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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exciting weekend - Lots of pictures!

This post is about the whole weekend. First on Saturday I a GREAT game of poker and then I went to Andra and Robert's for a dinner and movie evening with some of my friends. On Sunday I went up the rock and saw the monkeys, the siege tunnels and got A LOT of exercise.

Saturday - Dinner at Andra and Robert's!
I started my day by doing some work at the office and checking my mail. Then I played some Poker as Annika was hungover and sleeping at home (from the guys party the day before). I played a Matrix NL SNG at Full Tilt Poker and won on 3/4 tables and also won the special Matrix pot. So 4x first price for me!

Going across the border... the horror! I'm a bit afraid of La Linea. Mainly because Michael likes to scare the crap out of me by telling stories about people getting beat up there for being foreigners. We went by bus and then we walked to the square with the fountain to meet up with Nadia.

After waiting and waiting, scared to be raped, Nadia finally showed up and took us for some milk shakes. After a really good vanilla milk shakes and some really bad jokes from my part (and some good stories from Michael as well as Nadia thinking Michael smoked joints, which he didn't) we headed towards Andras and Michaels.

Andra had made this SUPER GOOD starter salad with blue cheese in it. Oh my god I was almost dying of pleasure. This was by far the best meal I've had since I got here to Gib. Then the main course... *drooling* and the dessert... well I didn't have much of that because I was round as a fat bird.

After the food we watched In Bruges or whatever it is called. A very strange movie that you don't really get until the end. And this movie was chosen after Michael TOTALLY dissed my whole movie collection :P

Great evening, I so enjoyed it!

Sunday - Monkey time!
Ok, this will make the post even longer as there will be lots of pictures too. Today we (Annika, Anke, Nadia, Andra, Michael and I) met at 10:00 at Casemates and started walking towards the cable cars. ~£16 was the price for cable cars, siege tunnels pass and 100 ton gun pass. First we ate something on the top and watched the view and the monkeys that were walking around us. Then we started walking down to try and find the siege tunnels - we almost got lost.

The Siege Tunnels! We finally made it! Even after some kids trying to trick us that it were closed on Sundays, we managed to get in and watch all the cool historical stuff. I loved it, although I think I was the only one that was so glued to the historical information signs. It was really cool - I so recommend it.

Walking down, seeing the Moorish Castle and then even further down to at last end up on main street again. Lunch/Dinner time - onwards! We ate at The Sports Bar and then we were really full. After the dinner we said goodbye to Anke and Michael.

The rest of us went to see the 100 ton gun and then to the stoniest beach ever, where Andra challenged the dangers of dipping her feet! Then we finally went home and now I'm at the office blogging.

So that's it! A really great day and this concludes the best weekend in Gibraltar so far!

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  1. What a nice facial expression I have on the picture. Thanks for posting it, MATE! :p

    I really digged all the signs in the tunnels. I was just further ahead because you are a very slow reader obv.

    Nice weekend! Thanks again to Andra and Robert. I really loved it at your place!


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