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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Experiences from the past #2: Mamma Mia! Italia!

The last of my series of lazyness. Or, almost. On Monday we are going, once again, down into the depts of lower St. Michaels Cave. Thought I might summarize the experiences in one post instead of two ;)

Oh yes, my parents and el hermano will be in da house tomorrow. Finally bringing them down to Gib (although my brother already visited me there once before.

A few days ago my thoughts was to blog about the massacre in Utøya, Norway. But... even though the victims surely deserve attention, the bastard that massacred them does not, since he seems to enjoy all attention he can get. I will therefore cut it short with giving out my thoughts to the victims and their families.

Now... back to topic!

Milan, Verona and Venice!

BAM BAM BAM! Three big cultural mind explosions. The trip to Italy was amazing. Although I didn't have time to visit my friend Emilio, I got to experience Milan - the town of shopping; Verona - the town of romance and singing pizza bakers, and finally Venice - the town of pure H2O awesomeness.

I have summarized the trip and experience in pictures. Each picture has some text explaining whats going on, so feel free to click on the pictures to also read this part of the story, instead of just "looking" at them. ;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Experiences from the past #1: Seville

Just packed my bag for the Sweden trip. Got everything I suppose. Well, time to tell the story about Seville... at least the parts I still remember. :)

Tapas, shopping and exploration!

In early June this year, Vlada, Qixiang, Sarah, some other girl and I went to Seville, Spain. It was quite a spontaneous thing really. I had never been there, neither had the others.

Apart from all the really cool buildings we saw, we did some shopping in the various stores around the main street of the "turistic" part of Seville. Also, I must say I am impressed by the tapas we ate. Before I was was like "Eeh, can we go eat chinese instead?". But when I arrived at this place... wow. Also, the drinks were quite nice. I do recommend trying Seville out only for the food experience.

Enough bla bla, give us pictures!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keeping promises...

During this week, I will try to catch up on the things I've promised to blog about. I was actually going to put a video about it, but now I realized that I actually got no functioning camera available. Gah!

Anyway, since I am going to Sweden to experience the worst thing in my life (pulling my wisdom tooth out) and then crying at my cousins wedding since I wont be able to eat the wedding cake, I will set up automatic blog updates while I'm gone.

Sharing experiences from the past

This is what I will call the blog post entries that I will set up for you. I know I'm not super interesting, but I thought it might be fun to learn a bit more about some places in this part of the world.

  • Part 1: Seville
  • Part 2: Lower Saint Michaels Cave
  • Part 3: Beach/VIP Party 2011
  • Part 4: Italy

Teaching my dad how to fly!

As many people know, my dad is afraid of flying. I mean, really, he is. He hasn't been flying since he got married to my mom, and that was like close to 40 years ago. On Sunday, the stubbornness of the youngest son the family, will have payed off. My dad will come with me and my mom to Gibraltar. Of course, my brother and his girlfriend will join too, but they were too afraid of being on the same flight, so they will be arriving earlier.

I, of course, will attend the whole trip to make sure I capture the whole experience of watching my dad shit himself thousands of meters over the earth... wait. I know how that came out. Let me explain: I will do it, because who would else let the world know how scared he was, in the detail the world truly deserves?

Anyway, enjoy the blog posts I promised, see you next week, when I will talk about how everything turned out!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Designing my future

Before I start updating you on the adventures in Seville, The Rock, the VIP event in Gibraltar or the most recent: the trip to Italy, I will write something about what's going to happen next in my life. I've been thinking a lot about this.

A blog is the road to success?

As you can see, I've updated my blog a bit. It now contains pretty much everything. I still need to update my CV though... and my LinkedIn page as well I guess. There's lots of things one have to do when one becomes unemployed. I'm glad though that the reason was redundancy and not something else. Now after all the support from everyone, it feels like people appreciated me and my work. Thanks guys!

So, will this blog help me to ultimately reach my dream job? Who knows, but hopefully it will help me sustain myself financially until I find it. At the moment two is three big dreams for me.

  1. Starting a career in PR & Viral Marketing
  2. Starting a career in or around the Gaming Industry

Poker is a very interesting industry as well, and I do love Community Management, but I'm unsure any other company than could top the experience I had with Poker Community Management.

Freelance... until April!

Yep! That's the plan! I will do various freelance-jobs until April. Then, I will re-evaluate the situation and see where I can make a successful career.

Click my banner at the top of this page to read more about what I can do. Maybe I'll end up working for you?

Friday, July 15, 2011

My life, split in half...

Hi everyone. Guess I will have more time to blog now... finally. Fredrik and I no longer work at I know when people say "it was a mutual agreement", it means something else. If I say that I would have done the same thing if I was my boss - I would not be lying.

I still love and I will be back! is the best company I ever worked at, and this has not changed that fact. was and still is a big part of my life. Even though there is not an opening at the moment in my old team, there are plenty of other opportunities, where I know I am good enough to do a brilliant job. is not a villain and I think that if they can, they will see the opportunity to fit us into other positions, maybe even better suited. I already know one or two positions where I would be a very solid investment. I believe in myself. If I didn't believe in myself I woudn't even have moved to Gibraltar in the first place.

The important part is that no one is to blame. Again, there is no villain here. The decision had to be made, but it is also not the end of the world. I am good at the things I do and whoever invests with me will be as pleased as was, and still is, with my work there as a Community Manager for the Swedish Community.

Until then?

I don't know, freelance work maybe? Probably I'll freelance and expand my experience in different areas until something pops up at the only company that I currently would like to work at... well not completely true, but I don't feel quite ready to leave Gibraltar quite yet and here I'm unsure that many other companies would be able to handle my creative explosivity.

"You go that way, I go home!" :P

Friday, July 1, 2011

Full Tilt Poker license suspended - What will happen next?

Hi everyone! Once again I have been lazy with blogging. This time it's because I'm waiting on some images from friends. Then I will blog about: Seville, Lower St. Michaels Cave, Beach Party and more.

But now I will talk about Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Poker, what happened?

What happened is that they currently have their license suspended by the AGCC. There will be a hearing on the 26th of July, if I remember correctly, and all transactions in Full Tilt are frozen until this date, minimum.

This means that a lot of players are very nervous at the moment about what will happen. Maybe this will turn out good, maybe less good. It's up to the people that will talk in the hearing I guess.

Applying a KGC-license... and selling?

At the moment it seems like they are thinking about applying a Kahnawake Gaming Commission License to be able to continue their business if the AGCC-situation isn't solved in FTPs favour. They have also been talking about selling... All in all. There is a lot of things going on at the moment.

I think that Full Tilt Poker will do their very best to get the best outcome of this situation and that they will do whatever they can to make their costumers happy again. I'm an optimist, I know, but FTP is too big of a brand to just give up like that. I would fight for it until the end if I were them.

What can we do in the meantime?

Well, what do poker players do? THEY GRIND! Wait... I know what you think "hey, fuck off, I got lots of money in there and you just tell me to go and grind!". Okay. We can't do much more than wait until the situation is resolved, but we can do what we enjoy - to play poker. See it as a challenge. Start with $50 and try to see how far you can go. Remember that no one has said that you WILL loose the money, so the money is not lost!

I usually don't want to get TOO much into "hey look at our great deals" in my blogs, but I know how many of you feel out there. You want to play poker, you need some money to start with. Well, I just got some good news for you.

Just click the banner below and see what suits you. Before you know it, the Full Tilt Poker situation might be solved already and you can resume where you left off, if you want.

Oh btw, if you are Swedish, you can get some more information about this from the Swedish Business Unit Manager here:

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