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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fredrik has arrived for his interview!

My friend Fredrik has arrived for his interview. Right now while I'm writing he is still in the interview. It's really exciting to see how it went. He arrived here yesterday and we had some dinner at Pizza Express and then some drinks at O'Reillys.

The night out with Fredrik
Yesterday we first went to Pizza Express. It was me, Anke, Michael, Fredrik and Henrik. Later Annika joined as well. We had a great time and Michael spent every moment trying to scare the crap out of Fredrik, concerning the interview. But I feel that I have to enlighten the fact that they actually helped him with any questions he had, so in the end he was very calm and I think him and Michael will be friends for a long time. =)

Michael is such an ass, haha. But we kind of accept him for it anyway. I don't know any other tall dude that likes the same games as me, so he will have to due. ;)

Later we went to O'Reillys for some drinks. There we met up with the French-Irish formation of power and unity... Or I don't even know what I'm talking about, but they joined up on the way to the bar. We had a really good time and no one got too drunk, we were all really comfortable drunk (except from Fredrik that doesn't drink... unless it's injection alcohol... j/k :P ).

Fredriks interview - How did it go?
Apparently it went pretty well! It looks like the chances are high that he actually gets the job! Everyone, keep your fingers crossed for Fredrik. It would be so great if he got the job. Think of all the fun extra projects we could do and how great we could make the swedish community!

I will keep you updated on his process, stay tuned! (also, tomorrow Tom from Netherlands will come for his interview, so even more excitement for you to read about on my blog!)

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