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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big surprise, you shall get

Wha', what the h*ll happened here?

I re-designed my blog, that's what happened! I sometimes get bored with how my blog looks and this sometimes was yesterday evening. How come you always feels most creative in the evening, when you should really get to bed. Well, I spent the night brainstorming and this morning, around 14:00 when I woke up, I started re-designing!

Bye bye Lara, off to Bavaria you go!

Last Tuesday we had dinner at Charlie's, to celebrate Lara's last evening in Gib. Unfortunately I had a fever, which coincidentally boosted my comedic part of the brain. I told a few, actually, good jokes! Yeah, I know you can't believe it and I hardly can either!

Right know though, it's the young las eating that delicious ice cream that is sick. Poor girl!

I guess it's that time of the year. Everyone is pretty much getting sick. But after a wave of sickness, there's either summer or x-mas, so there is at least SOMETHING to look forward to :)

Why am I lying to you guys?

Actually, there is a lot of things to look forward to. Not only is Håkan starting next week, we also might have another guy coming into our team (and maybe yet another!). Can't fill you in too much about that though, but I think my workplace will be a hundreds times more fun, and creative!

Also, a lot of newcomers have arrived, and a lot of them are quite cool. Will investigate exactly how cool they are and get back to you hopefully not too shortly.

Also a lot of nice games are coming out in not too long. First out was Rift, something I'm playing currently with a few guys from work (Guild: Momentum). Then Dragon Age 2 is on its way out this summer and a little bit later we will all enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic. Light side (apparently?), here I come!

Coach me, bitch - I'm going all-in!

Have been thinking a long time now about getting serious with Poker. At least more serious. I started a poker blog, started getting coachings and moved up to NL25. Going okay actually, but the start was very... lively. The live poker is going very well in terms of "good play", but I've suffered a few bad beats lately, which kind of sucks.

Have you guys seen my grinding station?


  1. Kinda late morning... at 14:00 :) More like a day actually for normal people :)

    I haven't been playing video games for some time (will need to check whether my XBOX 360 still functions), just don't have enough spare time. Dragon age was a great game, although I wasn't able to finish it in 60 hours so i had to put it off. My favs are Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect series.

  2. Att vara kreativ på kvällarna är inget du ärvt av din mamma i alla fall!

  3. Hi anonymus... trying to figure out who you are... :P Well, check your stuff out and get playin'!

    @Morsan: Måste vara gubblurken där hemma som gett mig den genen ;)

  4. It was me, Alex from Russia ;) Sorry for keeping you guessing :)


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