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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going black?! + I'm now living in Ocean Plaza (pics)!

Me and Kai are from this day tenants of an apartment in Ocean Plaza, with access to the pool area, which is really nice. I also went brown or more rather black this morning. A great experience!

We also ate at the casino, which was really nice... and surprisingly "too much".

Brown/black and lookin' good!
I was so bored this morning when I woke up early that I decided to color my hair dark brown, but right now it looks kind of black to be honest.

Took a picture for you guys, what do you think?

Ocean Plaza - here we come!
Me and Kai have signed the contract of our new place in Ocean Plaza. The deposit is also payed and we got the key this afternoon. The electricity worked so I took the liberty to check out the TV channels. =)

By the way, here is some nice pictures from the apartment!

We got the apartment through Find A Property here in Gib. They are good at finding good places and arrange for a quick viewing, but afterward it was kind of a hassle to settle the deal in time before we had to leave our old apartment. Stressful but after me nagging every day we managed with one day left until deadline.

Dinner at the Casino, yummy - but too much!
We ate some dinner at the Casino, Ölf, Kerstin and I - but we got more than we thought.

We ordered a big nachos for starters, but we thought a "big" would be like HALF the size of the one we got :P

We were quite full just after that one, but forced ourselves to eat even more. Oh dear, fatness here we come :(


  1. Woooo, this TV just cries for us to watch movies on it!

    Gratz for the new place! :)

  2. Yeah it does, and we will! and it's HD TV :)

    Thanks! :)

  3. Nice apartment!
    We can have your coming out party there!!1

    Merry Christmas my friend!

  4. Ville bara önska dig god jul. Jag ser att du letar efter en ny Jocke men ny hårfärg. Häftigt men jag tycker du var fin som du var. Lycka till med nya lägenheten.


  5. @Michael: Thanks mate! Of course we can! And you are automatically invited, you know this!

    @Maj: Tack, jag fick mest ett ryck och hällde i lite färg ;) Men det blir ljusare om ett par veckor, när jag tvättat ur lite ;)

    God jul och gott nytt år! Hälsa allihop! (Annika hälsar, vi sitter här allihop på kontoret och kollar internet). Nu ska vi äta efterrätt som finns uppe i kontorsköket!


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