people :)
* Respect for each other.

Although I'm a very nice person to live with. I like to make sure stuff look good, like movie nights, raping my flatmates... oh I mean being nice and social :P. Then I am very good at cooking to. But keep in mind I'm not a slave ;)


  1. No poop on the floor? Geez, what kind of high society lifestyle are you Swedes used to? ;)

  2. FYI Jocke used to have a problem before Annika house-trained him.


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