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Monday, January 24, 2011

Won my first tournament, for real this time!

"Do you want to join us for the £25 +5+5 bounty freeze-out tonight?". "Sure, I havent played in a while, so why not?".

All-in?! You sure?

Sometimes lady luck actually does go down on you. This time, it was my turn! 

I sat down with Stanislav, Ivan, Daniel, CSR new boss guy, new Romanian guy and maybe someone else. Started slow, but also a bit sad. My son Stanislav managed to bust first with KK on a AQTx-board. 

After a triple up, I was pretty much okay to get all the way to the final table. There, I survived as mid/smallstack för a while, watching the others bust - one after one... well not completely true, since in the end two guys busted at the same time, getting me instantly in the money.

If I win, I'll buy you a candy bar

Joked around a bit in the breaktime with Sven, making an unprofitable bet to offer him a bar of chocolate if I ship this thing. Good for him that I always live up to my promises... bets. As a thanks though, he took my picture and made a forum post after the tournament to show my community members that I'm not a fish.

Anyway, I ended up as small stack versus som Spanish guy with 2,5-3,5x my chip stack. Turns out he can't play heads up at all. I started to eat off his chips until I had a little bit more than he had. Finally we manages to get into an all-in situation with me having a decent hand. K2s. Turns out he has K8o and I realize my disadvantage.

clubs x clubs clubs...

One club away from his flush and one duce away from my win. River says BAM, here you go!

Result: £290 + bountys (£25x2 as it was double bounty night)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm back! Want to work with me? Read on!

Hi everyone, I'm back in Gibraltar - currently being amazed on how much work I've managed to get done of the giant pile that was waiting for me... after one month vacation. :P

After everything is in order, I will show you pictures of my new apartment, but for now, you will have to wait. ;)

Isildur1 AKA Viktor Blom

Today I am a bit beaten, cause of waiting up late last night, being one of the first in the world to write the news about Isildur1 being Viktor Blom (Blom90). Wasn't a big surprise tbh, but it's nice to finally know for sure!

This is the time to get a job, let me help!

I will help you with your CV, your Cover Letter and to make a good impression so that you can properly show your potential future employer your qualities and increase your chances to get the job. There is nothing worse knowing that you are qualified and finding out you messed it up because you didnt prepare properly.

Let me help you, and your chances will double to get the job, if you are qualified. I can guarantee you this.

Did anyone see my Rockband 2 signal adapters?

I have managed to lose all my adapters to my Rock Band 2 instruments when I moved. I am sure I didn't leave them in my apartment and I have no idea where they are. If anyone knows, let me know! I am the most sad boy in the world right now!

Alan! Alan! Alan!

This gave me a good laugh.

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