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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My first Birthday!!!!

I have now had my first birthday in Gibraltar with my friends from, as well as my girlfriend. I had a really great time, bowling and having beers.

My birthday at work - Okay!
When I first got to work everyone congratulated me, even though I know it's because they saw it on my Skype hehe :P. I got a really warm welcome. I really appreciated it. Although most of the day at work was good, I kinda messed up one assignment I had gotten. I so misinterpreted it so much, it was so embarrassing at the meeting. I hate to give out a bad impression, but I'm sure it will be fine ;)

My birthday after work - GREAT!
We had so much fun bowling, even though mr and mrs PRO (Henrik and Annika) kinda kicked the rest of our asses.

I got great presents! Anke was the first one to give me a present. I got this really nice box of chocolate. Then Nadia and Andra caught me kind of offguard with really nice gifts as well, Jameson Whiskey, a cake, card and two pins! When I got home Annika gave me some special underpants and some other stuff I'm not quite sure yet what they actually are, but I have a clue what they are ment for.

Really good birthday everyone, THANK YOU!


  1. Seems like you had a good time! Well done!! :P

  2. Jättegrattis i efterskott, du verkar haft en fin födelsedag. (och tack för fin bild på dig och din egen lilla Anka)

  3. I really admire you that you blog in English! Still I'm too lazy...

    Was a great birthday, thank you so much for the invitation! :)

  4. Yeah you are a lazy little duck :P Of course, you are always invited. Any time anywhere, you know that :)

  5. You look better with Sponge Bob as your face, lol ;)

  6. Hahah thanks, whatever turns you on hahahahha ;)

  7. Ewwwww, you freak! Not talking to you anymore. Find someone else to help you from now on. :/

  8. Nadia: hahahahahaha you like Spongebob!

    karrey: thanks squanti!

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