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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shopping in La Linea + The Cookie Jar?

Yesterday I went shopping in La Linea and found myself some good stuff. Then I also want to tell you about the legend of the Cookie Jar. By the way, does anyone that have a car have time on the 19th of Dec. to pick up a couple of friends of mine in Malaga Airport?

Shopping in La Linea
Nadia was sweet enough to take me shopping in La Linea yesterday. Good, cause I'm a bit afraid of the town and I might just get lost, raped and beat up. :P

Anyway, I found a nice pair of jeans and a surprisingly nice looking shirt (thanks for the tip Nadia) at Springfield. Then we found some nice shoes for me, but they didn't fit very well so I couldn't buy them.

I have conquered La Linea, are you not proud of me?

The legend of the Cookie Jar!
We have a cookie jar at our desks, which hold the mysterious coins of any people wanting cookies. When we happen to have some of the million different types of British (or euro) coins, we put them in a jar and then buys cookies for them now and then.

So the legend is that if you put money in the jar, you might have a cookie. When the jar gets full - A great party of the cookie gods will take place at the office, and anyone may come and eat cookies. But if you never contributed to the jar, the cookie you eat will curse you to a painful death.

Got a car? - Can you help out at 19th of Dec.
Ölf and Kerstin is arriving at Malaga Airport at 19:55 the 19th of December. If anyone here in Gib with a car can help out and maybe pick them up, we can compensate and maybe even provide a fun and entertaining car-trip :P

Simeon will maybe do it if he gets his car and if it works and stuff for him, but if anyone else is able, please let me know. Otherwise my friends have to stay overnight in Malaga or spend £100 on a taxi.


  1. Please help poor Ölf, will pay gas cash!

  2. hey nice blog..
    and nice jar to present cookies..

    murano glass


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