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Monday, February 28, 2011

First day at the beach... in February?!

Hi everybody, I'm back! Still, I suck at blogging as frequent as I time after time promise you guys (I guess that means I got a life). Anyway, here is another post about my first trip to the Tarifa beach with some Germans' and some Kristles', and Johans', Vladas' and Sergeys'... and stuff.

I've been at the f*cking beach in f*cking February! 

The feeling when we arrived in Tarifa that Saturday morning was pretty cool. Started with checking into the motel, almost 10 minutes driving from Tarifa. The place reminded me and Johan of a skiing resort, with all the wood and stuff, but it was quite nice... although the so called "pool" was overgrown, filled with annoying frogs (that Hannes and Johan fruitlessly tried to kill), looked more like something nature decided to take back... and keep forever.

Melvin, the new energy drink

Oh right! We went to the beach! I got two films I made with my iPhone, but somehow I can't get the sound working... probably my computers fault. Anyway, lying there in perfectly good beach weather (not like in the "real" summer though), some of the freaks jumped into the water. Kristle I think was the first, then came Melvin, like a torpedo and I think I saw Hannes jumping in there as well. Michael went down to touch the water, but the German in him said "sheisse".

It's incredible how some people have a lot of energy. I think Melvin went from hyper active to zombie, to hyper active again pretty much the whole evening. Watching Melvin is like watching porn, but not in a different way if you know what I mean... erhh ... now I think I understand why he thought the whole trip that I would somehow rape him.

Although one funny thing when we had dinner at the beach was when Melvin ordered the prawns. I have never seen someone failing so much at eating prawns before. Kristles shirt was über sprayed by prawn juices. Awesome.

Another funny thing was Marvin, the drunk Germanorwegian. Awesome dude, truly.

Una copa y una otra litra de Sangria por farvor!

After resting up, or whatever people were doing, Johan, Vlada and I decided to get some damn Sangria at the damn wooden bar at the damn motel. After having our first jar of Sangria, the whole thing turned into some kind of comedy sketch. One more person came, which led to us ordering another glass and another jar - "una copa y una otro litro de Sangria por farvor" - something that was both tasty and funnier after every time someone new showed up.

After a while, we finally ended up at some bar in the old town of Tarifa. I didn't stay for long, since I could hardly talk or see straight anymore, and on top of that I was tired as a... very very tired person. I went home, only to miss out on the messed up things those people did afterwards. I should probably not blog about that part...

Screw you guys, I'm going home

On the next day we were pretty much hung over and annoyed. Couldn't find each other when we were suppose to meet up in town (some people wanted to hide in clothe stores) and then we could hardly agree on where to eat. Finally we ended up at a Chinese place, where Melvin "again" ordered prawns - scaring the crap out of the waitress when he pretended to burn his hands on the plate. Priceless.

After that, it was time to go home. Lots of clouds and stuff anyway we thought, but to realise that the weather actually got pretty nice in Tarifa once we arrived in Gibraltar. Oh well. On the way home we stopped at some viewing point near Tarifa where you should be able to see Africa... although it was too foggy for us to see much.

In the evening, I could spot from my balcony a pretty nice sunset. I bet it looked even better from Tarifa. Awesome.

Great trip, lots of fun! Let's do it again sometime!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New people in my life...

"I'm at Elliot Hotel, and I'm hungry as hell!". I better just go and pick him up for some nice food at Charlies. - That was the day that Johan arrived to Gib, 30th of jan. I ate the love of my life: Chicken Tikka Masala with Mushroom rice and Johan joined me, believing I know good food (which I do).

Now Johan is sitting next to me, as the third Community Manager of the Swedish team. In short, his crazy, but lovely girlfriend will join us as well (as mental support for me, since I need backup in mocking my colleagues).

Bruni singing Rammstein... awesome!

DU HAST! Nothing beats a German hard core girl singing Du hast in your apartment. This was from two days ago, when we had another of our famous Rock Band evenings. It was me, Johan, Fredrik, Qixiang, Cecy, Vlada, Bruni, Phil and Kristle this time. 

Since I now bought Rock Band 1 and 3 in addition to my Rock Band 2, we had a few more songs to choose from. My favorites was of course Bohemian Rapsody, Portal - Still Alive and all the Tenacious D songs. The others complained a bit, but I dont care. I know what I like.

I hope everyone enjoyed the tacos and nachos that Kristle and I made.

Vlada sure knows how to drum

I just realized that Vlada isnt only very cute when she drums, but she is also getting pretty good at it. Phil has been trying hard to get it to work, but Vlada seemed to get the hang of it after just a few times. I'm impressed tbh, I wasnt sure she had it in her. Now the girls can finally have their girl band. :)

Banned by Kristle...

Since the first "big" Rock Band session we had, Phil got banned from singing by the girls (mainly Kristle). I dont mind that much, 'cause I block it out, but there were unhappy faces when Phil started to howl. Although, I've seen worse. And some songs he is not that bad at, at all! It's all about finding the right song! 

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