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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Food poisioned? + X-mas party tomorrow!

Hi again! I've been food poisoned I think. Also the X-mas party is tomorrow and it will be great! Last but not least I checked out my friends game "Bob came in pieces" and I'm actively trying to get hold of a copy!

Kentucky Fried Poison
I ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken yesterday in Ocean Village and tonight I didn't feel very well. I'm fine now, but I think my stomach don't like the food from their place unfortunately.

X-mas party tomorrow!
Me and Nadia have prepared for it, with the help of the fabulous ms. Andra!

Check out Bob came in pieces
My friends up in Sweden, Ludocity Interactive have made yet another great game. I'm currently trying to get hold of a copy of their game so that I can review it here on my blog and tell you guys what I think about it. So far I really like how it looks. Here's the trailer, enjoy!

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